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Figures for Morrow et al., 2017


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Fig. 5

A single neural tube forms in tbx6l; tbx16 double mutants. A–F: In situ hybridization for isl1 (A–C) and sox2 (D–F) at 24 hpf. G–L: Confocal projections of embryos labeled for acetylated tubulin (green), fast muscle (F310; red), and myosin heavy chain (A4.1025; blue) in lateral (G–I) and dorsal (J–L) views. Not shown are tbx6l single-mutant embryos as they are indistinguishable from wild-type embryos. Scale bars in A (for A–F) and G (for G–I) = 100 μm. Scale bar in J (for J–L) = 50 μm.

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