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Figures for Rost et al., 2014


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Fig. 3

Stab2 morphants display expanded expression of certain arterial and venous markers.

(A,B and E,F) As analyzed by in situ hybridization, aqp8a (A,B) and cldn5b (E,F) expression is restricted to the DA in wild type uninjected embryos while it is expanded into the PCV in Stab2 morphants at 24 hpf. (I,J) Arterial grl expression is not affected in Stab2 morphants. (C,D, G,H, and K,L) Expression of venous specific markers flt4 (C,D), mrc1 (G,H), and stab1l (K,L) is expanded into the area of the DA in Stab2 morphants. (M,N) Venous expression of stab2 itself is also expanded into the area of the DA at 24 hpf in Stab2 morphants. Arrows indicate DA and arrowheads indicate PCV. Lateral view, anterior is to the left, trunk and tail region is shown. DA: dorsal aorta; PCV: posterior cardinal vein. All embryos are 24 hpf. Morphants were injected with a cocktail containing Stab2 MO1, MO2 and p53 MO.

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