ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-011017-8
Genomic Feature: y1Tg
Synonyms: Tg(fli1:EGFP) , Tg(fli1:EGFP)y1 (1), y1
Affected Genomic Regions: This feature is representative of one or more unknown insertion sites.
Construct: Tg(fli1:EGFP) (1)
Type: Transgenic Insertion
Protocol: DNA 
Lab Of Origin: Weinstein Lab
Location: Unmapped
Current Sources: European Zebrafish Resource Center (EZRC)    (order this)
Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC)    (order this)
MUTATION DETAILS No data available
Comment Citation
The y1 line is known to exhibit high background staining in whole mount in situ  ... ZFIN Staff
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Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Homozygous y1Tg/y1Tg ♀+/- ♂+/-
y1Tg/y1Tg ♀-/- ♂-/-
Heterozygous y1Tg/+ Unknown
y1Tg/+ (AB) Unknown
Complex acvrl1y6/y6; y1Tg acvrl1
apchu745/hu745; y1Tg/y1Tg apc
barx1fh331/fh331; y1Tg barx1
cadhu10125/hu10125; y1Tg cad
ccbe1hu3613/hu3613; y1Tg ccbe1
cds2y54/y54; y1Tg cds2
cds2zy14/zy14; y1Tg cds2
cemip2hu5935/hu5935; y1Tg cemip2
col22a1j131/j131; y1Tg/y1Tg col22a1
csf1raj4e1/j4e1; y1Tg (TL) csf1ra
ctr9zy13/zy13; y1Tg ctr9
dhx8hg9/hg9; y1Tg (EKW) dhx8
disp1tm15a/tm15a; y1Tg disp1
dlcy56/y56; y1Tg dlc
dll4j16e1/j16e1; y1Tg dll4
edn1tf216b/tf216b; y1Tg (AB) edn1
ephb4asa11431/sa11431 ; y1Tg ephb4a
ext2tw25e/tw25e; y1Tg ext2
extl3tm70g/tm70g; y1Tg extl3
fbn2bgw1/gw1; y1Tg fbn2b
flt4hu4602/+ ; y1Tg flt4
flt4hu4602/hu4602; y1Tg flt4
gbf1tsu3994/tsu3994 ; y1Tg gbf1
h3f3adb1092/db1092; y1Tg h3f3a
hey2m145/m145; y1Tg hey2
iarsy68/y68; y1Tg iars1
isl1asa29/+; y1Tg/+ isl1a
jam3bsa37; y1Tg jam3b
kdrlhu5088/hu5088; y1Tg kdrl
kdrlum6/+; y1Tg kdrl
kdrlum6/+; y1Tg/y1Tg kdrl
kdrlum6/um6; y1Tg kdrl
kdrly17/+; y1Tg/y1Tg kdrl
kdrly17/y17 ; y1Tg kdrl
kdrly17/y17; y1Tg kdrl
krit1t26458/t26458; y1Tg krit1
krit1ty219c/ty219c; y1Tg (AB) krit1
mab21l2au10/au10; y1Tg mab21l2
med12gl10/gl10; y1Tg med12
mef2cab1086/b1086; y1Tg mef2ca
meox1tm26/tm26; y1Tg meox1
mib1ta52b/ta52b; y1Tg mib1
