ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-050428-2
Genomic Feature: zdf1
Synonyms: e7 (1), M214K (1)
Affected Genomic Regions: tp53
Type: Point Mutation (1)
Protocol: adult males treated with ENU
Lab Of Origin: A. Thomas Look Lab
Location: Chr: 5 Details
Current Sources: European Zebrafish Resource Center (EZRC)    (order this)
Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC)    (order this)
DNA/cDNA Change: T>A in Exon 7 (1)
Transcript Consequence: Missense (1)
Protein Consequence: Amino Acid Substitution: Met>Lys at position 214 (1)
Comment Citation
This is the tp53 M214K missense mutation in the p53 DNA-binding domain,  ... expand ZFIN Staff
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Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Unknown tp53zdf1 (AB) tp53 Unknown
Complex czt13Tg ; tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; w47Tg tp53
nf1ap301/+ ; nf1bp303/p303 ; tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; zdf28Tg nf1a, nf1b, tp53
nf1bp303/p303 ; zdf27Tg ; tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; zdf28Tg ; nf1ap301/+ nf1a, nf1b, tp53
nr0b1zf716/+ ; tp53zdf1/zdf1 (AB) nr0b1, tp53
nr0b1zf716/zf716 ; tp53zdf1/+ nr0b1, tp53
nr0b1zf716/zf716 ; tp53zdf1/+ (AB) nr0b1, tp53
polr1chi1124Tg/hi1124Tg ; tp53zdf1/+ polr1c, tp53
polr1chi1124Tg/hi1124Tg ; tp53zdf1/zdf1 polr1c, tp53
sw51Tg ; tp53zdf1/+ ; ba2Tg (AB) tp53
tp53zdf1/+ ; nr0b1zf716/+ (AB) nr0b1, tp53
tp53zdf1/+ ; nr0b1zf716/zf716 (AB) nr0b1, tp53
tp53zdf1/+ ; polr1dhi2393Tg/hi2393Tg polr1d, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; nr0b1zf716/zf716 (AB) nr0b1, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; nr0b1zf716/zf716 (AB) nr0b1, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; polr1dhi2393Tg/hi2393Tg polr1d, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; zar1gd5/gd5 tp53, zar1
zar1gd5/gd5 ; tp53zdf1/+ tp53, zar1
zdf26Tg ; nf1ap301/+ ; nf1bp303/p303 ; tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; zdf28Tg nf1a, nf1b, tp53
Homozygous tp53zdf1/zdf1 tp53 ♀+/- ♂+/-
tp53zdf1/zdf1 (AB) tp53 ♀+/- ♂+/-
tp53zdf1/zdf1 tp53 ♀-/- ♂-/-
Heterozygous tp53zdf1/+ (AB) tp53 Unknown
Complex nol9sa1022/sa1022 ; tp53zdf1/zdf1 nol9, tp53
sw51Tg ; tp53zdf1/+ (AB) tp53
Homozygous tp53zdf1/zdf1 (AB) tp53 ♀-/- ♂-/-
Heterozygous tp53zdf1/+ tp53 ♀+/- ♂+/-
Complex tp53zdf1/+ ; nol9sa1022/sa1022 nol9, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; nr0b1zf716/zf716 (AB) nr0b1, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; sw51Tg (AB) tp53
Homozygous tp53zdf1/zdf1 tp53 Unknown
Heterozygous tp53zdf1/+ tp53 Unknown
Complex ahctf1ti262c/ti262c; tp53zdf1/zdf1 ahctf1, tp53
brca2hg5/+; tp53zdf1/+ brca2, tp53
brca2hg5/+; tp53zdf1/zdf1 brca2, tp53
brca2hg5/hg5; tp53zdf1/+ brca2, tp53
brca2hg5/hg5; tp53zdf1/zdf1 brca2, tp53
ccdc94zd1000/zd1000; tp53zdf1/zdf1 (AB) ccdc94, tp53
mitfaw2/w2 ; tp53zdf1/zdf1 mitfa, tp53
mitfaw2/w2; tp53zdf1/zdf1 mitfa, tp53
pwp2hs450/+; tp53zdf1/zdf1 pwp2h, tp53
terthu3430/hu3430; tp53zdf1/zdf1 tert, tp53
terthu3430/hu3430; tp53zdf1/zdf1 tert, tp53
topbp1cas003/cas003; tp53zdf1/+ topbp1, tp53
topbp1cas003/cas003; tp53zdf1/zdf1 topbp1, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; crcphkz8/hkz8 crcp, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; tsc2vu242/+ tp53, tsc2
mdm2sq25/sq25 ; tp53zdf1/zdf1 mdm2, tp53
mdm4sq29/sq29 ; tp53zdf1/zdf1 mdm4, tp53
mdm4sq30/sq30 ; tp53zdf1/zdf1 mdm4, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; cebparj31/rj31 cebpa, tp53
tp53zdf1/+ ; ewsr1azm00260171Tg/+ ewsr1a, tp53
tp53zdf1/+ ; ewsr1azm00260171Tg/zm00260171Tg ewsr1a, tp53
tp53zdf1/+; fanclnkhg10aEt/nkhg10aEt fancl, tp53
tp53zdf1/+; fbxo5hi2648Tg/+ fbxo5, tp53
tp53zdf1/+; fbxw4dhiD1Tg/+ fbxw4, tp53
tp53zdf1/+; mcm3hi3068Tg/+ mcm3, tp53
