Fig. 7

Pujol-Martí et al., 2010 - Progressive neurogenesis defines lateralis somatotopy
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Fig. 7

Analysis of lateralis somata ganglionar location and their central projections. A,B: Merge of green- and red-Kaede fluorescent signals. Photoconversion from green- to red-Kaede was performed in dorsally (A) or ventrally (B) located somata in 4-day-old fish from the Et(hsp:Gal4-VP16s1006t);UAS:Kaede double-transgenic line. A′: Detail of the central projections in A. B′: Detail of the central projections in B. All images are maximal projections and lateral views. Dorsal is towards top, anterior is towards left. Scale bar =30 μm.

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Stage: Day 4

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