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Term Name Synonyms
abdominal musculature
abducens motor nucleus abducens motor nuclei,abducens nucleus,motor nucleus VI,nVI
abductor hyohyoid abductors hyohyoid,hyohyoideus abductor
abductor muscle
abductor profundus abductors profundus
absorptive cell absorptive cells
accessory chamber of the maxillary blood sinus
accessory pretectal nucleus APN,nucleus praetectalis accessorius
acellular anatomical structure acellular anatomical structures
acid secreting cell acid secreting cells
acinar cell acinar cells
actinotrichium actinotrichia
adaxial cell adaxial cells
adductor adductors
adductor arcus palatini adductors arcus palatini
adductor hyohyoid adductors hyohyoid,hyohyoidei adductores
adductor hyomandibulae dorsal adductor hyomandibulae,dorsal adductors hyomandibulae
adductor mandibulae dorsal adductor mandibulae
adductor mandibulae complex
adductor muscle
adductor operculi adductor opercula,adductor operculae
adductor profundus adductors profundus
adenohypophyseal placode pituitary placode
adenohypophysis anterior hypophysis,anterior pituitary
adipose tissue white adipose tissue
adrenal medulla cell chromafin cell
adrenergic neuron adrenergic neurons
adrenocorticotropic hormone secreting cell adrenocorticotrophic hormone secreting cell,corticotrope,corticotroph,corticotrophin hormone secreting cell,corticotropin hormone secreting cell
afferent branchial artery ABA
afferent filamental artery AFA,afferent filamental arteries
afferent glomerular arteriole
afferent lamellar arteriole AFL,afferent lamellar arterioles
afferent neuron input neuron
alar plate midbrain region
alkali secreting cell alkali secreting cells
alpha-beta T cell alpha-beta T lymphocyte,alpha-beta T-cell,alpha-beta T-lymphocyte
amacrine cell amacrine neuron
ameloblast ameloblasts
amelocyte amelocytes
ampullary nerve ampullary nerves
anal depressor anal depressors,depressores anales
anal erector anal erectors,erectores anales
anal fin
anal fin actinotrichium anal fin actinotricia
anal fin distal radial anal fin distal radials
anal fin lepidotrichium anal fin lepidotrichia,anal fin ray
anal fin lepidotrichium 1
anal fin lepidotrichium 2
anal fin lepidotrichium 3
anal fin lepidotrichium 4
anal fin lepidotrichium 5
anal fin lepidotrichium 6
anal fin lepidotrichium 7
anal fin musculature
anal fin proximal radial anal fin proximal radials
anal fin pterygiophore anal fin radial
anal fin radial anal fin pterygiophores,anal fin radials
anal fin skeleton
anal inclinator anal inclinators,inclinatores anales
anal protractor infracarinalis medius,protractor analis
anal retractor infracarinalis posterior,retractor analis
anatomical cluster
anatomical conduit
anatomical group ZFA:0001255
anatomical line
anatomical space anatomical spaces
anatomical structure anatomical structures
anatomical surface
anatomical system anatomical systems
androgen secreting cell androgen secreting cells
angioblastic mesenchymal cell angioblast
angiogenic sprout
angular bone angular bones
anguloarticular articular
anguloarticular-retroarticular joint
annular ligament
ansulate commissure Cans,commissura ansulata,ventral tegmental commissure
anterior axial hypoblast pre-polster
anterior basicapsular commissure anterior basicranial commissure
anterior cardinal vein ACV,rostral cardinal vein
anterior catecholaminergic tract
anterior cerebral vein ACeV,rostral cerebral vein
anterior chamber eye
anterior chamber swim bladder camera arerea weberiana
anterior commissure commissura anterior,commissura rostral,rostral commissure
anterior crista ZFA:0000273,ac,anterior crista ampullaris,anterior cristae,anterior semicircular canal sensory patch,anterior semicircular canal sensory patches,rostral crista
anterior crista primordium anterior crista primordia
anterior dorsomedial process of autopalatine anterior dorsomedial process of autopalatines
anterior lateral line anterior lateral lines
anterior lateral line ganglion anterior lateral line ganglia
anterior lateral line nerve ALLn,nervi lineae lateralis anterioris,rostral lateral line nerve
anterior lateral line neuromast neuromast anterior
anterior lateral line placode anterior lateral line placodes
anterior lateral line primordium anterior lateral line primordia
anterior lateral line system
anterior lateral mesoderm ALM
anterior lateral plate mesoderm ALPM
anterior lateral process of autopalatine
anterior macula am,anterior sensory patch
anterior mesencephalic central artery AMCtA,rostral mesencephalic central artery
anterior mesenteric artery AMA,rostral mesenteric artery
anterior myodome
anterior naris anterior nares,incurrent nostril
anterior nasal barbel
anterior neural keel
anterior neural plate
anterior neural rod
anterior neural tube
anterior pancreatic bud exocrine anlage,rostral anlage,ventral anterior bud,ventral pancreatic anlage
anterior presumptive neural plate
anterior sclerotic bone anterior sclerotic bones
anterior segment eye
anterior semicircular canal ZFA:0000675,anterior semicircular canals,anterior semicircular duct,rostral vertical semicircular canal
anterior swim bladder bud
anterior ventromedial process of autopalatine
anteromedial zone olfactory bulb medial anterior zone olfactory bulb
aortic arch aortic arches,branchial aortic arches
aortic arch 1 AA1,mandibular aortic arch
aortic arch 2 AA2,hyoid aortic arch
aortic arch 3 AA3
aortic arch 4 AA4
aortic arch 5 AA5
aortic arch 6 AA6
apical ectodermal ridge
apical ectodermal ridge dorsal fin
apical ectodermal ridge median fin fold
apical ectodermal ridge pectoral fin bud AER pectoral fin,ZFA:0000736,apical ectodermal ridge pectoral fin,apical ectodermal ridge pectoral fin buds,apical ectodermal ridge pectoral fins,apical fold pectoral fin
apical ectodermal ridge pelvic fin apical ectodermal ridge pelvic fins
apical ectodermal ridge pelvic fin bud apical ectodermal ridge pelvic fin buds
apical epidermal cap apical epidermal caps
aponeurosis aponeuroses
aqueous humor
area postrema
argentum argenta,iridophore layer iris
arrector muscle
artery arterial system
articular cartilage articular cartilages
articular fossa of opercle
asteriscus lagenar otolith,lagenolith
astrocyte astrocytes
atrial endocardium
atrial epicardium
atrial myocardium
atrioventricular canal AV canal,AVC
atrioventricular canal endocardium
atrioventricular node AV node,downstream pacemaker
atrioventricular ring AV ring
atrioventricular valve
atrium of sinus impar
atypical epithelium atypical epithelia
auditory capsule otic capsule
auditory epithelial support cell auditory support cell
auditory fenestra auditory fenestrae
auditory foramen
auditory receptor cell auditory hair cell,auditory receptor cells
autonomic nervous system ANS
autonomic neuron autonomic neurons
autopalatine palatine
autopalatine-lateral ethmoid joint
autopalatine-maxillary joint
autopalatine-preethmoid joint
autopalatine-vomer joint
axial blood vessel
axial chorda mesoderm ZFA:0001219,chorda mesoderm,chordamesoderm,presumptive notochord
axial fin skeleton median fin skeleton,unpaired fin skeleton
axial hypoblast
axial lymph vessel
axial mesoderm
axial vasculature
axis midline
B cell B lymphocyte,B-cell,B-lymphocyte
ball yolk ball
band form neutrophil band,band cell,band form,rod neutrophil,stab cell
barbel barble
barbel primordium barbel primordia
barrier cell barrier cells
barrier epithelial cell barrier epithelial cells
basal communicating artery BCA
basal lamina basal laminae
basal layer breeding tubercle
basal plate cartilage basal plate cartilages
basal plate midbrain region floor plate midbrain,floorplate midbrain
basal regeneration epithelium basal wound epidermis
basibranchial basibranchials
basibranchial 1
basibranchial 2
basibranchial 3
basibranchial 4
basicapsular fenestra basicapsular fenestrae
basidorsal arcualia
basihyal bone basihyal,basihyoid,glossohyal
basihyal cartilage basihyal
basilar artery BA
basioccipital posterodorsal region
basioccipital-exoccipital joint
basioccipital-prootic joint
basipterygium pelvic bone,pelvic girdle
basipterygium cartilage basipterygium cartilages
basiventral arcualia
basket cell basket cells
basophilic erythroblast basophilic normoblast,early erythroblast,early normoblast,prorubricyte
Bergmann glial cell Bergmann glial cells
bifurcate interneuron
bile canaliculus
bile ductule
biogenic amine secreting cell biogenic amine secreting cells
bipolar neuron bipolar neurons
blastema regeneration blastema
blastemal cell blastemal cells
blastoderm cell blastomere
blastomere blastomeres
blood cell blood cells
blood island blood islands,caudal hematopoietic tissue,posterior ICM,posterior blood island
blood plasma
blood sinus
blood sinus cavity blood sinus lumen
blood vasculature blood vessel
blood vessel
blood vessel endothelial cell blood vessel endothelial cells
blood vessel endothelium
blue sensitive photoreceptor cell blue sensitive photoreceptor cells
bone element bones
bone tissue
bony plate
bony projection bony projections,process
bony shelf above orbit
Bowman's layer anterior elastic lamina,anterior limiting membrane
Brachet's cleft
brain ZFA:0001661,brain structure
brain nucleus brain nuclei
brain vasculature
brainstem and spinal white matter brain stem and spinal tract/commissure,brain stem/spinal tracts and commissures
branched anal fin ray anal fin branched ray
branched caudal fin ray
branched dorsal fin ray
branchial mesenchyme gill mesenchyme
branchial muscle branchial muscles
branchiomotor neuron branchi motor neuron,special visceral motor neuron
branchiostegal membrane branchiostegal membranes
branchiostegal ray branchiostegal rays
branchiostegal ray 1 branchiostegal rays 1
branchiostegal ray 2 branchiostegal rays 2
branchiostegal ray 3 branchiostegal rays 3
breeding tubercle
Bruch's membrane vitreous lamina
brush border epithelial cell brush border epithelial cells
bulbo-spinal tract tractus bulbospinalis
bulbus arteriosus cardiac outflow tract,outflow tract,truncus
bulbus arteriosus inner layer bulbus arteriosus intima
bulbus arteriosus middle layer bulbus arteriosus media
bulbus arteriosus outer layer bulbus arteriosus externa
CaD caudal dorsal interneuron
