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Figures for Felber et al., 2015


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Fig. S1

Inhibition and over activation of FGF signalling have optimal effects 3 hours after the treatment.

(A-H) Inhibition of FGF signalling, using SU5402 treatment or hs:dnfgfr1 larvae resulted in strong down regulation of pea3 and erm expression 3 hours after the treatment (B, C, F, G). Over activation of FGF signalling in hs:fgf3 larvae resulted in strong upregulation of pea3 and erm after 3 hours (D, H). (I-P) 6 hours after the treatment, inhibition of FGF signalling still resulted in slight down regulation of pea3 and erm expression (J, K, N, O) whereas expression was unchanged in hs:fgf3 larvae (L, P). Scale bar = 200μM.

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