mitfaw2/w2; y1Tg mitfa
mttpy79/y79; y1Tg mttp
notch3fh332/fh332; y1Tg notch3
nototk241/tk241; y1Tg noto
pdgfrab1059/b1059; y1Tg pdgfra
plcg1t26480/t26480; y1Tg plcg1
plcg1y10/+; y1Tg/+ plcg1
plcg1y10/+; y1Tg/y1Tg plcg1
plcg1y10/y10; y1Tg plcg1
plcg1y10; y1Tg plcg1
plcg1y13/+; y1Tg/y1Tg plcg1
plcg1y13/y13; y1Tg plcg1
plcg1y15/+; y1Tg/y1Tg plcg1
plcg1y15/y15; y1Tg plcg1
plcg1y16/+; y1Tg/y1Tg plcg1
plcg1y16/y16; y1Tg plcg1
plcg1y18/+; y1Tg/+ plcg1
plcg1y18/+; y1Tg/y1Tg plcg1
plcg1y18/y18; y1Tg plcg1
plxnd1fov01b/+; y1Tg plxnd1
plxnd1fov01b/fov01b; y1Tg (EKW) plxnd1
plxnd1fov01b/fov01b; y1Tg plxnd1
prox1bhu3510/hu3510; y1Tg prox3
prox1bsa35/sa35; y1Tg prox3
rspo1y135/y135; y1Tg/y1Tg rspo1
sars1ko095/+; y1Tg sars1
sars1ko095/ko095; y1Tg sars1
shhatq252/+; y1Tg shha
smad5b1100/b1100; y1Tg smad5
smob577/+; y1Tg smo
smob577/b577; y1Tg smo
sox32ta56/ta56; y1Tg sox32
sox7hu5626/+; y1Tg sox7
sox7hu5626/hu5626; y1Tg sox7
spns2ko157/ko157; y1Tg spns2
tal1t21384/t21384; y1Tg tal1
tars1y58/y58; y1Tg tars1
tekhu1667/hu1667; y1Tg tek
tsc2vu242/vu242; y1Tg tsc2
vegfchu5055/hu5055; y1Tg vegfc
vegfchu6124/hu6124; y1Tg vegfc
vegfchu6410/hu6410; y1Tg vegfc
vegfcum18/+ ; y1Tg vegfc
vegfcum18/+; y1Tg vegfc
vegfcum18/um18 ; y1Tg vegfc
vegfcum18/um18; y1Tg/y1Tg vegfc
vhlhu2117/hu2117; y1Tg vhl
wdr43tft001/tft001; y1Tg wdr43
wnt5bti265/ti265; y1Tg wnt5b
y1Tg ; edadt1261/dt1261 eda
y1Tg ; gpc4fr6/fr6 gpc4
y1Tg ; nrp1asa1485/sa1485 nrp1a
y1Tg ; plcg1y13/y13 plcg1
y1Tg ; supt5hm806/m806 supt5h
y1Tg ; svep1hu4767/+ svep1
y1Tg ; svep1hu4767/hu4767 svep1
y1Tg ; vegfchu5055/+ vegfc
y1Tg ; vhlhu2081/hu2081 vhl
y1Tg ; wnt5bta98/ta98 wnt5b
adam12bko109/ko109; y1Tg adam12b
apelazf439/+; y1Tg apela
apelazf439/zf439; y1Tg apela
cav1pd1094/pd1094 ; y1Tg cav1
cdh5ubs8/ubs8; y1Tg cdh5
cdh5ubs8/ubs8; y1Tg cdh5
cds2cas008/cas008; y1Tg cds2
cxcr4aum20/um20; y1Tg cxcr4a
dusp6pt30a/pt30a ; y1Tg dusp6
egfl7bns302/bns302 ; y1Tg egfl7
esf1ouc4/ouc4 ; y1Tg esf1
fmnl3um150/um150 ; y1Tg fmnl3
itga9hu10963/hu10963 ; y1Tg itga9