Cajal-Retzius cell Cajal-Retzius cells
calcitonin secreting cell calcitonin secreting cells
CaP motoneuron CAP motoneurons,caudal primary motoneuron
capillary loop nephron
cardiac conduction system cardiac pacemaker,central conduction system
cardiac jelly
cardiac mesenchymal cell cardiac mesenchymal cells
cardiac muscle
cardiac muscle cell cardiac muscle cells,cardiac myocyte,cardiomyocyte
cardiac muscle myoblast cardioblast
cardiac neural crest
cardiac ventricle ventricle
cardinal system
cardiovascular system
carotid artery
carotid artery canal
cartilage element cartilages
cartilage tissue
cartilaginous joint synchondrosis
cartilaginous projection
caudal artery CA
caudal commissure PC,posterior commissure
caudal division of the internal carotid artery CaDI,posterior cerebral carotid artery,posterior rami of the cerebral carotid artery
caudal fin tail,tail fin
caudal fin actinotrichium caudal fin actinotrichia
caudal fin blood vessel
caudal fin dorsal procurrent ray dorsal procurrent caudal-fin ray
caudal fin fat tail fin fat
caudal fin lepidotrichium caudal fin lepidotrichia,caudal fin ray
caudal fin lower lobe caudal fin ventral lobe
caudal fin lymph vessel
caudal fin musculature
caudal fin principal ray caudal principal lepidotrichium,caudal principal ray
caudal fin principal ray 1 caudal principal lepidotrichium 1,caudal principal ray 1
caudal fin principal ray 10 caudal principal lepidotrichium 10,caudal principal ray 10
caudal fin principal ray 11 caudal principal lepidotrichium 11,caudal principal ray 11
caudal fin principal ray 12 caudal principal lepidotrichium 12,caudal principal ray 12
caudal fin principal ray 13 caudal principal lepidotrichium 13,caudal principal ray 13
caudal fin principal ray 14 caudal principal lepidotrichium 14,caudal principal ray 14
caudal fin principal ray 15 caudal principal lepidotrichium 15,caudal principal ray 15
caudal fin principal ray 16 caudal principal lepidotrichium 16,caudal principal ray 16
caudal fin principal ray 17 caudal principal lepidotrichium 17,caudal principal ray 17
caudal fin principal ray 18 caudal principal lepidotrichium 18,caudal principal ray 18
caudal fin principal ray 19 caudal principal lepidotrichium 19,caudal principal ray 19
caudal fin principal ray 2 caudal principal lepidotrichium 2,caudal principal ray 2
caudal fin principal ray 3 caudal principal lepidotrichium 3,caudal principal ray 3
caudal fin principal ray 4 caudal principal lepidotrichium 4,caudal principal ray 4
caudal fin principal ray 5 caudal principal lepidotrichium 5,caudal principal ray 5
caudal fin principal ray 6 caudal principal lepidotrichium 6,caudal principal ray 6
caudal fin principal ray 7 caudal principal lepidotrichium 7,caudal principal ray 7
caudal fin principal ray 8 caudal principal lepidotrichium 8,caudal principal ray 8
caudal fin principal ray 9 caudal principal lepidotrichium 9,caudal principal ray 9
caudal fin procurrent ray caudal procurrent lepidotrichium,caudal procurrent ray
caudal fin skeleton
caudal fin upper lobe caudal fin dorsal lobe
caudal fin vasculature
caudal fin ventral procurrent ray ventral procurrent ray
caudal hematopoietic tissue
caudal hypothalamic zone hypothalamus pars tuberalis,tuberal hypothalamus
caudal levator caudal levators
caudal mesencephalo-cerebellar tract posterior mesencephalo-cerebellar tract
caudal motor nucleus nVIc,nucleus nervi abducentis, pars caudalis
caudal oblique caudal obliques
caudal octaval nerve motor nucleus CEN,RELL,caudal efferent nuclei,rostral cranial nerve VIII motor nucleus
caudal octaval nucleus caudal octaval nuclei
caudal octavolateralis nucleus nucleus octavolateralis caudalis
caudal parvocellular preoptic nucleus caudal parvocellular preoptic nuclei,posterior parvocellular preoptic nucleus
caudal peduncle
caudal periventricular hypothalamus caudal zone of periventricular hypothalamus,nucleus periventricularis hypothalami, zona caudalis
caudal preglomerular nucleus nucleus praeglomerulosus caudalis
caudal pretectal nucleus caudal pretectal nuclei,posterior pretectal nucleus
caudal root of abducens nerve radix caudalis nervi abducentis
caudal thalamic nucleus posterior thalamic nucleus
caudal tuberal nucleus posterior tuberal nucleus
caudal tuberculum posterior tubercle,posterior tuberculum
caudal vein CV
caudal vein plexus
caudal vertebra caudal vertebrae
caudal zone of dorsal telencephalon Dp,area dorsalis telencephali, zona posterior,caudal zone of D,posterior zone of dorsal telencephalic area
CaV caudal ventral interneuron
cavitated compound organ cavitated compound organs
celiacomesenteric artery coeliac-mesenteric artery
cell cells
cementoblast cementoblasts
cementocyte cementocytes
central artery CtA
central canal canalis centralis,neural lumen
central cardiac conduction system
central caudal thalamic nucleus central posterior thalamic nucleus,nucleus centralis posterior thalami
central chamber of the maxillary blood sinus
central nervous system cns
central nucleus inferior lobe central nucleus inferior lobes,central nucleus of the inferior lobe,nucleus centralis lobi inferioris hypothalami
central nucleus of ventral telencephalon area ventralis telencephali, nucleus centralis
central nucleus torus semicircularis central nucleus of semicircular torus,nucleus centralis tori semicircularis
central pretectal nucleus nucleus praetectalis centralis
central pretectum
central ray artery central ray arteries
central vein
central zone of dorsal telencephalon Dc,area dorsalis telencephali, zona centralis,central zone of D
central zone of the optic tectum
central zone olfactory bulb
central zone protoglomerulus
central zone protoglomerulus 1 CZ1
central zone protoglomerulus 2 CZ2
central zone protoglomerulus 3 CZ3
central zone protoglomerulus 4 CZ4
central zone protoglomerulus 5 CZ5
centrum autocentrum
cephalic flexure ventral flexure
cephalic mesoderm
cephalic musculature head muscles
ceratobranchial 1 bone
ceratobranchial 1 cartilage
ceratobranchial 2 bone
ceratobranchial 2 cartilage
ceratobranchial 3 bone
ceratobranchial 3 cartilage
ceratobranchial 4 bone
ceratobranchial 4 cartilage
ceratobranchial 5 bone
ceratobranchial 5 cartilage
ceratobranchial 5 ligament
ceratobranchial 5 primary tooth
ceratobranchial 5 replacement tooth
ceratobranchial 5 tooth pharyngeal tooth,teeth,tooth
ceratobranchial bone ceratobranchial bones
ceratobranchial cartilage ceratobranchial cartilages
ceratohyal bone anterior ceratohyal,ceratohyal anterior,rostral ceratohyal
ceratohyal cartilage
ceratohyal-branchiostegal ray joint
ceratohyal-dorsal hypohyal joint
ceratohyal-interhyal joint
ceratohyal-ventral hypohyal joint
cerebellar central artery CCtA
cerebellar crest crista cerebellaris molecular layer
cerebellar granule cell
cerebellar plate
cerebellar plate ventral proliferative layer
cerebellar white matter cerebellar tracts/commissures
cerebellovestibular tract caudal cerebellar tract,caudal cerebellar tracts,cerebellovestibular tracts
cerebral spinal fluid CSF
cerebrospinal fluid secreting cell cerebrospinal fluid secreting cells
chemoreceptor cell chemoreceptor cells
cholangiocyte bile duct cells,epithelial cell of bile duct
cholinergic neuron cholinergic neurons
chondral bone
chondroblast chondroblasts
chondrocranium ZFA:0000377,chondocranium,neurocranium
chondrocranium cartilage neurocranium cartilage
chondrocyte chondrocytes
chordo neural hinge
choroid plexus
choroid plexus epithelial cell choroid plexus epithelial cells
choroid plexus fourth ventricle
choroid plexus tectal ventricle choroid plexus tectal ventricles
choroid plexus telencephalic ventricle
choroid plexus third ventricle diencephalic choroid plexus
choroid plexus vascular circuit CVC,choroid vascular circuit
choroidal cell of the eye choroidal cells
choroidal fissure choroidal fissures
chromaffin cell phaeochromocyte
CiA V1 interneuron,circumferential ascending interneuron
CiD V2a interneuron,circumferential descending interneuron,commissural descending interneurons
ciliary marginal zone CMZ,circumferential germinal zone,peripheral growth zone,retinal ciliary marginal zone,retinal proliferative zone
ciliary zone ciliary bodies,ciliary body,ciliary epithelial zone
ciliated cell ciliated cells
ciliated epithelial cell ciliated epithelial cells
ciliated olfactory receptor neuron ciliated olfactory sensory neuron,ciliated sensory neuron
circulating cell circulating cells
circulus circuli
claustrum bone
claustrum cartilage
cleft cell
cleithrum cleithra
cleithrum-vertebral ligament Baudelot's ligament
climbing fiber climbing fibers
cloacal chamber cloaca lumen
cloacal epithelium
CNS interneuron CNS interneurons
CNS long range interneuron CNS long range interneurons
CNS neuron (sensu Vertebrata) CNS neurons (sensu Vertebrata)
CNS short range interneuron CNS short range interneurons
CoB bifurcate commissural interneuron
CoBL commissural bifurcating longitudinal
coelom body cavity
CoLA commissural longitudinal ascending interneuron
collagen secreting cell collagen secreting cells
collagenous dermal stroma primary dermal stroma
collecting duct
columnar chondrocyte columnar chondrocytes
columnar/cuboidal epithelial cell columnar/cuboidal epithelial cells
comma-shaped body
commissura cerebelli cerebellar commissure
commissura rostral, pars dorsalis commissura anterior, pars dorsalis
commissura rostral, pars ventralis commissura anterior, pars ventralis
commissure infima of Haller commissura infima Halleri,commissura infima of Haller
commissure of the caudal tuberculum CPT,Ctub,commissura tuberculi posterioris,commissure of the posterior tuberculum
commissure of the secondary gustatory nucleus commissura nucleorum gustatoriorum secundariorum,commissure of the secondary gustatory nuclei
commissure of the tract of the commissure of the caudal tuberculum Commissure of the TCPT
common bile duct
common cardinal vein duct of Cuvier
common crus
common lymphoid progenitor CLP,ELP,committed lymphopoietic stem cell,early lymphocyte progenitor,lymphoid stem cell,lymphopoietic stem cell
common myeloid progenitor CMP,colony forming unit granulocyte, erythrocyte, macrophage, and megakaryocyte,multipotential myeloid stem cell,myeloid stem cell,pluripotent stem cell (bone marrow)
