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Fig. 4

tbx5 genes are required for dorsoventral retina organization. (a) Schematics of our quantification method. Expression of efn2a and ephB2 in control (ctrl) embryos (b-b′), tbx5a morphants (c-c′) and tbx5b morphants (d-d′). (e-g′) Expression of efn2a and ephB2 in embryos co-injected with different concentrations of both tbx5a and tbx5b MOs. (h-i) Quantification of the results obtained for the expression of efn2a (h) and ephB2 (i). (j-m) Retinal projections of 48 hpf ath5:GFP embryos injected with control, tbx5a, tbx5b or tbx5a and tbx5b MO. (n) Optic nerve diameter quantifications. Data are represented as the mean ± s.e. A Kruskal-Wallis test was used to determine statistical differences among experimental groups (*p < 0.05, **p < 0.001). D, dorsal; N, nasal; T, temporal; V, ventral.

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