Fig. 4

Dibenedetto et al., 2008 - Zebrafish brd2a and brd2b are paralogous members of the bromodomain-ET (BET) family of transcriptional coregulators that show structural and expression divergence
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Fig. 4

brd2a and brd2b encode gonad-enriched RNAs and multiple developmentally regulated transcripts. Northern blot of total RNA (5 μg/lane) from dissected ovary (ov), adult fish (Ad), and embryos of various stages (0–2, 4–6, 8–10, 14–18, 20–24, and 44–48 hour post fertilization) probed sequentially with A) zf626 (brd2) and B) zf69 (brd2b), radiolabeled cDNA subfragments. RNAs were visualized with EtBr staining and were undegraded and of equivalent amounts in each lane (data not shown). The leftmost ovary lane and the rightmost adult lane are underexposed replicates of adjacent lanes, to allow better band visualization. Ovary-enriched brd2 RNAs (A, 4.8 and 2.8 kb) and ovary-enriched brd2b RNA (B, 6.0 kb) are also present in early embryos (A and B, 0–2 h), and are indicated by asterisks (*). Various size classes of brd2 and brd2b RNAs present in whole adults are also detectable in dissected testis (data not shown).

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