communicating vessel palatocerebral artery CMV,communicating vessels
compact layer of ventricle
compound organ organ
compound organ component compound organ components
concurrent branch afferent branchial artery CCB
cone retinal bipolar cell cone retinal bipolar cells
connective tissue cell
constrictor dorsalis constrictors dorsalis
continuous blood vessel endothelium
CoPA primary commissural interneuron
copula copulae
copula 1 anterior copula
copula 2 posterior copula
coracoid coracoids,scapulocoracoid
coracoid foramen
cornea corneas
corneal endothelial cell corneal endothelial cells
corneal endothelium
corneal epithelial cell corneal epithelial cells
corneal epithelium
corneal primordium
corneal stroma
corneo-scleral junction
coronary artery coronary vessel
coronary capillary
coronary vein
coronoid process coronoid process of Meckel's cartilage
coronomeckelian coronoid,sesamoid articular
corpus cerebelli cerebellar corpus,corpus cerebelli granular layer,corpus cerebellum
corpus mamillare mammillary body
corpuscles of Stannius
CoSA secondary commissural interneuron
cranial blood vessel
cranial cartilage cranial cartilages
cranial division of the internal carotid artery CrDI,anterior cerebral carotid artery,anterior rami of the cerebral carotid artery,rostral division of the internal carotid artery
cranial fat
cranial ganglion cranial ganglia,presumptive cranial ganglia
cranial lymph vessel
cranial motor neuron cranial motoneuron
cranial nerve cranial nerves
cranial nerve I CN-I,olfactory nerve
cranial nerve II CN-II,optic,optic nerve
cranial nerve III CN-III,occulomotor,oculomotor nerve
cranial nerve IV CN-IV,trochlear,trochlear nerve
cranial nerve IX CN-IX,glossopharyngeal nerve,nervus glossopharyngeus
cranial nerve root
cranial nerve V CN-V,trigeminal nerve
cranial nerve VI CN-VI,abducens nerve,nervus abducens
cranial nerve VII CN-VII,facial nerve,nervus facialis
cranial nerve VIII CN-VIII,auditory nerve,octaval nerve,statoacoustic nerve
cranial nerve X CN-X,vagal nerve,vagus nerve
cranial neural crest
cranial neural crest cell cranial neural crest cells
cranial vasculature head vasculature
cranial vault calva,calvaria,calvarium,skullcap
cranium cranial skeleton
crossed tecto-bulbar tract tractus tectobulbaris cruciatus
crypt neuron olfactory support cell
crypt olfactory receptor neuron crypt cell,crypt olfactory sensory neuron,crypt sensory neuron
cyanophore blue chromatophore
cystic duct
D cell D cells
decussation of medial funicular nucleus
decussation of the medial octavolateralis nucleus
deep blastomere deep blastomeres
deep caudal fin musculature
deep lateral dorsal muscle LPD,lateralis profundus dorsalis
deep lateral ventral muscle LPV,lateralis profundus ventralis
deep white zone deep white zones
DEL DEL cells,deep cell layer
dendritic cell interdigitating cell,veiled cell
dental epithelium dental epithelia
dental mesenchyme
dental organ enamel organ
dental papilla pharyngeal tooth mesenchyme,tooth mesenchyme
dental papilla cell dental papilla cells
dentary dentary bone
dentary foramen
dentary-anguloarticular joint
dentine dentin
depressor muscle
dermal bone dermal bones
dermal deep region stratum compactum
dermal superficial region stratum laxum
dermatocranium dermal bone cranium
dermomyotome dermomyotomes
Descemet's membrane posterior limiting membrane
descending octaval nucleus nucleus octavus descendens
descending trigeminal root radix descendens nervi trigemini
developing mesonephric distal tubule
developing mesonephric nephron
developing mesonephric proximal tubule
dG1 dorsal glomerulus 1
diencephalic efferent neurons to the lateral line DELL neuron
diencephalic nucleus
diencephalic white matter diencephalic tract/commissure
diffuse nucleus inferior lobe DIL,diffuse nuclei
digestive enzyme secreting cell digestive enzyme secreting cells
digestive system
digestive system duct
dilatator operculi dilatator opercula,dilator opercula,dilators operculi
distal bulb of the maxillary blood sinus
distal early tubule distal early tubules
distal epidermal cap distal epidermal caps
distal late tubule
dlG1 dorsolateral glomerulus 1
dlG2 dorsolateral glomerulus 2
dlG3 dorsolateral glomerulus 3
dlG4 dorsolateral glomerulus 4
dlG5 dorsolateral glomerulus 5
DoLA dorsal longitudinal interneuron
dopaminergic neuron dopaminergic neurons
dorsal accessory optic nucleus nucleus opticus accessorius dorsalis
dorsal actinotrichium dorsal actinotrichia
dorsal anterior lateral line ganglion anterodorsal lateral line ganglion
dorsal anterior lateral line nerve anterodorsal lateral line nerve,dorsal anterior lateral line nerves
dorsal aorta DA,dorsal aortic root
dorsal arrector arrector dorsalis,dorsal arrectors
dorsal axial hypoblast
dorsal branch nasal ciliary artery dorsal branch nasal ciliary arteries
dorsal caudal thalamic nucleus dorsal posterior thalamic nucleus,nucleus dorsalis posterior thalami
dorsal ciliary vein DCV
dorsal depressor depressor dorsalis,dorsal depressors
dorsal entopeduncular nucleus of ventral telencephalon ENd,endopeduncular nucleus, dorsal part,entopeduncular nucleus, dorsal part,nucleus entopeduncularis, pars dorsalis
dorsal erector dorsal erectors,erector dorsalis
dorsal fin
dorsal fin distal radial dorsal fin distal radials
dorsal fin distal radial 1
dorsal fin distal radial 2
dorsal fin distal radial 3
dorsal fin distal radial 4
dorsal fin distal radial 5
dorsal fin distal radial 6
dorsal fin distal radial 7
dorsal fin distal radial 8
dorsal fin fold
dorsal fin lepidotrichium dorsal fin lepidotrichia,dorsal fin ray
dorsal fin lepidotrichium 1 dorsal fin ray 1
dorsal fin lepidotrichium 2 dorsal fin ray 2
dorsal fin lepidotrichium 3 dorsal fin ray 3
dorsal fin lepidotrichium 4 dorsal fin ray 4
dorsal fin lepidotrichium 5 dorsal fin ray 5
dorsal fin lepidotrichium 6 dorsal fin ray 6
dorsal fin lepidotrichium 7 dorsal fin ray 7
dorsal fin musculature
dorsal fin protractor protractor dorsalis
dorsal fin proximal radial dorsal fin proximal radials
dorsal fin proximal radial 1
dorsal fin proximal radial 2
dorsal fin proximal radial 3
dorsal fin proximal radial 4
dorsal fin proximal radial 5
dorsal fin proximal radial 6
dorsal fin proximal radial 7
dorsal fin proximal radial 8
dorsal fin pterygiophore dorsal fin support
dorsal fin pterygiophore 1 dorsal fin radial 1
dorsal fin pterygiophore 2 dorsal fin radial 2
dorsal fin pterygiophore 3 dorsal fin radial 3
dorsal fin pterygiophore 4 dorsal fin radial 4
dorsal fin pterygiophore 5 dorsal fin radial 5
dorsal fin pterygiophore 6 dorsal fin radial 6
dorsal fin pterygiophore 7 dorsal fin radial 7
dorsal fin pterygiophore 8 dorsal fin radial 8
dorsal fin radial dorsal fin pterygiophore,dorsal fin radials
dorsal fin retractor retractor dorsalis
dorsal fin skeleton
dorsal funiculus funiculus dorsalis
dorsal habenular nucleus dorsal habenular nuclei,dorsal nuclei
dorsal horn spinal cord cornu dorsale,dorsal horn
dorsal hyoid arch dorsal visceral arch 2
dorsal hypohyal bone dorsal hypohyals
dorsal hypohyal-urohyal joint
dorsal hypohyal-ventral hypohyal joint
dorsal hypothalamic zone
dorsal inclinator dorsal inclinators,inclinator dorsalis
dorsal interfilamental caudal muscle ICD,interfilamenti caudalis dorsalis
dorsal larval melanophore stripe
dorsal lateral line dorsal lateral lines
dorsal lateral line neuromast neuromast dorsal
dorsal longitudinal anastomotic vessel DLAV
dorsal longitudinal fasciculus DLF
dorsal longitudinal lymphatic vessel dllv
dorsal longitudinal vein DLV
dorsal mesentery
dorsal motor nucleus trigeminal nerve
dorsal motor root of V dorsal motor roots of V
dorsal nucleus of ventral telencephalon Vd,area ventralis telencephali, nucleus dorsalis,dorsal division of ventral telencephalic area,dorsal nucleus of V
dorsal oblique branchial muscle dorsal oblique branchial muscles
dorsal oblique extraocular muscle dorsal oblique extraocular muscles,superior oblique muscle
dorsal pelvic arrector arrector dorsalis pelvicus,dorsal pelvic arrectors
dorsal periventricular hypothalamus
dorsal proneural cluster
dorsal rectus dorsal recti,superior rectus
dorsal retractor dorsal retractors
dorsal root radix dorsalis
dorsal root ganglion DRG,dorsal root ganglia
dorsal spinal nerve dorsal nerve
dorsal tegmental nucleus DTN,nucleus tegmentalis dorsalis
dorsal telencephalon ZFA:0007007,area dorsalis telencephali,dorsal telencephalic area,pallium
dorsal thalamus thalamus,thalamus, pars dorsalis
dorsal tooth row dorsal tooth rows
dorsal transverse
dorsal zone of dorsal telencephalon Dd,area dorsalis telencephali, zona dorsalis,dorsal zone of D,dorsal zone of dorsal telencephalic area
dorsal zone olfactory bulb
dorso-rostral cluster dorsal rostral cluster,dorsorostral cluster,drc
dorsolateral field dorsolateral fields
dorsolateral motor nucleus of vagal nerve dlX
dorsolateral placode dorsolateral placodes
dorsolateral septum dorsal bar
dorsolateral zone olfactory bulb
dorsomedial optic tract tractus opticus dorsomedialis
dorsoventral diencephalic tract DVDT
duct epithelial cell
ductus communicans
early embryonic cell early embryonic cells
ecto-epithelial cell
ectodermal cell ectoderm cell
ectopterygoid ectopterygoids
ectopterygoid-entopterygoid joint ectopterygoid-entopterygoid synostosis
ectopterygoid-quadrate joint ectopterygoid-quadrate synostosis
efferent branchial artery EBA
efferent filamental artery EFA
efferent glomerular arteriole
efferent lamellar arteriole ELA,efferent lamellar arterioles
efferent neuron output neuron
electrically active cell electrically active cells
electrically responsive cell electrically responsive cells
electrically signaling cell electrically signaling cells
embryonic blood vessel endothelial progenitor cell
embryonic cell
embryonic structure embryonic structures
enameloid enamel
endo-epithelial cell
endocardial cushion endocardial cushions
endocardial precursor
endocardial ring
endochondral bone endochondral bones
endochondral element
endocrine cell endocrine cells
endocrine pancreas pancreatic islet,tail pancreas
endocrine system
endodermal cell endoderm cell
