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General Information
ZFIN ID: ZDB-FIG-160630-26
Lovely et al., 2016 - Bmp signaling mediates endoderm pouch morphogenesis by regulating Fgf signaling in zebrafish. Development (Cambridge, England)   143(11):2000-11 Full text @ Development
Observed In:
Stage: Day 5

Fig. 3

Endoderm requires reception of Bmp signaling for proper development. (A-G) Whole-mount images (ventral view) of 5dpf viscerocranium. Asterisks label the ceratobranchial cartilages. (D′-E′′,G′) Confocal images (lateral view, anterior to the left) of 26hpf genetic chimeras labeling donor cells with either Alexa 568 dextran (D′,D′′), Alexa 488 dextran (E′,E′′) or the sox17:dsred transgene (G′). Arrowheads indicate endodermal pouch contribution, whereas arrows indicate endoderm failing to contribute to the pouches; insets show transgene expression with bright-field image. All embryos were heat shocked at 39°C for 1h at 10hpf. (A) Heat-shocked hs:dnBmpr1a-GFP embryos have severe craniofacial defects. (B) Control wild-type endoderm transplants do not disrupt craniofacial development. (D-D′′) Transplanting wild-type endoderm into a heat-shocked hs:dnBmpr1a-GFP embryo completely rescues craniofacial development (n=15/16). (E-E′′, arrows) Heat-shocked hs:dnBmpr1a-GFP donor cells are excluded from the pouches and fail to induce viscerocranial defects in wild-type embryos. (C) No rescue occurs when donor cells fail to populate the endoderm (n=6/6). (F) sox32 mutants lack endoderm and lose all of the viscerocranium. (G,G′) Heat-shocked hs:dnBmpr1a-GFP endoderm does not rescue sox32 mutants (n=6/6). Cartilages: Mc, Meckel′s; Ch, ceratohyal; Cb′s, ceratobranchial; Pq, palatoquadrate; HM, hyomandibular. Scale bars: 100µm in A-G; 50µm in D′-E′′,G′.

Gene Expression Details No data available
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details
Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
sox32ta56/ta56 standard conditions Day 5 embryonic viscerocranium morphogenesis disrupted, abnormal
Day 5 endoderm aplastic, abnormal
Day 5 pharyngeal arch cartilage aplastic, abnormal
w30Tg heat shock Day 5 ceratobranchial cartilage absent, abnormal
Day 5 ceratohyal cartilage morphology, abnormal
Day 5 embryonic viscerocranium morphogenesis disrupted, abnormal
Day 5 Meckel's cartilage morphology, abnormal
ZFIN wishes to thank the journal Development (Cambridge, England) for permission to reproduce figures from this article. Please note that this material may be protected by copyright. Full text @ Development