itgb1bmi371/mi371 ; y1Tg itgb1b
kdrlum19/um19; y1Tg kdrl
mir125a-1ucd9/ucd9; y1Tg mir125a-1
mpv17a9/a9; y1Tg mpv17
pdgfrbum148/+ ; y1Tg pdgfrb
pdgfrbum148/um148 ; y1Tg pdgfrb
s1pr1ko311/ko311; y1Tg s1pr1
s1pr2ko322/ko322; y1Tg s1pr2
svep1ncv106/ncv106 ; y1Tg svep1
vegfduq9bh/uq9bh; y1Tg vegfd
y1Tg ; arhgef9bum45/um45 arhgef9b
y1Tg ; cav1pd1094/+ cav1
y1Tg ; col4a1st93/st93 col4a1
y1Tg ; dll4uq10bh/+ dll4
y1Tg ; elmo2imb3/imb3 elmo2
y1Tg ; esamaubs19/ubs19 esama
y1Tg ; esf1ouc3/ouc3 esf1
y1Tg ; fgd5aum134/um134 fgd5a
y1Tg ; flt4um200/+ flt4
y1Tg ; flt4um200/um200 flt4
y1Tg ; flt4um203/um203 flt4
y1Tg ; glo1zf3029/zf3029 glo1
y1Tg ; itgb1bmi371/+ itgb1b
y1Tg ; tgfb1bzf2126/zf2126 tgfb1b
y1Tg ; tmem88afci400/fci400 tmem88a
y1Tg ; twist1bsh423/sh423 twist1b
y1Tg ; yap1ncv101/ncv101 yap1
y1Tg/y1Tg ; npas4lbns297/bns297 npas4l
b3gat3hi307Tg/hi307Tg; y1Tg b3gat3
ccm2hi296aTg/hi296aTg; y1Tg ccm2
csrnp1bxu0416Gt/+; y1Tg csrnp1b
dnajb6bxu0411Gt/+; y1Tg dnajb6b
fli1btpl50Gt/+; y1Tg fli1rs
fli1btpl50Gt/tpl50Gt; y1Tg fli1rs
gnptgzm00105646Tg/zm00105646Tg; y1Tg gnptg
insrbxu0422Gt/+; y1Tg insrb
mat2aaxu0364Gt/xu0364Gt; y1Tg (WIK) mat2aa
notch3zm197263Tg/+; y1Tg notch3
notch3zm197263Tg/zm197263Tg; y1Tg notch3
polr1chi1124Tg/hi1124Tg; y1Tg polr1c
polr1dhi2393Tg/hi2393Tg; y1Tg polr1d
si:ch211-246i5.4is18Tg; y1Tg (WIK) si:ch211-246i5.4
tln1hi3093Tg/hi3093Tg ; y1Tg tln1
tymshi3510Tg/hi3510Tg; y1Tg tyms
uxs1hi3357Tg/hi3357Tg; y1Tg uxs1
uxs1hi954Tg/hi954Tg; y1Tg uxs1
vclbgd4Gt/gd4Gt; y1Tg vclb
y1Tg ; icam3as31Gt icam3
y1Tg ; ift81hi409Tg/hi409Tg ift81
chaf1bnt2/nt2; y1Tg chaf1b
dlcy70/y70; y1Tg dlc
ednraatj262/tj262 ; y1Tg ednraa
plcg1y19/+; y1Tg/y1Tg plcg1
plcg1y19/y19; y1Tg plcg1
plxnd1um7/+; y1Tg/y1Tg plxnd1
plxnd1um7/um7; y1Tg plxnd1
reg6j21/j21; y1Tg reg6
tbx6y66/y66; y1Tg tbx6
Df(Chr01:hand2)s6/s6; y1Tg (AB) hand2
npas4lDf(Chr13:lycat)m39/m39; y1Tg/y1Tg klhdc3, lclat1, npas4l, slc30a10
bns211Tg; y1Tg
bns284Tg; y1Tg
chb1Tg; y1Tg
ci5Tg; y1Tg
co15Tg; y1Tg
co17Tg; y1Tg
f2Tg; y1Tg
f3Tg; y1Tg
fb301Tg ; y1Tg
fb9Tg ; y1Tg