endohypothalamic tract
endolymphatic duct
endolymphatic sac
endorphin secreting cell endorphin secreting cells
endothelial cell endothelial cells
endothelial tip cell endothelial tip cells
enkephalin secreting cell enkephalin secreting cells
enteric circular muscle
enteric longitudinal muscle
enteric musculature gut musculature,tunica muscularis
enteric nervous system
enteric neuron
enterocyte enterocytes
enteroendocrine cell enteroendocrine cells
entopterygoid endopterygoid,mesopterygoid
entopterygoid-metapterygoid joint entopterygoid-metapterygoid synostosis
epaxial myotome region epaxial myotome regions
epaxial region somite 1
epaxial region somite 10
epaxial region somite 11
epaxial region somite 12
epaxial region somite 13
epaxial region somite 14
epaxial region somite 15
epaxial region somite 16
epaxial region somite 17
epaxial region somite 18
epaxial region somite 19
epaxial region somite 2
epaxial region somite 20
epaxial region somite 21
epaxial region somite 22
epaxial region somite 23
epaxial region somite 24
epaxial region somite 25
epaxial region somite 26
epaxial region somite 27
epaxial region somite 28
epaxial region somite 29
epaxial region somite 3
epaxial region somite 30
epaxial region somite 4
epaxial region somite 5
epaxial region somite 6
epaxial region somite 7
epaxial region somite 8
epaxial region somite 9
ependymal cell ependymocyte
ependymoglial cell ependymoglial cells
epibranchial 1 bone
epibranchial 1 cartilage
epibranchial 2 bone
epibranchial 2 cartilage
epibranchial 3 bone infrapharyngobranchial 3
epibranchial 3 cartilage
epibranchial 4 bone
epibranchial 4 cartilage
epibranchial 5 interbranchial IV
epibranchial bone epibranchial bones
epibranchial cartilage epibranchial cartilages
epibranchial field epibranchial fields
epibranchial ganglion epibranchial ganglia
epibranchial placode epibranchial placodes
epibranchial uncinate process epibranchial uncinate processes
epidermal basal stratum basal epidermal layer
epidermal cell epidermal cells
epidermal intermediate stratum
epidermal placode
epidermal superficial stratum
epihyal caudal ceratohyal,posterior ceratohyal
epihyal-branchiostegal ray joint
epihyal-ceratohyal joint
epinephrin secreting cell epinephrin secreting cells
epineural epineurals
epiotic ZFA:0000659,epioccipital
epiotic-parietal joint epioccipital-parietal
epiotic-posttemporal joint epioccipital-posttemporal joint
epiphyseal bar
epiphyseal cluster ec
epiphyseal stalk pineal stalk
epiphysis corpus pineale,pineal gland,pineal organ
epipleural epipleurals
epithelial cell epithelial cells
epithelial cell of esophagus
epithelial cell of pancreas epithelial cells of pancreas
epithelial mesenchymal boundary epithelial mesenchymal boundarys
erector muscle
erythroblast normoblast
erythroid lineage cell erythroid lineage cells
erythroid progenitor cell BFU-E,CFU-E,blast forming unit erythroid,burst forming unit erythroid,colony forming unit erythroid,erythroid stem cell
erythrophore erythrophores
esophageal epithelium
esophageal fat
esophageal sphincter oesophagial sphincter
esophageal striated muscle
esophagus oesophagus
estradiol secreting cell estradiol secreting cells
ethmoid cartilage ethmoid plate
eurydendroid cell eurydendroid cells
EVL enveloping layer
exoccipital exoccipitals
exoccipital posteroventral region exoccipitals posteroventral regions
exocrine cell exocrine cells
exocrine pancreas head pancreas,rostral pancreas
extension yolk extension
external cellular layer stratum cellulare externum bulbi olfactorii
external lateral dorsal muscle LSD,lateralis superficialis dorsalis
external lateral ventral muscle LSV,external ventral flexor,lateralis superficialis ventralis
external levatores external levators
external pharyngoclavicularis external pharyngoclavicularae
external yolk syncytial layer E-YSL
extracellular lipid lamellae
extracellular matrix secreting cell extracellular matrix secreting cells
extraembryonic cell extraembryonic cells
extraembryonic structure extraembryonic structures
extrahepatic duct
extramedullary cell extramedullary cells
extraocular musculature ocular musculature
extrapancreatic duct
extrascapula ZFA:0001413,supratemporal,tabular
eye eyes
eye photoreceptor cell eye photoreceptor cells
facial ganglion gVII,geniculate ganglion
facial lobe LVII,lobus facialis,tuberculum impar of Herrick
facial lymphatic network facial lymphatics
facial lymphatic sprout FLS
facial lymphatic vessel FL
facial nerve motor nucleus facial motor nucleus,motor nucleus VII,nVII,nucleus motorius nervi facialis
facial placode geniculate placode
facio-acoustic neural crest facio acoustic neural crest
fasciculus retroflexus fasciculus retroflexi,habenulo-interpeduncular tract,habenulointerpeduncular tract,tractus habenulo-interpeduncularis
fast muscle cell ZFA:0001088,white muscle cell
fast muscle cell somite 1 fast muscle cells somite 1
fast muscle cell somite 10 fast muscle cells somite 10
fast muscle cell somite 11 fast muscle cells somite 11
fast muscle cell somite 12 fast muscle cells somite 12
fast muscle cell somite 13 fast muscle cells somite 13
fast muscle cell somite 14 fast muscle cells somite 14
fast muscle cell somite 15 fast muscle cells somite 15
fast muscle cell somite 16 fast muscle cells somite 16
fast muscle cell somite 17 fast muscle cells somite 17
fast muscle cell somite 18 fast muscle cells somite 18
fast muscle cell somite 19 fast muscle cells somite 19
fast muscle cell somite 2 fast muscle cells somite 2
fast muscle cell somite 20 fast muscle cells somite 20
fast muscle cell somite 21 fast muscle cells somite 21
fast muscle cell somite 22 fast muscle cells somite 22
fast muscle cell somite 23 fast muscle cells somite 23
fast muscle cell somite 24 fast muscle cells somite 24
fast muscle cell somite 25 fast muscle cells somite 25
fast muscle cell somite 26 fast muscle cells somite 26
fast muscle cell somite 27 fast muscle cells somite 27
fast muscle cell somite 28 fast muscle cells somite 28
fast muscle cell somite 29 fast muscle cells somite 29
fast muscle cell somite 3 fast muscle cells somite 3
fast muscle cell somite 30 fast muscle cells somite 30
fast muscle cell somite 4 fast muscle cells somite 4
fast muscle cell somite 5 fast muscle cells somite 5
fast muscle cell somite 6 fast muscle cells somite 6
fast muscle cell somite 7 fast muscle cells somite 7
fast muscle cell somite 8 fast muscle cells somite 8
fast muscle cell somite 9 fast muscle cells somite 9
fast muscle myoblast fast muscle myoblasts
fat cell ZFA:0009208,adipocyte,lipocyte,lipocytes
female organism
fenestrated blood vessel endothelium
fenestrated cell window cell
fibroblast fibroblasts
fibrous joint syndesmoses,syndesmosis
filamental artery filamental arteries
fin fins
fin blood vessel
fin bud fin buds
fin fold actinotrichium fin fold actinotrichia,median fin fold actinotrichium
fin lymph vessel
fin musculature
fin vasculature
flexor muscle
flexural organ
floor plate floorplate,fp
floor plate diencephalic region floorplate diencephalon
floor plate midbrain region
floor plate neural rod floorplate neural rod
floor plate neural tube
floor plate rhombomere 1 floor plate r1
floor plate rhombomere 2 floor plate r2,floorplate r2
floor plate rhombomere 3 floor plate r3,floorplate r3
floor plate rhombomere 4 floor plate r4,floorplate r4
floor plate rhombomere 5 floor plate r5,floorplate r5
floor plate rhombomere 6 floor plate r6,floorplate r6
floor plate rhombomere 7 floor plate r7,floorplate r7
floor plate rhombomere 8 floor plate r8,floorplate r8
floor plate rhombomere region floor plate hindbrain region
floor plate spinal cord region floorplate spinal cord
floor plate telencephalic region floorplate telencephalon
follicle stimulating hormone secreting cell delta basophil,gonadotrope,gonadotroph
folliculostellate cell folliculostellate cells
foramen foramina
foramen magnum
forebrain prosencephalon
forebrain midbrain boundary diencephalic-mesencephalic boundary
forebrain midbrain boundary neural keel diencephalic-mesencephalic boundary neural keel
forebrain midbrain boundary neural plate diencephalic-mesencephalic boundary neural plate
forebrain midbrain boundary neural rod diencephalic-mesencephalic boundary neural rod
forebrain midbrain boundary neural tube diencephalic-mesencephalic boundary neural tube
forebrain neural keel
forebrain neural plate
forebrain neural rod
forebrain neural tube
forebrain ventricle forebrain vesicle,prosencephalic ventricle
forerunner cell group DFCs,dorsal forerunner cells,forerunner cells
fourth ventricle 4th ventricle,hindbrain ventricle,rhombencephalic ventricle,rhombencephalic vesicle,ventricle IV,ventriculus rhombencephali
frontal bone
frontal-parietal joint coronal suture
frontal-pterotic joint
GABAergic neuron GABAergic neurons
GAG secreting cell hyaluronic acid secreting cell
gall bladder
gamete gametes
gamma-delta intraepithelial T cell IEL,gamma-delta intraepithelial T lymphocyte,gamma-delta intraepithelial T-cell,gamma-delta intraepithelial T-lymphocyte,intraepithelial lymphocyte
gamma-delta T cell gamma-delta T lymphocyte,gamma-delta T-cell,gamma-delta T-lymphocyte
ganglion ganglia
gastrula cell gastrula cells
germ line cell germ line cells
germ ring
ghrelin secreting cell
gigantocellular part of magnocellular preoptic nucleus nucleus praeopticus magnocellularis, pars gigantocellularis
gill gills
gill filament gill filaments
gill ionocyte
gill lamella gill lamellae
gill opening
gill raker gill rakers
gill ray
glial cell ZFA:0000025,neuroglia
glial cell (sensu Vertebrata) glial cells (sensu Vertebrata)
glioblast glioblasts
glioblast (sensu Vertebrata) glioblasts (sensu Vertebrata)
glomerular basement membrane glomerular filtration membrane
glomerular capillary
glomerular layer stratum glomerulosum bulbi olfactorii
glossopharyngeal foramen
glossopharyngeal ganglion gIX,petrosal ganglion
glossopharyngeal lobe lobus glossopharyngei
glossopharyngeal neural crest
glossopharyngeal placode petrosal placode
glucagon secreting cell glucagon secreting cells
glucocorticoid secreting cell glucocorticoid secreting cells
glutamatergic neuron glutamatergic neurons
