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Clark et al., 2012 - Loss of Llgl1 in retinal neuroepithelia reveals links between apical domain size, Notch activity and neurogenesis. Development (Cambridge, England)   139(9):1599-1610 Full text @ Development
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Stage: Pec-fin

Fig. S6 Depletion of atoh7 does not affect apical domain size. (A) Transgenic pou4f3:mGFP embryos injected with either control or atoh7 morpholinos (5 ng). The membrane associated GFP highlights neuromasts and retinal ganglion cells. Depletion of atoh7 inhibited generation of retinal ganglion cells, but not neuromasts. (B) Schematic showing the experimental design for evaluating apical area following loss of atoh7. (C) Examples of retinal neuroepithelial clusters deficient for atoh7 (labeled with utrph-GFP). Apical junctions in host and donor cells were labeled with phalloidin-633. (D) Average apical domain area in host control and atoh7 morphants. No significant difference between groups; P=0.51, Students t-test.

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Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
s356tTg + MO1-atoh7 standard conditions Pec-fin neuromast normal amount, normal
Pec-fin retinal ganglion cell decreased amount, abnormal
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