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Petratou et al., 2021 - The MITF paralog tfec is required in neural crest development for fate specification of the iridophore lineage from a multipotent pigment cell progenitor. PLoS One   16:e0244794 Full text @ PLoS One
Anatomical Terms:
Stage Range: Long-pec to Protruding-mouth

Fig 2 <italic>tfec</italic> is a marker of differentiated iridophores, but not xanthophores.

(A–D) Chromogenic whole-mount in situ hybridisation reveals tfec expression in iridophores at 3 dpf. Iridophores (asterisks) of the posterior trunk/anterior tail are imaged live with reflected light in lateral (A) and dorsal (B) views. (C,D) Whole-mount in situ hybridisation on the same embryo reveals a pattern of tfec expression matching that of the differentiated iridophores (asterisks). The colour of the asterisks indicates corresponding iridophore patches between A and C, and B and D. Note the absence of expression in the location of the associated melanocytes (residual melanin indicated by arrowheads) (E-G). Expression of tfec (E, in situ hybridisation) and of Pax7 (F, immunofluorescence) in differentiated iridophores and xanthophores, respectively, at 48 hpf; note the absence of co-expression of these markers. A,C,E: lateral views; B,D: dorsal views. Head towards the left. Scale bars: A-D, 50 μm; E-G, 20 μm.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
tfec WT standard conditions Long-pec iridophore ISH
Protruding-mouth iridophore ISH
Antibody Labeling Details
Antibody Assay Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy
Ab-Pax7 IHC WT standard conditions Long-pec xanthophore
Phenotype Details No data available
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