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Fig. 8

Somatic cells of wild-type and fgf24 mutant gonads express epithelial-like cell adhesion molecules.

(A-F') Single plane confocal micrographs of whole-mount larval gonads immunostained for cell adhesion molecules (red). (A-B') β-catenin localizes to the membranes of both SGCs and germ cells in wild-type (WT) gonads (A, A'). While β-catenin still localizes to the membranes of both cell types in fgf24 mutants, it appears reduced (B, B'). (C-D') Cdh2 localizes strongly to the outer layer of SGCs in wild-type and fgf24 mutant gonads, visible on the surface of the gonad (C, D) and in the external-most layer of SGCs of the interior view (C', D'). (E-F') Similar to Cdh2, Tjp1 localizes to the outer layer of SGCs in wild-type (E, E') and fgf24 mutant (F, F') gonads. A-F' are sagittal optical sections with anterior to the left. Germ cells are labeled with Vasa (green), nuclei are labeled with DAPI (blue). Scale bars = 20 μm.

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