glycinergic neuron
goblet cell chalice cell
gold iridophore
Golgi cell Golgi cells
gonad gonads,mature gonad
gonad primordium gonadal primordium,undifferentiated gonad
granular eminence EG,ZFA:0000187,eminentia granularis,lateral granular eminence
granular layer corpus cerebelli
granular layer valvula cerebelli
granule cell granule cells
granulocyte granulocytes
granulocyte monocyte progenitor cell CFU-C , Colony forming unit in culture,GMP,colony forming unit granulocyte macrophage,granulocyte-macrophage progenitor
granulosa cell granulosa cells
granulosa cell layer granulosa cell layers
green sensitive photoreceptor cell green sensitive photoreceptor cells
grey matter gray mater,gray matter
griseum centrale central gray,central grey
griseum tectale tectal grey
gustatory system
gut alimentary canal,enteric tract,gut tube
gut absorptive cell gut absorptive cells
gut endothelial cell gut endothelial cells
gut epithelium
habenula habenulae,habenular nucleus
habenular commissure commissura habenularum
hair cell hair cells
hair cell anterior macula sensory hair cells anterior macula
hair cell posterior macula sensory hair cells posterior macula
hatching gland hgg
hatching gland cell hatching gland cells
head kidney anterior kidney,kidney marrow
head mesenchyme
head muscle cephalic muscle,cranial muscle
head sensory canal system
heart primordium cardiac field,heart primordia
heart rudiment heart cone,rudimentary heart
heart tube
heart valve heart valves
heart vasculature
hemal arch haemal arch,ventral arcocentrum
hemal postzygapophysis haemal postzygapophysis,hemal postzygapophyses,hemal postzygopophysis
hemal prezygapophysis ZFA:0001380,haemal prezygapophysis,hemal prezygopophysis
hemal spine haemal spine
hematopoietic cell haematopoietic cell,haemopoietic cell,hemopoietic cell
hematopoietic multipotent progenitor cell hemopoietic progenitor cell
hematopoietic stem cell HSC,colony forming unit hematopoietic,hematopoietic progenitor cell,hemopoietic progenitor cell,hemopoietic stem cell
hematopoietic system
hepatic artery
hepatic duct
hepatic portal vein HPV,primary hepatic portal vein
hepatic sinusoid hepatic sinusoids
hepatic vein hepatic veins
hepatocyte hepatocytes
hepatopancreatic ampulla ampulla of Vater,papilla Vateri,papilla duodeni major
hindbrain rhombencephalon
hindbrain commissure
hindbrain interneuron
hindbrain neural keel
hindbrain neural plate
hindbrain neural rod
hindbrain neural tube
hindbrain nucleus
horizontal cell horizontal cells
horizontal commissure
horizontal myoseptum horizontal septum
hyaloid artery hyaloid arteries
hyaloid capillaries
hyaloid vein hyaloid veins
hyaloid vessel hyaloid vasculature,hyaloid vessels
hyohyoideus hyohyal
hyoid muscle hyoid muscles
hyoid neural crest
hyoideomandibular nerve
hyomandibula hyomandibular
hyomandibula-metapterygoid joint
hyomandibula-opercle joint
hyomandibula-pterotic joint
hyomandibular foramen facial foramen,facial nerve foramen,hyosymplectic foramen
hyomandibular-otic region joint hyomandibula-sphenotic-prootic joint
hyosymplectic cartilage hyomandibular cartilage
hypaxial myotome region hypaxial muscle
hypaxial region somite 1
hypaxial region somite 10
hypaxial region somite 11
hypaxial region somite 12
hypaxial region somite 13
hypaxial region somite 14
hypaxial region somite 15
hypaxial region somite 16
hypaxial region somite 17
hypaxial region somite 18
hypaxial region somite 19
hypaxial region somite 2
hypaxial region somite 20
hypaxial region somite 21
hypaxial region somite 22
hypaxial region somite 23
hypaxial region somite 24
hypaxial region somite 25
hypaxial region somite 26
hypaxial region somite 27
hypaxial region somite 28
hypaxial region somite 29
hypaxial region somite 3
hypaxial region somite 30
hypaxial region somite 4
hypaxial region somite 5
hypaxial region somite 6
hypaxial region somite 7
hypaxial region somite 8
hypaxial region somite 9
hypertrophic chondrocyte hypertrophic chondrocytes
hypoblast mesendoderm
hypobranchial 1 bone hypobranchial 1 bones
hypobranchial 1 cartilage hypobranchial 1 cartilages
hypobranchial 2 bone hypobranchial 2 bones
hypobranchial 2 cartilage hypobranchial 2 cartilages
hypobranchial 3 bone hypobranchial 3 bones
hypobranchial 3 cartilage hypobranchial 3 cartilages
hypobranchial 4 bone hypobranchial 4 bones
hypobranchial 4 cartilage hypobranchial 4 cartilages
hypobranchial artery HA
hypobranchial bone hypobranchial bones
hypobranchial cartilage hypobranchial cartilages
hypocretin-secreting neuron orexin secreting neuron
hypodermal cell hypodermal cells
hypodermis subcutis
hypohyal bone hypohyals
hypophyseal artery
hypophyseal capillary
hypophyseal fenestra hypophyseal fenestrae
hypophyseal vein
hypophysis pituitary
hypural hyp,hypuralia,hypurals
hypural 1
hypural 2
hypural 3
hypural 4
hypural 5
hypural muscle hypural muscles
hypurapophysis hypurapophyses,parhypurapophysis,parhypurapophysis process
immature anterior macula immature anterior maculae
immature B cell immature B lymphocyte,immature B-cell,immature B-lymphocyte,newly formed B Cell
immature eye
immature gamma-delta T cell immature gamma-delta T lymphocyte,immature gamma-delta T-cell,immature gamma-delta T-lymphocyte
immature gonad juvenile gonad,juvenile ovary
immature hair cell anterior macula immature sensory hair cells anterior macula
immature hair cell posterior macula immature sensory hair cells posterior macula
immature macula immature maculae,immature sensory patch,immature sensory patches
immature natural killer cell immature NK cell,p-NK
immature neutrophil immature neutrocyte,immature neutrophil leucocyte,immature neutrophil leukocyte,immature neutrophilic leucocyte
immature posterior macula immature posterior maculae
immature Schwann cell
immature thymic epithelium
immune system
inclinator muscle
inferior caudal dorsal flexor CDI,dorsal flexor,dorsal flexors,flexor caudalis dorsalis inferioris
inferior caudal ventral flexor CVI,flexor caudalis ventralis inferioris,inferior ventral flexor
inferior hyohyoid hyohyoideus inferior,inferior hyohyoids
inferior lobe inferior lobe of hypothalamus,inferior lobes,lateral lobe of hypothalamus,lobus inferior hypothalami
inferior olive
inferior raphe nucleus posterior raphe nucleus
inferior reticular formation
infraorbital ZFA:0000489
infraorbital 1 lachrymal bone,lacrimal,lacrymal bone
infraorbital 2
infraorbital 3
infraorbital 4
infraorbital 5 dermosphenotic
infraorbital lateral line infraorbital line
infraorbital lateral line neuromast neuromast infraorbital,neuromasts infraorbital
infraorbital sensory canal
infraorbital series circumorbital series
infundibulum hypophysial stalk,infundibulum of hypothalamus,pituitary stalk
inhibitory interneuron inhibitory interneurons
inner dental epithelium ide,inner enamel epithelium
inner ear ear,otic capsule,otocyst
inner ear foramen
inner limiting membrane ILM,inner limiting membranes
inner mental barbel
inner optic circle IOC
insulating cell insulating cells
insulin secreting cell insulin secreting cells
integument skin
integument ionocyte extrabranchial ionocyte,skin ionocyte
inter-basipterygium joint
inter-coracoid joint
inter-frontal joint interfrontal joint,interfrontal suture,metopic suture
inter-hypobranchial 3 joint
inter-parietal joint sagittal suture
inter-premaxillary joint
inter-ventral hypohyal joint
intercalar opisthotic
intercalarium articulating process articular process
intercalarium ascending process
intercalated duct pancreas
intercostal ligament
interhyal cartilage ZFA:0000218,interhyal bone,stylohyal
interhyal-epihyal joint
interhyal-hyosymplectic joint
interhyoideus interhyal,ventral interhyoidei,ventral interhyoideus
intermandibularis intermandibular muscle
intermediate cell mass of mesoderm ICM,intermediate cell mass of Oellacher,posterior intermediate cell mass
intermediate hypothalamus Hi
intermediate mesenchyme
intermediate mesoderm IM
intermediate nucleus
intermediate reticular formation intermediate reticular formations
intermediate thalamic nucleus intermediate thalamic nuclei
intermuscular bone intermuscular bones
internal carotid artery ICA,cranial carotid artery
internal cellular layer stratum cellulare internum bulbi olfactorii
internal gill bud internal gill buds
internal levator internal levators
internal pharyngoclavicularis internal pharyngoclavicularae
internal yolk syncytial layer I-YSL
interneuromast cell interneuromast cells
interneuron interneurons
interopercle interopercles
interopercular-mandibular ligament interoperculomandibular ligament
interossicular ligament
interpeduncular nucleus medulla oblongata
interpeduncular nucleus tegmentum
interradialis caudalis IC,interradiali,interradialis
interray vessel interray vessels
interrenal angiogenic sprout
interrenal gland
interrenal primordium
interrenal vessel IRV
intersegmental artery intersegmental arteries
intersegmental lymph vessel islv
intersegmental vein ISV
intersegmental vessel intersegmental vessels,intersomitic vessels,segmental vessel
intertectal commissure
intervening zone IZ
intervertebral ligament IVL
intervessel commissure intervessel comisures
intervillus pockets intestinal crypt
intestinal bulb anterior intestine,foregut,pseudogaster
intestinal bulb epithelium
intestinal bulb primordium
intestinal epithelial cell
intestinal epithelium intestine epithelium,villous epithelium
intestinal interlymphatic vessel
intestinal lamina propria mucosa
intestinal lymphatic network ,intestinal lymphatics
intestinal mucosa
intestinal mucosal muscle intestinal lamina muscularis mucosae
intestinal opening gut opening
intestinal rod endodermal rod,intestinal anlage
intestinal villus intestinal villi
intestine lumen gut lumen
intrahepatic bile duct
intrahepatic bile duct epithelial cell
intramembranous bone intramembranous bones
intrapancreatic duct
iridophore ZFA:0001090
iris irises
iris blood vessels
iris melanophore layer
iris stroma
isthmic primary nucleus isthmic primary nuclei,isthmic primary sensory trigeminal nucleus
ito cell hepatic stellate cell,perisinusoidal cell
jaw flap lateral projections lower jaw
jaw flap breeding tubercle
jaw row breeding tubercle
joint joints
