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Figures for Sieger et al., 2006


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Fig. 4 Disruption of early oscillations in her1/her13.2 morphants. Oscillations in gene expression of her1, her7, and deltaC are disrupted in her1/her13.2 morphants at bud stage. (A, E, and I) Wild-type expression of her1, her7, and deltaC, respectively. Dynamic gene expression can be found for her1 (B), her7 (F), and deltaC (J) in her1 morphants (0.6 mM; 2 experiments, n = 40 for each probe, all embryos show wild-type dynamics) since in a batch of embryos the whole variety of the pattern can be found (two patterns are shown each for wt, her1 morphant and her13.2 morphant situation, respectively). The same dynamic is seen in her13.2 morphants for her1 (C), her7 (G), and deltaC (K) (0.6 mM; 2 experiments, n = 45 for each probe, all embryos show wild-type dynamics). In her1/her13.2 morphants, a full disruption of cyclic her1 (D), her7 (H), and deltaC (L) expression is detected, and the whole batch of embryos shows only one pattern (0.6 mM her1Mo + 0.6 mM her13.2Mo; 2 experiments, n = 52 for each probe, 96.15% affected for her1, 94.23% affected for her7, and 92.3% affected for deltaC). (A–L) Bud stage embryos, whole mounts, dorsal view, posterior downwards.

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