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Figures for Hernandez-Lagunas et al., 2005


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Fig. 5 prdm1 is expressed in the domain where neural crest and Rohon–Beard sensory neurons form. Double in situ hybridization of prdm1 with Foxd3 and HuC at 12 hpf; dorsal views, anterior to the left. (A, B) Low and high magnification views of prdm1 (red) and HuC (blue) expression. HuC-positive cells are co-expressed in the prdm1 expression domain. Boxes indicate region viewed under higher magnification in (B, D). (C, D) prdm1 (red) and Foxd3 (blue) expression indicate that neural crest cells are formed within the prdm1-expressing domain. Scale bar is 50 μm.

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