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ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-150318-12
Figures for Gerlach et al., 2014


Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 8 Ectopic expression of podocyte genes and early developmental transcription factors in the pronephros is not a general consequence of embryonic defects in fluid flow. WISH was used to assess gene expression using antisense riboprobes to detect wt1a, pax2a, or podxl (purple) in (A) wild-types, (B) prkCI morphants, (C) ift88 morphants, (D) tnnt2a morphants, (E) double ift88/tnnt2a morphants, and (F) mpp5a morphants. (A–E) Knockdown of prkCI was the only circumstance that led to high levels of ectopic expression of podocyte genes in the pronephros tubule. (F) (Top row) Most mpp5a morphants displayed no ectopic pronephros expression, but (bottom row) a subset (<10%) displayed low levels of ectopic wt1a, pax2a, or podxl in the tubule and also diffuse ectopic expression.

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