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ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-170912-21
Figures for Lamont et al., 2016


Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 2

Isl2 modulates vein cell marker expression. Compared to wild type controls (A,C,E,G), expression of the venous markers flt4 (B) and mrc1 (D) is reduced in the trunk of isl2a morphants at 24 hpf, while there is no obvious change in the expression of arterial markers notch3 (F) and ephrinb2 (H). (A′-H′) are cross sections of embryos in A-H. (I) There is a 41% reduction in flt4 expression by qPCR (p<0.0001 by student's t-test) in isl2a morphants. Scale bars represent 200 µm in A-H and 30 µm in cross-sections A′-H′. Abbreviations: posterior cardinal vein (pcv), dorsal aorta (da), neural tube (nt) and pronephric ducts (pd).

Figure Data:
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