ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-080603-1
Leung Lab
PI/Director: Leung, Yuk Fai
Contact Person: Leung, Yuk Fai
Email: yfleung@purdue.edu
URL: http://www.bio.purdue.edu/lab/leung/
Address: Department of Biological Sciences Purdue University LILY 2-136, 915 W. State Street West Lafayette, IN 47907
Country: United States
Phone: 765-496-3153
Fax: 765-494-0876
Line Designation: None assigned


Drug discovery for retinal degeneration

Retinal degeneration is a group of inherited eye diseases including retinitis pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration that impair our vision. Although much has been learned about the molecular basis of these diseases, they are still incurable. To expedite discovery of new drugs for these diseases, our group at Purdue University studies zebrafish retinal-degeneration models.

The research interests of our lab are currently focused in two directions:

1. Rapid drug discovey for retinal degeneration

2. Gene network for disease and drug action

Please see our laboratory website for the latest development:

Ganzen, Logan Post-Doc Wang, Beichen (BC) Graduate Student Zhu, Xiaoguang Research Staff

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