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Kenyon et al., 2018 - Generation of a double binary transgenic zebrafish model to study myeloid gene regulation in response to oncogene activation in melanocytes. Disease models & mechanisms   11(4) Full text @ Dis. Model. Mech.
Anatomical Terms:
Stage: Day 5

Fig. 3

Binary transgenic zebrafish model for regulatory profiling of myeloid cells. (A) Schematic of myeloid nuclear biotagging system. When biotagging effector transgenic zebrafish line ubiquitously expressing Avi-tagged Rangap for biotinylation of nuclei is crossed to biotagging driver line expressing BirA in myeloid-specific manner, only the macrophage or neutrophil nuclei will be biotinylated. (B) Transgene expression in macrophage-specific BirA driver, TgBAC(mpeg1:BirA-Citrine)ox122, is amplified with anti-GFP–Alexa-Fluor-488 to show expression in macrophages. (C) TgBAC(mpx:BirA-Citrine)ox121 biotagging transgenic driver shows neutrophil-specific expression. (D,E) Projection of confocal microscope images of Tg(bactin:Avi-Cerulean-Rangap)ct700a shows ubiquitous expression of the biotag effector specifically on nuclei, across somite region of the embryo, with (D) and without (E) bright field background. The images in D and E are taken in different embryos. (F,G) Tailfins of transgenic fish transected at 3 dpf show responding macrophages in mpeg1:BirA-Citrine (F) and neutrophils in mpx:BirA-Citrine (G) larvae at 5 hpi or 1 hpi, respectively, as indicated by green arrows.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
Cerulean ct700aTg control Day 5 whole organism IHC
Citrine ox121Tg control Day 5 neutrophil IHC
ox121Tg transection: caudal fin Day 5 neutrophil IHC
ox122Tg control Day 5 macrophage IHC
ox122Tg transection: caudal fin Day 5 macrophage IHC
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details No data available
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