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Figures for Dooley et al., 2005


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Fig. 7 Forced expression of scl RNA in wild-type and spadetail mutants. (A, B) Double ISH for flk1 (blue) or gata1 (red) in uninjected (A) or scl RNA injected (B) embryos. (C, D) myoD transcripts normally present in adaxial cells (black arrow) and somites (blue arrow) are not detected in the scl RNA injected embryos. (E–H) The expression of gata1 (E, F) or flk1 (G, H) in uninjected (E, G) or scl RNA injected (F, H) spt-/- embryos. Brackets indicate anterior head mesoderm; arrow indicates flk1 expression in posterior mesoderm; arrowhead indicates tail bud. All embryos are at the 12-somite stage.

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