gz15Tg; y1Tg
hkz04tTg; y1Tg
hu5333Tg; y1Tg
hu9228Tg; y1Tg
hu9282Tg; y1Tg
hzm7Et; y1Tg
ia5Tg ; y1Tg
jh11Tg; y1Tg
ko05Tg; y1Tg
ko08Tg; y1Tg
md3Tg; y1Tg
nc24Tg; y1Tg
ni2Tg; y1Tg
nu15Tg; y1Tg
nz101Tg ; y1Tg
nz50Tg; y1Tg
p151Tg; y1Tg
pc8Tg; y1Tg
s896Tg; y1Tg
s916Tg; y1Tg
s993Tg/+ ; y1Tg/+
sd2Tg/sd2Tg; y1Tg/y1Tg
sd2Tg; y1Tg
sj1Tg ; y1Tg
sqet332Et; y1Tg
sqet4Et; y1Tg
tsu2013Tg ; y1Tg
uq6bhTg; y1Tg
vu19Tg; y1Tg
wcm1Tg; y1Tg
y1Tg ; au101Tg
y1Tg ; el10Tg
y1Tg ; ens700Tg
y1Tg ; i114Tg
y1Tg ; ia15Tg
y1Tg ; is5Tg
y1Tg ; la207Tg
y1Tg ; m1018Tg
y1Tg ; ncv49Tg
y1Tg ; nim5Tg
y1Tg ; pd37Tg
y1Tg ; s939Tg
y1Tg ; sh512Tg
y1Tg ; tsu20142Tg
y1Tg ; ui3Tg
y1Tg ; uq3ksTg
y1Tg ; vu234Tg
y1Tg ; zf2071Tg
y1Tg/y1Tg ; zf2071Tg
y1Tg; zf1092Tg
y1Tg; zf306Tg
y1Tg; zf307Tg
y1Tg; zf520Tg
y206Tg ; y1Tg
aplnrbmu270/+; y1Tg aplnrb
aplnrbmu270/mu270; y1Tg aplnrb
etv2y11/+; y1Tg/y1Tg etsrp
etv2y11/y11; y1Tg etsrp
etv2y11/y11; y1Tg etsrp
slc45a2b4; y1Tg (AB) slc45a2
slc45a2b4; y1Tg slc45a2
sox18hu10320/hu10320; y1Tg sox18
y1Tg ; esf1ouc5/ouc5 esf1
y1Tg ; med10m683/m683 med10
y1Tg ; plxnd1skt6/skt6 plxnd1
plxnd1unspecified/unspecified; y1Tg plxnd1
slc45a2unspecified; y1Tg slc45a2
kdrly17/+; vegfcum18/+; y1Tg/y1Tg kdrl, vegfc
kdrly17/y17; vegfcum18/um18; y1Tg kdrl, vegfc
mib1m178/m178; plxnd1fov01b/fov01b; y1Tg mib1, plxnd1
plcg1y18/y18; plxnd1fov01b/fov01b; y1Tg plcg1, plxnd1
itga9hu10963/hu10963 ; y1Tg ; svep1hu4767/+ itga9, svep1
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9; y1Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2; mpv17a9; y1Tg mitfa, mpv17
mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; y1Tg mitfa, mpv17
pdgfrab1059/b1059 ; pdgfrbum148/um148 ; y1Tg pdgfra, pdgfrb
vegfchu5055/+; vegfduq9bh/+; y1Tg vegfc, vegfd
vegfchu5055/+; vegfduq9bh/uq9bh; y1Tg vegfc, vegfd
vegfchu5055/hu5055; vegfduq9bh/+; y1Tg vegfc, vegfd
vegfchu5055/hu5055; vegfduq9bh/uq9bh; y1Tg vegfc, vegfd
vhlhu2117/hu2117 ; klf2ash317/sh317 ; y1Tg klf2a, vhl
esamaubs19/ubs19 ; cdh5ubs8/ubs8 ; y1Tg cdh5, esama
