Figure 2

Hung et al., 2021 - Proapoptotic Bad Involved in Brain Development, When Severely Defected, Induces Dramatic Malformation in Zebrafish
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Figure 2

Bad knockdown can enhance p53/caspase-8 death signaling. (A) Identification of Bad knockdown by specific morpholino (Bad-MO) at 8 hpf via Western blot analysis. (B,C) TUNEL-positive spot staining (indicated by arrows) at 8 hpf with Bad knockdown by Bad-MO. The Bad-MO group shows more signal than the Bad-M5 (Control group). TUNEL-positive spots within the embryo were counted and are shown in (C). The DNase I treatment group was used as a positive control. (D,E) Analysis of apoptotic-related genes during development and cell-death-related genes by qRT-PCR at 8 hpf with Bad knockdown. All data were analyzed using either paired or unpaired Student’s t-tests, as appropriate. TUNEL-positive cells under the fluorescence microscope are considered apoptotic.

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Stage: 75%-epiboly

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Stage: 75%-epiboly

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