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Delporte et al., 2008 - Expression of zebrafish pax6b in pancreas is regulated by two enhancers containing highly conserved cis-elements bound by PDX1, PBX and PREP factors. BMC Developmental Biology   8:53 Full text @ BMC Dev. Biol.
Anatomical Terms:
Stage Range: 20-25 somites to Days 7-13

Fig. 3 GFP expression pattern in the stable P0-pax6b:gfp transgenic zebrafish. (A) Dorsal view of a 20 hpf transgenic embryo showing GFP expression in the developing pancreas. (B, C) Lateral and frontal views at 24 and 29 hpf showing GFP expression in the ventral telencephalon, the dorsal diencephalon and the optic stalks. (D, E, F) Lateral views of an eye of 29 hpf, 36 hpf and 48 hpf transgenic embryos. GFP expression starts at about 29 hpf in a small cluster of cells in the ventronasal retina, near the optic stalks, and subsequently spreads to the entire retina (white arrows). (G) After 2 days of development, expression is observed in the neuroretina, the optic nerves as well as the ventral telencephalon and some cells of the diencephalon. (H, H′) At 10 dpf, expression is clearly detected in several layers of the retina, mainly the inner plexiform layer, the inner nuclear layer, the outer plexiform layer and the outer nuclear layer. (I) Finally, from 3.5 dpf, the transgenes are expressed in the enteroendocrine cells of the intestine and in some neurones of the mesencephalon. Abbreviations: d, diencephalon; e, eye; ent, enteroendocrine cells; gcl, ganglion cell layer; hb, hindbrain; inl, inner nuclear layer, ipl, inner plexiform layer; l, lens; mb, midbrain; nt, neural tube; oc, optic choroid; on, optic nerves; onl, outer nuclear layer; opl, outer plexiform layer; os, optic stalks; p, pancreas; pcl, photoreceptor cell layer; r, retina; rpe, retinal pigmented epithelium; tc, telencephalon. A, G and I are dorsal views (anterior to the left); B, D, E and F are lateral views (anterior to the left); H, H′ are cross sections in the eye of a 10 dpf embryo.

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
GFP ulg515Tg standard conditions 20-25 somites pancreas primordium IFL
Prim-5 diencephalon IFL
Prim-5 optic cup IFL
Prim-5 optic stalk IFL
Prim-5 telencephalon IFL
Prim-25 diencephalon IFL
Prim-25 retina IFL
Long-pec cranial nerve II IFL
Long-pec diencephalon IFL
Long-pec retina IFL
Long-pec retinal neural layer IFL
Long-pec telencephalon IFL
Protruding-mouth intestine enteroendocrine cell IFL
Protruding-mouth midbrain neuron IFL
Protruding-mouth pancreas IFL
Protruding-mouth retina IFL
Days 7-13 retinal inner nuclear layer IFL
Days 7-13 retinal inner plexiform layer IFL
Days 7-13 retinal outer nuclear layer IFL
Days 7-13 retinal outer plexiform layer IFL
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details No data available
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