ext2tw25e/tw25e; uxs1hi954Tg/hi954Tg; y1Tg ext2, uxs1
mitfab692/b692; ednrbab140/b140; y1Tg ednrba, mitfa
mitfaw2/w2 ; y1Tg ; ednrbab140/b140 ednrba, mitfa
edn1tf216b/tf216b; Df(Chr01:hand2)s6/s6; y1Tg (AB) edn1, hand2
cadhu10125/hu10125; hu5333Tg; y1Tg cad
cadhu10125/hu10125; s916Tg; y1Tg cad
ccbe1hu3613/hu3613; s896Tg; y1Tg ccbe1
edn1tf216b/tf216b ; y1Tg ; el10Tg edn1
el10Tg ; y1Tg ; jag1bb1105/b1105 jag1b
fb301Tg ; y1Tg ; cyp26b1b1024/b1024 cyp26b1
flt4hu4602/+; s916Tg; y1Tg flt4
flt4hu4602/hu4602; s896Tg; y1Tg flt4
flt4hu4602/hu4602; s916Tg; y1Tg flt4
hey2m145/m145; sd2Tg; y1Tg hey2
hu5333Tg ; y1Tg ; svep1hu4767/hu4767 svep1
la207Tg ; y1Tg ; erbb3bst48/st48 erbb3b
meox1tm26/tm26; ci5Tg; y1Tg meox1
notch3fh332/fh332; co17Tg; y1Tg notch3
npas4ls5/s5; gz15Tg/gz15Tg; y1Tg npas4l
nz101Tg ; flt4hu4602/+ ; y1Tg flt4
pkd1ahu5855/hu5855; hu5333Tg; y1Tg pkd1a
recky72/y72 ; y1Tg ; s896Tg reck
sj1Tg ; adgra2sj22/sj22 ; y1Tg adgra2
tcf7l2zf55/zf55 ; m1018Tg ; y1Tg tcf7l2
vegfchu5055/hu5055; s896Tg; y1Tg vegfc
vegfchu6410/hu6410 ; hu5333Tg ; y1Tg vegfc
y1Tg ; au101Tg ; cyp26b1b1024/b1024 cyp26b1
ak2hg14/hg14; sd2Tg; y1Tg ak2
cds2cas008/cas008; y1Tg; zf1092Tg cds2
sd2Tg ; y1Tg ; zap70y442/y442 zap70
stat4zf2070/zf2070 ; zf2071Tg ; y1Tg stat4
y1Tg ; s916Tg ; engmu130 eng
vclbgd4Gt/gd4Gt; pd37Tg; y1Tg vclb
y1Tg ; ift172hi2211Tg/hi2211Tg ; sd2Tg ift172
sj1Tg ; y1Tg ; unm_sj196sj196/sj196 unm_sj196
sj1Tg ; y1Tg ; unm_sj40sj40/sj40 unm_sj40
y1Tg ; unm_sj44sj44/sj44 ; sj1Tg unm_sj44
y1Tg/+ ; s993Tg/+ ; npas4lla1164/la1164 npas4l
c264Tg; pc19Tg; y1Tg
el137Tg; kca4Tg/+; y1Tg
fr13Tg; md3Tg; y1Tg
gz26Tg ; gz15Tg ; y1Tg
hu9228Tg; hu9282Tg; y1Tg
hzm1Et; io006Tg; y1Tg
i149Tg; i186Tg; y1Tg (AB)
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; y1Tg
kca4Tg; sr1Tg; y1Tg
nkhspGFFDMC131AEt; nkuasgfp1aTg; y1Tg
nkuasrfp1aTg; ubs4Tg; y1Tg
aplnrbmu270/+ ; s939Tg ; y1Tg aplnrb
etv2y11/y11; nim5Tg; y1Tg etsrp
ikbkbsq302/sq302 ; y1Tg ; sd2Tg ikbkb
jh11Tg ; y1Tg ; bloc1s2ioz8/ioz8 bloc1s2
y1Tg ; hu5333Tg ; aplnrbmu270/+ aplnrb
