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Fig. 7  In situ hybridization analysis of neural and ectodermal markers in blf morphants, injected with 2 ng of MO2. Dorsal view, anterior is to the left, except where noted. (A, B, E, F) Hairy-related transcription factor her4 labels a subset of neural cells at the 3-somite (A, B) and 6-somite (E, F) stages. Note the expanded neural plate (arrowheads) in blf morphants (B, F), compared with uninjected control embryos (A, E). (C, D, G, H) GATA-family transcription factor gata3 labels non-neural ectoderm at the 3-somite (C, D) and 6-somite (G, H) stages. Note that the gap in gata3 expression which corresponds to the neural plate (arrowheads), is wider in blf morphants (D, H), compared with uninjected control embryos (C, G). Additional gata3-expressing cells are observed at the midline of blf morphants (arrow, H). (I, J, M, N) Her4 expression labels neural tube at the 10-somite (I, J) and 15-somite (M, N) stages. Note the bilaterally split neural tube in blf morphants (J, N), compared with uninjected control embryos (I, M). (K, L, O, P) Cytokeratin E7 expression labels epidermal cells at the 10-somite (K, L) and 15-somite (O, P) stages. Note the strong enrichment in cytokeratin expression in the delaminating cells of dorsal posterior ectoderm in blf morphants (arrows in L, P), compared with uninjected control embryos (K, O). (Q, R) Crestin expression labels neural crest cells at the 16-somite stage. Note two bilateral stripes of neural crest cells in blf morphants (R) compared with the single stripe in control uninjected embryos (Q). (S, T) Crestin expression, 16-somite stage. Note the absence of the intersomitic bands of migrating neural crest cells (arrow) in blf morphants (T), compared with uninjected control embryos (S).

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Reprinted from Developmental Biology, 283(1), Sumanas, S., Zhang, B., Dai, R., and Lin, S., 15-Zinc finger protein Bloody Fingers is required for zebrafish morphogenetic movements during neurulation, 85-96, Copyright (2005) with permission from Elsevier. Full text @ Dev. Biol.