jugular lymphatic vessel JL,JLV
juxtaglomerular cell kidney granular cell,renin secreting cell
kappe olfactory receptor neuron kappe neuron
keratin accumulating cell keratin accumulating cells
keratinocyte keratinocytes
kidney mesonephros
kidney blood vessel
kidney cell
kidney epithelial cell
kidney interstitial cell
kidney medulla cell
kidney vasculature
kinethmoid bone
kinethmoid cartilage
Kolmer-Agduhr neuron KA cell,KA interneuron,KA neuron,Kolmer-Agduhr cell
Kupffer's vesicle ciliated organ of asymmetry
labial cavity labial cavities
lacunocanalicular canal
lacunocanalicular system
lagena lagenas
lagenar capsule lagenar capsules
lamina densa
lamina orbitonasalis laminas orbitonasalis
lamina rara externa
lamina rara interna
lapillus ZFA:0001102,immature anterior otolith,utricular otolith,utriculith
larval melanophore stripe
lateral basicapsular commissure lateral basicranial commissure,lateral commissure
lateral column lateral columns
lateral crista ZFA:0000378,lateral crista ampullaris,lateral cristae,lateral semicircular canal sensory patch,lateral semicircular canal sensory patches,lc,medial crista
lateral crista primordium lateral crista primordia
lateral dorsal aorta LDA
lateral ethmoid lateral ethmoids
lateral ethmoid-autopalatine ligament
lateral ethmoid-ectopterygoid ligament
lateral ethmoid-frontal joint
lateral ethmoid-supraethmoid
lateral facial lymph vessel LFL,lateral facial lymphatic
lateral floor plate
lateral fontanel of frontal
lateral forebrain bundle fasciculus lateralis telencephali,lateral forebrain bundles
lateral forebrain bundle diencephalon lateral forebrain bundles diencephalon
lateral forebrain bundle telencephalon lateral forebrain bundles telencephalon
lateral funiculus lateral funiculi
lateral hypothalamic nucleus arcuate nucleus,lateral hypothalamic nuclei,lateral tuberal nucleus
lateral larval melanophore stripe
lateral lemniscus nucleus lateral lemniscus nuclei
lateral line lateral lines
lateral line ganglion lateral line ganglia,llg
lateral line nerve lateral line nerves
lateral line primordium lateral line primordia,llp
lateral line scale
lateral line sensory nucleus lateral line sensory nuclei
lateral line system ll
lateral longitudinal fasciculus LLF,ZFA:0000198,lateral lemniscus,lateral longitudinal fascicle,lateral longitundinal fasciculus
lateral mesenchyme derived from mesoderm
lateral mesoderm
lateral migration pathway mesenchyme
lateral nucleus of ventral telencephalon area ventralis telencephali, nucleus lateralis
lateral occipital foramen lateral occipital foramina
lateral olfactory tract tractus olfactorius lateralis
lateral plate mesoderm LPM,lateral plate
lateral preglomerular nucleus lateral preglomerular nuclei
lateral protoglomerulus lateral protoglomeruli
lateral protoglomerulus 1 LG1
lateral protoglomerulus 2 LG2
lateral protoglomerulus 3 LG3
lateral protoglomerulus 4 LG4
lateral recess lateral recess of diencephalic ventricle,lateral recesses,recessus lateralis
lateral rectus lateral recti,posterior rectus
lateral reticular nucleus lateral reticular nuclei
lateral semicircular canal ZFA:0000361,horizontal semicircular canal,lateral semicircular canals,lateral semicircular duct
lateral spinal nerve lateral nerve
lateral valvula cerebelli lateral division,valvula cerebelli, pars lateralis
lateral wall diencephalic region lateral wall diencephalon
lateral wall midbrain region lateral wall midbrain
lateral wall neural rod
lateral wall neural tube
lateral wall rhombomere 1
lateral wall rhombomere 2
lateral wall rhombomere 3
lateral wall rhombomere 4
lateral wall rhombomere 5
lateral wall rhombomere 6
lateral wall rhombomere 7
lateral wall rhombomere 8
lateral wall spinal cord
lateral wall telencephalic region lateral wall telencephalon
lateral zone of dorsal telencephalon Dl,area dorsalis telencephali, zona lateralis,lateral zone of D,lateral zone of dorsal telencephalic area
lateral zone olfactory bulb
left intestinal lymphatics
left liver lobe 1st lobe,first lobe
lens lenses
lens capsule
lens epithelium
lens fiber cell
lens placode lens placodes
lepidotrichium fin ray,lepidotrichia
lepidotrichium joint intra-ray joint
lepidotrichium segment
leptomeningeal cell leptomemingeal cell,leptomeningeal cells
leucophore leucophores
leukocyte immune cell,leucocyte,white blood cell
levator arcus palatini levators arcus palatini
levator operculi levator operculae
Leydig cell interstitial cell
lg1 glomerulus 1 of the lateral chain,lateral glomerulus 1
lG2 glomerulus 2 of the lateral chain,lateral glomerulus 2,lcG2
lG3 glomerulus 3 of the lateral chain,lateral glomerulus 3,lcG3
lG4 glomerulus 4 of the lateral chain,lateral glomerulus 4,lcG4
lg5 glomerulus 5 of the lateral chain,lateral glomerulus 5,lcG5
lg6 lateral glomerulus 6,lvpG
ligament cell ligament cells
lining cell boundary cell
lip lips
lip epithelium
liver and biliary system
locus coeruleus loci coeruleus
longitudinal hypochordal hypochordal longitudinalis
longitudinal lateral lymphatic vessel LLL
lower left intestinal lymph vessel LL-IL,lower left intestinal lymphatic
lower lip
lower oral valve breathing valve,buccal valve,lower internal lip,lower semilunar valve,mandibular valve
lower rhombic lip
lower right intestinal lymph vessel LR-IL
luteinizing hormone secreting cell delta basophila,gonadotrope,gonadotroph
lymph vasculature lymph vessel,lymph vessels
lymph vessel
lymph vessel endothelium
lymphangioblast cord parachordal lymphangioblast string
lymphangiogenic sprout
lymphatic branchial arch 1 LAA1
lymphatic branchial arch 2 LAA2
lymphatic branchial arch 3 LAA3
lymphatic branchial arch 4 LAA4
lymphatic capillary
lymphatic system
lymphocyte lymphocytes
lymphoid progenitor cell lymphoid progenitor cells
M cell M cells
macroglial cell macroglial cells
macrophage histiocyte
macula maculae,sensory macula,sensory patch
macula communis
macula lagena maculae lagena
macula neglecta maculae neglecta
macula saccule saccular macula
macula utricle maculae utricle
maG1 maG,medial anterior glomerulus 1
magnocellular octaval nucleus magnocellular octaval nuclei
magnocellular preoptic nucleus magnocellular preoptic nuclei
magnocellular superficial pretectal nucleus magnocellular superficial pretectal nuclei
maGx medial anterior glomeruli
main intrapancreatic duct
male organism
mandibular arch skeleton jaw,jaw cartilage,jaws,oral jaw skeleton,pharyngeal arch 1 skeleton
mandibular fat jaw fat deposit
mandibular lateral line mandibular lateral lines,mandibular line
mandibular lateral line neuromast neuromast mandibular,neuromasts mandibular
mandibular muscle mandibular muscles
mandibular neural crest
mandibular sensory canal
mandibular symphysis dentary symphysis,inter-mandibular joint
manubrium anterior branch of the intercalarium,anterior process of the intercalarium,horizontal process,manubrium incudus
marginal blastomere marginal blastomeres
mature B cell mature B lymphocyte,mature B-cell,mature B-lymphocyte
mature gamma-delta T cell mature gamma-delta T lymphocyte,mature gamma-delta T-cell,mature gamma-delta T-lymphocyte
mature natural killer cell LAK cell,lymphokine activated killer cell,mature NK cell
mature neutrophil PMN,mature neutrocyte,mature neutrophil leucocyte,mature neutrophil leukocyte,mature neutrophilic leucocyte,mature neutrophilic leukocyte,poly,polymorphonuclear leucocyte,polymorphonuclear leukocyte,polymorphonuclear neutrophil,polynuclear neutrophilic leucocyte,polynuclear neutrophilic leukocyte
Mauthner neuron ZFA:0000087,ZFA:0000613
maxilla maxillae
maxillary barbel ZMB
maxillary barbel blood sinus
maxillary barbel blood vessel ventral maxillary barbel blood vessel
maxillary barbel lymph vessel dorsal maxillary barbel lymph vessel
maxillary barbel proximal plexus
maxillary barbel vasculature
maxillo-mandibular ligament
maxillo-rostroid ligament
MCoD larval VeLD,multipolar commissural descending interneuron
mdG1 mdpG1,mediodorsal glomerulus 1,mediodorsal posterior glomerulus 1
mdG2 mdpG2,mediodorsal glomerulus 2,mediodorsal posterior glomerulus 2
mdG3 mediodorsal glomerulus 3
mdG4 mediodorsal glomerulus 4
mdG5 mediodorsal glomerulus 5
mdG6 mediodorsal glomerulus 6
mechanoreceptor cell mechanoreceptor cells
Meckel's cartilage ventral mandibular cartilage
Meckel's cartilage-palatoquadrate cartilage joint
medial caudal lobe caudal lobe of cerebellum,lobus caudalis cerebelli
medial column medial column of the reticular formation,medial columns
medial facial lymph vessel MFL,medial facial lymphatic
medial floor plate
medial forebrain bundle medial forebrain bundles
medial forebrain bundle diencephalon medial forebrain bundles diencephalon
medial forebrain bundle telencephalon medial forebrain bundles telencephalon
medial funicular nucleus medulla oblongata
medial funicular nucleus trigeminal nucleus medial funicular nucleus trigeminal nuclei
medial longitudinal catecholaminergic tract medial longitudinal CA tract,mlct
medial longitudinal fasciculus MLF
medial migration pathway mesenchyme
medial motor nucleus of vagal nerve mmX
medial octavolateralis nucleus MON,intermediate octavolateral nucleus,medial octavolateralis nuclei
medial olfactory tract tractus olfactorius medialis
medial preglomerular nucleus medial preglomerular nuclei
medial protoglomerulus
medial protoglomerulus 1 MG1
medial protoglomerulus 2 MG2
medial protoglomerulus 3 MG3
medial protoglomerulus 4 MG4
medial rectus medial recti
medial valvula cerebelli medial division,valvula cerebelli, pars medialis
medial zone of dorsal telencephalon Dm,area dorsalis telencephali, zona medialis,medial zone of D,medial zone of dorsal telencephalic area
medial zone olfactory bulb
median axial vein
median fin
median fin cartilage median fin cartilages
median fin fold median fin
median palatocerebral vein MPLV
median tuberal portion
mediodorsal tooth row mediodorsal tooth rows
mediodorsal zone of the olfactory bulb
medulla oblongata
megakaryocyte erythroid progenitor cell MEP,colony forming unit erythroid megakaryocyte
MeL mesencephalon lateral interneuron
melanoblast melanoblasts
melanocyte ZFA:0001091,melanophore
melanocyte stimulating hormone secreting cell melanotrope,melanotroph