plxnd1skt6/+ ; plxnd1fov01b/+ ; y1Tg plxnd1
mitfaunspecified/unspecified; sd2Tg; y1Tg mitfa
flt4hu4602/+; vegfchu5055/+; s896Tg; y1Tg flt4, vegfc
mitfaw2/w2 ; y1Tg/+ ; sh488Tg/+ ; traf3ip1tp49d/tp49d mitfa, traf3ip1
vhlhu2081/+; vhlhu2117/+; s916Tg; y1Tg vhl
mi1001Tg ; mpv17a9/a9 ; mitfaw2/w2 ; y1Tg mitfa, mpv17
mitfaw2/w2; mpv17a9/a9; sc2Tg/+; y1Tg/+ mitfa, mpv17
csf1ratm236b/tm236b; slc45a2b4/b4; mpv17b18/b18; y1Tg csf1ra, mpv17, slc45a2
plxnd1fov01b/fov01b; nkuasrfp1aTg; ubs4Tg; y1Tg plxnd1
sox32ta56/ta56; el137Tg; kca4Tg/+; y1Tg sox32
zap70y442/y442 ; y1Tg ; la2Tg ; sd2Tg zap70
hu5333Tg; kca4Tg; uq1bhTg; y1Tg
y1Tg/+ ; sh488Tg/+ ; s898Tg/+ ; traf3ip1tp49d/tp49d ; mitfaw2/w2 mitfa, traf3ip1
aplnmu267/mu267; y1Tg apln
aplnramu296/mu296; y1Tg aplnra
apoc2sd38/sd38; y1Tg apoc2
cep55luy25; y1Tg cep55l
flt4um131/um131 ; y1Tg flt4
kalrnbum80/um80; y1Tg kalrnb
narflihb166/ihb166; y1Tg narfl
narflihb379/ihb379; y1Tg narfl
tbxtab160/b160; y1Tg tbxta
tspan18bbns299/bns299 ; y1Tg tspan18b
y1Tg ; flt4um131/+ flt4
y1Tg ; gipc1skt1/skt1 gipc1
y1Tg ; gipc1skt1/skt1 gipc1
y1Tg ; mt2mu289/mu289 mt2
y1Tg ; mt2mu290/mu290 mt2
plxnd1fov01b/+ ; gipc1skt1/skt1 ; y1Tg gipc1, plxnd1
apelazf439/+; aplnmu267/+; y1Tg apela, apln
apelazf439/+; aplnmu267/mu267; y1Tg apela, apln
apelazf439/zf439; aplnmu267/+; y1Tg apela, apln
apelazf439/zf439; aplnmu267/mu267; y1Tg apela, apln
aplnramu296/+; aplnrbmu270/+; y1Tg aplnra, aplnrb
aplnramu296/+; aplnrbmu270/mu270; y1Tg aplnra, aplnrb
aplnramu296/mu296; aplnrbmu270/+; y1Tg aplnra, aplnrb
aplnramu296/mu296; aplnrbmu270/mu270; y1Tg aplnra, aplnrb
si:ch211-185a18.2i262/+; si:ch211-185a18.2i265; y1Tg si:ch211-185a18.2
gipc2skt3/+ ; gipc2skt4/+ ; y1Tg gipc2
y1Tg ; gipc2skt4/skt4 ; gipc1skt1/skt1 gipc1, gipc2
si:ch211-185a18.2i262/+; si:ch211-185a18.2i264/+; si:ch211-185a18.2i265; y1Tg si:ch211-185a18.2
gipc1skt1/skt1 ; y1Tg ; gipc2skt4/+ ; gipc2skt3/+ gipc1, gipc2
gipc2skt3/+ ; y1Tg ; gipc1skt1/skt1 ; gipc2skt4/+ gipc1, gipc2
Unknown y1Tg (EKW) Unknown
y1Tg Unknown
y1Tg (AB) Unknown
y1Tg (TL) Unknown