tp53zdf1/+; nf2bhi3332Tg/+ nf2b, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; ewsr1azm00260171Tg/+ ewsr1a, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; ewsr1azm00260171Tg/zm00260171Tg ewsr1a, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; brca2zm00057434Tg/zm00057434Tg brca2, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; ddx18hi1727Tg/hi1727Tg ddx18, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; diexfhi429Tg/+ diexf, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; diexfhi429Tg/hi429Tg diexf, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; fanclnkhg10aEt/nkhg10aEt fancl, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; fbxo5hi2648Tg/+ fbxo5, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; fbxo5hi2648Tg/hi2648Tg fbxo5, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; fbxw4dhiD1Tg/+ fbxw4, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; gar1zf303Tg/zf303Tg gar1, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; nup107tsu068Gt/tsu068Gt (AB) nup107, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; rps7hi1034bTg/hi1034bTg rps7, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; rps7hi1034bTg rps7, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; rps29hi2903Tg/+ rps29, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; rps29hi2903Tg/hi2903Tg rps29, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; selenohhi2737Tg/+ selenoh, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; selenohhi2737Tg/hi2737Tg selenoh, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; spns1hi891Tg/hi891Tg spns1, tp53
tp53zdf1; nop10hi2578Tg nop10, tp53
tp53zdf1/+ ; mss1aTg tp53
tp53zdf1/+; gz15Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/+; io006Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/+; mss1cTg tp53
tp53zdf1/+; umc1Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/+; zf170Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/+; zf171Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; umc11Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; b1232Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; cz2Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; czt13Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; czt13Tg/+ tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; gz21Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; io006Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; nn1002Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; nn1004Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; um14Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; umc2Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; vu12Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; zf104Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; zf170Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; zf171Tg tp53
mdm2sq26/sq26 ; tp53zdf1/zdf1 mdm2, tp53
mdm2sq27/sq27 ; tp53zdf1/zdf1 mdm2, tp53
med12vu304/vu304; tp53zdf1/zdf1; zf104Tg med12, tp53
mitfaw2/w2; tp53zdf1/zdf1; czt13Tg mitfa, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; czt13Tg mitfa, tp53
cz3334Tg ; czt13Tg ; tp53zdf1/zdf1 tp53
io006Tg/io006Tg ; hzm1Et/hzm1Et ; tp53zdf1/+ tp53
tp53zdf1/+; hzm1Et; io006Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/+; zdf13Tg; zdf7Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/+; zdf14Tg; zdf8Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; gz23Tg; gz27Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; hzm1Et; io006Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; jh1Tg; jh2Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; zdf13Tg; zdf7Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; zdf14Tg; zdf8Tg tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; peshi2Tg/hi2Tg; jh1Tg; jh2Tg pes, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; peshi2Tg; jh1Tg; jh2Tg pes, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1 ; mdm4sq31/sq31 mdm4, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; nf1bp303/p303 nf1b, tp53
tp53zdf1/zdf1; nf1ap301/+; nf1bp303/p303 nf1a, nf1b, tp53