melanophore stripe melanophore stripes
MeLc mesencephalon lateral caudal interneuron
MeLm mesencephalon lateral medial interneuron
MeLr mesencephalon lateral rostral interneuron
MeM mesencephalon medial interneuron
MeM1 mesencephalon medial 1 interneuron
membrane bone membrane bones
memory B cell memory B lymphocyte,memory B-cell,memory B-lymphocyte
memory T cell memory T lymphocyte,memory T-cell,memory T-lymphocyte
mental barbel
Merkel cell Merkel cells
mesangial cell mesangial cells
mesencephalic artery MsA
mesencephalic nucleus of trigeminal nerve mesencephalic nuclei of trigeminal nerves
mesencephalic vein MsV
mesenchymal cell mesenchymal cells
mesenchymal lymphangioblast
mesenchyme condensation cell mesenchyme condensation cells
mesenchyme derived from head mesoderm
mesenchyme derived from head neural crest
mesenchyme derived from trunk neural crest
mesenchyme dorsal fin
mesenchyme median fin fold
mesenchyme pectoral fin mesenchyme pectoral fins
mesenchyme pelvic fin mesenchyme pelvic fins
mesethmoid bone ethmoid bone
mesethmoid-lateral ethmoid joint
mesethmoid-vomer joint
meso-epithelial cell epithelial mesenchymal cell
mesocoracoid bone mesocoracoid bones
mesocoracoid cartilage mesocorocoid cartilages
mesoderm pectoral fin bud mesoderm pectoral fin buds
mesoderm pelvic fin bud mesoderm pelvic fin buds
mesodermal cell mesoblast,mesoderm cell
mesonephric duct Wolffian duct,renal duct
mesonephric nephron stage IV nephron
mesonephric podocyte
mesothelial cell mesothelial cells
metapterygoid metapterygoids
metapterygoid-symplectic fenestra
metencephalic artery metencephalic arteries
microcirculatory vessel vasculature
microglial cell microglia
micropylar cell plug cell
microvillous olfactory receptor neuron microvillous olfactory sensory neuron,microvillous sensory neuron
mid cerebral vein MCeV,MeCV,mid-cerebral vein,middle cerebral vein
mid diencephalic organizer MDO,mid-diencephalic organizer
mid intestine
mid intestine epithelium
MiD2cl middle dorsal 2 contralateral llf interneuron
MiD2cm middle dorsal 2 contralateral mlf interneuron
MiD2i middle dorsal 2 ipsilateral interneuron
MiD3cl middle dorsal 3 contralateral llf interneuron
MiD3cm middle dorsal 3 contralateral mlf interneuron
MiD3i middle dorsal 3 ipsilateral interneuron
midbrain mesencephalon
midbrain hindbrain boundary isthmus,mhb,midbrain-hindbrain boundary
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural keel midbrain-hindbrain boundary neural keel
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural plate midbrain-hindbrain boundary neural plate
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural rod midbrain-hindbrain boundary neural rod
midbrain hindbrain boundary neural tube midbrain-hindbrain boundary neural tube
midbrain interneuron
midbrain neural keel
midbrain neural plate
midbrain neural rod
midbrain neural tube
midbrain nucleus
middle lateral line middle lateral lines
middle lateral line ganglion middle lateral line ganglia
middle lateral line nerve middle lateral line nerves
middle lateral line neuromast neuromast middle,neuromasts middle
middle lateral line placode middle lateral line placodes
middle lateral line primordium middle lateral line primordia
middle lateral line system
middle mesencephalic central artery MMCtA
midline column
migratory cranial neural crest
migratory cranial neural crest cell migratory cranial neural crest cells
migratory neural crest
migratory neural crest cell migratory neural crest cells
migratory slow muscle precursor cell migratory slow muscle precursor cells
migratory trunk neural crest
migratory trunk neural crest cell migratory trunk neural crest cells
MiM1 middle medial interneuron
MiP motor neuron middle primary motoneuron
MiR1 middle rostral 1 interneuron
MiR2 middle rostral 2 interneuron
MiV1 middle ventral 1 neuron
MiV2 middle ventral 2 neuron
molecular layer corpus cerebelli
molecular layer valvula cerebelli
monoblast CFU-M,colony forming unit macrophage,monocyte stem cell
monocyte monocytes
mononuclear cell mononuclear cells
mononuclear odontoclast mononuclear odontoclasts
mononuclear osteoclast mononuclear osteoclasts
mononuclear phagocyte mononuclear phagocytes
mossy fiber mossy fibers
motile cell motile cells
motor neuron motoneuron
motor nucleus of vagal nerve motor nucleus X,motor nucleus of X,nX,nucleus motorius of nervi vagi,vagal lobe
mucus secreting cell ZFA:0000129,mucous cell
Muller cell Mueller cell,Muller cells
multi fate stem cell multipotent stem cell
multi-ciliated epithelial cell multiciliated epithelial cell
multi-tissue structure multi-tissue structures
multilaminar epithelium
multipolar neuron multipolar neurons
muscle muscles
muscle cell myocyte,myofiber
muscle pioneer muscle pioneers,non migratory adaxial cells
muscle pioneer somite 1 muscle pioneers somite 1
muscle pioneer somite 10 muscle pioneers somite 10
muscle pioneer somite 11 muscle pioneers somite 11
muscle pioneer somite 12 muscle pioneers somite 12
muscle pioneer somite 13 muscle pioneers somite 13
muscle pioneer somite 14 muscle pioneers somite 14
muscle pioneer somite 15 muscle pioneers somite 15
muscle pioneer somite 16 muscle pioneers somite 16
muscle pioneer somite 17 muscle pioneers somite 17
muscle pioneer somite 18 muscle pioneers somite 18
muscle pioneer somite 19 muscle pioneers somite 19
muscle pioneer somite 2 muscle pioneers somite 2
muscle pioneer somite 20 muscle pioneers somite 20
muscle pioneer somite 21 muscle pioneers somite 21
muscle pioneer somite 22 muscle pioneers somite 22
muscle pioneer somite 23 muscle pioneers somite 23
muscle pioneer somite 24 muscle pioneers somite 24
muscle pioneer somite 25 muscle pioneers somite 25
muscle pioneer somite 26 muscle pioneers somite 26
muscle pioneer somite 27 muscle pioneers somite 27
muscle pioneer somite 28 muscle pioneers somite 28
muscle pioneer somite 29 muscle pioneers somite 29
muscle pioneer somite 3 muscle pioneers somite 3
muscle pioneer somite 30 muscle pioneers somite 30
muscle pioneer somite 4 muscle pioneers somite 4
muscle pioneer somite 5 muscle pioneers somite 5
muscle pioneer somite 6 muscle pioneers somite 6
muscle pioneer somite 7 muscle pioneers somite 7
muscle pioneer somite 8 muscle pioneers somite 8
muscle pioneer somite 9 muscle pioneers somite 9
muscle precursor cell muscle precursor cells
muscle stem cell muscle stem cells
musculature system
myelin accumulating cell myelin accumulating cells
myelinating Schwann cell Schwann cells
myeloblast myeloblasts
myeloid cell myeloid cells
myeloid leukocyte myeloid leukocytes
myeloid lineage restricted progenitor cell myeloid progenitor cell,myeloid progenitor cells
myoblast myoblasts
myocardial precursor
myocardium cardiac muscle,heart muscle
myoepithelial cell myoepithelial cells
myoseptum myocommata,myosepta
myotome myomeres
myotome somite 1
myotome somite 10
myotome somite 11
myotome somite 12
myotome somite 13
myotome somite 14
myotome somite 15
myotome somite 16
myotome somite 17
myotome somite 18
myotome somite 19
myotome somite 2
myotome somite 20
myotome somite 21
myotome somite 22
myotome somite 23
myotome somite 24
myotome somite 25
myotome somite 26
myotome somite 27
myotome somite 28
myotome somite 29
myotome somite 3
myotome somite 30
myotome somite 4
myotome somite 5
myotome somite 6
myotome somite 7
myotome somite 8
myotome somite 9
naive B cell naive B lymphocyte,naive B-cell,naive B-lymphocyte
NaK ionocyte NaK-MRC,NaR cell
naris nares,nostril
nasal artery NA
nasal bone nasal bones
nasal capsule
nasal ciliary artery NCA
nasal vein NV
natural killer cell NK cell,large granular lymphocyte,null cell
NCC ionocyte NCC cell
nephrogenic mesenchyme stem cell nephrogenic mesenchyme stem cells
nephron progenitor
nerve nerves
nervous system
neural arch dorsal arcocentrum
neural arch 3
neural arch 4
neural complex Weberian supraneural,ZFA:0001398
neural crest
neural crest cell neural crest cells
neural crest diencephalon diencephalic neural crest
neural crest hindbrain rhombencephalic neural crest
neural crest midbrain mesencephalic neural crest
neural crest telencephalon
neural keel presumptive central nervous system
neural plate presumptive central nervous system
neural plate border
neural postzygapophysis neural postzygapophyses,neural postzygopophysis
neural prezygapophysis neural prezygapophyses,neural prezygopophyses
neural rod presumptive central nervous system
neural spine neural spines
neural spine 4
neural tube presumptive central nervous system
neuraxis flexure
neurecto-epithelial cell neuroepithelial cell
neurectodermal cell neurectoderm cell
neuroblast neuroblasts
neuroblast (sensu Vertebrata)
neurocranial trabecula neurocranial trabeculae,trabecula,trabecular cartilage
neurocranium braincase
neuroectoderm neural ectoderm,neurectoderm
neuroendocrine cell neurosecretory cell
neuroepithelial cell neuroepithelial cells
neurogenic field neurogenic fields
neurogenic placode neurogenic placodes
neuroglioform cell spiderweb cell
neurohypophysis posterior pituitary
neuromast lateral line neuromast,lateral line organ,neuromasts
neuromast foramen
neuromast hair cell neuromast hair cells
neuromast mantle cell neuromast mantle cells
neuromast support cell neuromast support cells
neuromere neural segment,neuromeres
neuron ZFA:0000134
neuron neural crest derived
neuronal stem cell neuronal stem cells
neuroplacodal cell neuroplacodal cells
neurosecretory neuron neurosecretory neurons
neutrophil PMN,neutrocyte,neutrophil leucocyte,neutrophil leukocyte,neutrophilic leucocyte,neutrophilic leukocyte,polymorphonuclear leucocyte,polymorphonuclear leukocyte,polymorphonuclear neutrophil,polynuclear neutrophilic leucocyte,polynuclear neutrophilic leukocyte
neutrophil progenitor cell neutrophil stem cell
neutrophilic metamyelocyte juvenile neutrophil
neutrophilic myeloblast neutrophilic granuloblast
neutrophilic myelocyte neutrophilic myelocytes
neutrophilic promyelocyte neutrophilic premyelocyte,neutrophilic progranulocyte,promyelocyte
nevus f-nevi,naevus
nitrergic neuron nitrergic neurons
non neural ectoderm ventral ectoderm
non-Weberian precaudal vertebra non-Weberian precaudal vertebrae
