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Aamar et al., 2008 - Isolation and expression analysis of foxj1 and foxj1.2 in zebrafish embryos. The International journal of developmental biology   52(7):985-991 Full text @ Int. J. Dev. Biol.
Anatomical Terms:
Stage Range: 1-cell to Protruding-mouth

Fig. 4 Zebrafish foxj1.2 expression. (A-P) Spatio-temporal expression pattern of foxj1.2. Whole-mount in situ hybridization with foxj1.2 probe alone (A-D, F-G, L, M4), or combined with pax2.1 and charon (both red) (E, H-K, M-P). Shield-60% epiboly (A), 80% epiboly (B), bud (C-E), 4 somites (FG), 7 somites (H-J), 15 somites (K,P), 16 somites (L), 1 day (M), 2 days (N), 3 and 4 days (P left and right respectively). Views are as follows: dorsal (A, B); dorsal with anterior to the left (C bottom, E, F bottom, H and H bottom), dorsal with anterior up (P right), lateral with dorsal to the right, (A left bottom, B left bottom), lateral with anterior to left (C top, F, I, K-O except for M4, P left), posterior with dorsal up (D, G, J), anterior ventral with dorsal up (M4), animal view (A left top, B left top), ventral with posterior to the right (J right bottom). (Q) RT-PCR expression analysis of foxj1.2 and β-actin as control was performed for different stages (1-8: unfertilized eggs, 100-200 cells, high-dome, 40-50% epiboly, 80-90%, bud, 13-somites, 24hpf and 3days old embryos respectively, and –RT in lane 10). d, diencephalon; dt, dorsal tectum; e, eye; fp, floor plate; k, kidney; KV, Kupffer’s vesicle; MHB, mid-hindbrain boundary; nt, notochord; op, olfactory pit; ot; otolith; ov, otic vesicle; p, pineal gland; pd, pronephric duct; pnt, posterior neural tube; t, tectum; tg, trigeminal ganglion; tv, tectal ventricle.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Qualifier Anatomy Assay
foxj1b WT standard conditions 1-cell to Dome Not Detected whole organism RTPCR
Shield epiblast ISH
50%-epiboly to Protruding-mouth whole organism RTPCR
75%-epiboly epiblast ISH
1-4 somites otic placode ISH
1-4 somites posterior neural keel ISH
Bud presumptive floor plate ISH
1-4 somites presumptive floor plate ISH
Bud presumptive pronephric mesoderm ISH
1-4 somites pronephric mesoderm ISH
5-9 somites otic placode ISH
5-9 somites posterior neural keel ISH
5-9 somites pronephric mesoderm ISH
14-19 somites diencephalon ISH
14-19 somites floor plate ISH
14-19 somites olfactory placode ISH
14-19 somites otic vesicle ISH
14-19 somites trigeminal placode ISH
Prim-5 diencephalon ISH
Prim-5 midbrain hindbrain boundary ISH
Prim-5 olfactory placode ISH
Prim-5 optic tectum ISH
Prim-5 otolith ISH
Long-pec epiphysis ISH
Long-pec olfactory pit ISH
Protruding-mouth tectal ventricle ISH
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details No data available
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