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Figures for Lopes et al., 2010


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Fig. 3 DeltaD modulates foxj1a expression. (A,B) Expression pattern of sox17 in Kupffer′s vesicle precursor cells at bud stage in wild-type (A) and aei-/- mutant (B) embryos. (C-F) Expression pattern of foxj1a in Kupffer′s vesicle precursor cells at bud stage in a wild-type (C), an aei-/- mutant (D), a wild type overexpressing deltaD and a wild type overexpressing NICD (F). (G,H) Foxj1a mRNA injection increases ciliary length. (G) Tail region of an aei-/- mutant embryo showing GFP-positive cells that were co-targeted with foxj1a and GFP mRNA. In these cells, cilia are much larger than in adjacent non-targeted cells. (H) Cells from the Kupffer′s vesicle in an aei-/- mutant embryo that was co-injected with foxj1a and GFP mRNA showing rescued motile cilia judged by the increased ciliary length. α-Acetylated tubulin labels cilia in red, DAPI labels DNA in blue and GFP labels targeted cells in green.

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