noninvoluting endocytic marginal cell cluster NEM,noninvoluting endocytic marginal cells
noradrenergic neuron
norepinephrine secreting cell noradrenergic cell,norepinephrin secreting cells
notochord notocord
notochord inner cell chordocytes
notochord outer sheath cell notochord sheath cell
notochord posterior region
notochordal ossification
nucleate erythrocyte RBC,red blood cell
nucleus Edinger-Westphal Edinger-Westphal nucleus
nucleus isthmi
nucleus lateralis valvulae
nucleus of the caudal commissure nTPC,nuc PC,nucleus of posterior commissure,nucleus of the tract of the posterior commissure
nucleus of the descending root sensory nucleus of the descending trigeminal root
nucleus of the lateral recess
nucleus of the medial longitudinal fasciculus medulla oblongata
nucleus of the medial longitudinal fasciculus synencephalon
nucleus of the posterior recess
nucleus of the tract of the anterior commissure ntAC
nucleus of the tract of the postoptic commissure ntPOC
nucleus ruber red nucleus
nucleus subglomerulosis
nucleus taeniae
occipital arch cartilage occipital arch cartilages
occipital lateral line supratemporal lateral line
occipital lateral line neuromast neuromast occipital,neuromasts occipital
occipital region basicranial region
octaval nerve motor nucleus OLe,cranial nerve VIII motor nucleus,octaval nerve motor nuclei
octaval nerve sensory nucleus cranial nerve VIII sensory nucleus,octaval nerve sensory nuclei
ocular blood vessel eye vasculature,ocular vasculature,optic vasculature
oculomotor nucleus motor nucleus III,nIII
odontoblast odontoblasts
odontoclast odontoclasts
odontocyte odontocytes
odontoid tissue
OFF-bipolar cell OFF-bipolar cells
olfactory bulb bulbus olfactorius,olfactory lobe
olfactory bulb glomerulus
olfactory bulb protoglomerulus glomerular precursors
olfactory epithelial support cell olfactory sustentacular cell
olfactory epithelium nasal epithelium,nasal sensory epithelium
olfactory field olfactory fields
olfactory granule cell
olfactory nerve foramen
olfactory pit nasal canal,nasal cavity,nasal pit,olfactory cavity
olfactory placode olfactory placodes
olfactory receptor cell Schultze's cell,olfactory receptor neuron,olfactory sensory neuron
olfactory region ethmoid region
olfactory rosette olfactory rosettes
olfactory support cell support cells
olfactory system
oligodendrocyte oligodendroglia
ON-bipolar cell ON-bipolar cells
oocyte ZFA:0009008,egg
oocyte stage I Stage 1 oocyte,oocytes stage I,previtellogenic oocyte,primary oocyte
oocyte stage II Stage 2 oocyte,cortical-alveolar oocyte,oocytes stage II,previtellogenic oocyte
oocyte stage III Stage 3 oocyte,oocytes stage III,postvitellogenic oocyte,vitellogenic oocytes
oocyte stage IV Stage 4 oocyte,mature oocytes,oocytes stage IV,postvitellogenic oocyte
oocyte stage V mature egg,unactivated egg
opercle opercles
opercle-hyosymplectic joint
opercle-interopercle joint
opercular artery ORA,external carotid artery
opercular cavity
opercular flap gill cover,gill slit,opercular apparatus,opercular cover,operculum
opercular lateral line opercular lateral lines
opercular lateral line neuromast neuromast opercular,neuromasts opercular
operculohyoid ligament
optic artery optic arteries
optic chiasm chiasma opticum,optic commissure
optic choroid choroid
optic choroid vascular plexus CVP,ZFA:0005228,choroid vasculature
optic cup eye cup
optic fiber layer nerve fiber layer,optic fiber layers
optic fissure choroid fissure,optic fissures
optic foramen optic nerve (II) foramen
optic furrow optic fissure
optic nerve head optic nerve heads
optic primordium ZFA:0000021,eye field
optic recess optic recesses
optic stalk optic stalks
optic tectum ZFA:0001353,dorsal midbrain,mesencephalic tectum,tectal lobe,tectum,tectum opticum
optic tract optic tracts,tractus opticus
optic vein OV
optic vesicle optic vesicles
oral cavity buccal cavity,buccal chamber
oral ectoderm
oral epithelium
oral region
orbital foramen
orbital region
orbitosphenoid orbitosphenoids
orbitosphenoid-lateral ethmoid joint
orbitosphenoid-prootic joint
organism subdivision body part
organizer inducing center Nieuwkoop center
os suspensorium
os suspensorium medial flange
osteoblast osteoblasts
osteoclast chondroclast
osteocyte osteocytes
osteoprogenitor cell osteoprogenitor cells
otic duct
otic epithelium
otic lateral line otic lateral lines
otic lateral line neuromast neuromast otic,neuromasts otic
otic placode
otic region cranial vault
otic sensory canal
otic sensory epithelium
otic squamous epithelium
otic vesicle otic capsule,otocyst,ov
otic vesicle anterior protrusion anterior semicircular canal primordia,anterior semicircular canal primordium
otic vesicle lateral protrusion lateral semicircular canal primordia,lateral semicircular canal primordium
otic vesicle posterior protrusion posterior semicircular canal primordia,posterior semicircular canal primordium
otic vesicle protrusion
otic vesicle ventral protrusion
otolith ZFA:0000139,immature otolith,immature otoliths,statolith
otolith organ otolith organs
otolithic lymph vessel otolithic lymphatic vessel
outer dental epithelium ode
outer limiting membrane external limiting membrane,outer limiting membranes
ovarian follicle egg follicle
ovarian follicle stage I ovarian follicle stage 1,previtellogenic ovarian follicle
ovarian follicle stage II ovarian follicle stage 2,ovarian follicles stage II
ovarian follicle stage III ovarian follicle stage 3,ovarian follicles stage III
ovarian follicle stage IV mature ovarian follicle,ovarian follicle stage 4
ovarian lymph vessel
ovary ovaries
oviduct oviducts
oxygen accumulating cell oxygen accumulating cells
pain receptor cell nociceptor,nocireceptor
paired fin
paired fin cartilage paired fin cartilages
paired fin skeleton appendicular skeleton
palatocerebral artery PLA
palatocerebral vein PLV
palatoquadrate arch dorsal mandibular arch,dorsal visceral arch 1,upper jaw,upper pharyngeal jaw
palatoquadrate cartilage dorsal mandibular cartilage,pterygoquadrate,quadrate cartilage
pancreas primordium pancreatic anlage
pancreatic A cell alpha cell
pancreatic acinar cell
pancreatic acinar gland exocrine glands pancreas,pancreatic acini
pancreatic B cell beta cell
pancreatic bud pancreatic buds
pancreatic centroacinar cell CAC
pancreatic D cell D-cell of pancreatic islet,delta cell of islet,pancreatic delta cell,somatostatin-secreting pancreatic cell
pancreatic duct
pancreatic ductal cell
pancreatic epsilon cell pancreatic E cell
pancreatic fat
pancreatic interlobular duct
pancreatic intralobular duct
pancreatic lobule exocrine lobule
pancreatic PP cell PP cell of pancreatic islet,PP-cell of pancreatic islet,pancreatic F cells,pancreatic polypeptide-secreting cell
pancreatic system
parachordal cartilage parachordal cartilages
parachordal vessel PAV
paracommissural nucleus
paracrine cell paracrine cells
parafollicular cell C cell
parallel fiber parallel fibers
parapineal organ
parapophysis lateral process of basiventral,parapophyses,transverse process
parapophysis 1 basipophysis 1,lateral process 1
parapophysis 2 basipophysis,lateral process 2
parasphenoid-basioccipital joint
parasympathetic nervous system
parasympathetic neuron
parathyroid hormone secreting cell chief cell
paraventricular organ PVO
paraxial mesoderm ZFA:0000942,paraxial mesenchyme
parhypural ZFA:0000562,parhyural,phy
parietal bone post parietal
parietal peritoneum
pars anterior pars distalis
pars inferior ear
pars intermedia
pars subcommissuralis of ventral telencephalon pars subcommissuralis of V
pars superior ear
parvocellular preoptic nucleus
parvocellular superficial pretectal nucleus parvocellular superficial pretectal nuclei
pectinate muscle pectinate muscles
pectoral artery PA,subclavian artery
pectoral fin forefin,pectoral fins
pectoral fin actinotrichium
pectoral fin blood vessel
pectoral fin breeding tubercle
pectoral fin bud pectoral fin buds
pectoral fin cartilage pectoral fin cartilages
pectoral fin distal radial pectoral fin distal radials
pectoral fin endoskeletal disc fin plate cartilage
pectoral fin field pectoral fin fields
pectoral fin fold pectoral fin membrane
pectoral fin lepidotrichium pectoral fin lepidotrichia,pectoral fin ray
pectoral fin lepidotrichium 1
pectoral fin lepidotrichium 2
pectoral fin lepidotrichium 3
pectoral fin lepidotrichium 4
pectoral fin lepidotrichium 5
pectoral fin lepidotrichium 6
pectoral fin lepidotrichium 7
pectoral fin lymph vessel
pectoral fin motor nerve
pectoral fin motor nerve 1
pectoral fin motor nerve 2
pectoral fin motor nerve 3
pectoral fin motor nerve 4
pectoral fin musculature pectoral fin muscle
pectoral fin nerve
pectoral fin plate fat pectoral fin plate deposit
pectoral fin proximal radial
pectoral fin radial pectoral fin radials
pectoral fin sensory nerve
pectoral fin skeleton
pectoral fin vasculature
pectoral girdle pectoral girdles
pectoral lymphatic vessel PL
pectoral protractor protractor pectoralis
pectoral vein PV
pelvic abductor profundus abductor profundus pelvicus,pelvic abductors profundus
pelvic adductor profundus adductor profundus pelvicus,pelvic adductors profundus
pelvic fin pelvic fins
pelvic fin actinotrichium
pelvic fin bud pelvic fin buds
pelvic fin cartilage pelvic fin cartilages
pelvic fin field pelvic fin fields
pelvic fin lepidotrichium pelvic fin lepidotrichia,pelvic fin ray
pelvic fin lepidotrichium 1
pelvic fin lepidotrichium 2
pelvic fin lepidotrichium 3
pelvic fin lepidotrichium 4
pelvic fin musculature
pelvic fin skeleton
pelvic girdle pelvic girdles
pelvic radial pelvic radials
pelvic radial 1 pelvic radials 1
pelvic radial 1 cartilage pelvic radials 1 cartilages
pelvic radial 2 pelvic radials 2
pelvic radial 2 cartilage pelvic radials 2 cartilages
pelvic radial 3 pelvic radials 3
pelvic radial 3 cartilage pelvic radials 3 cartilages
pelvic radial cartilage pelvic radial cartilages
peptide hormone secreting cell peptide hormone secreting cells
peptidergic neuron peptidergic neurons
periarticular chondrocyte periarticular chondrocytes
pericardial cavity thoracic cavity
pericardial fat pericardial fat deposit
pericardial muscle
pericardial region
pericardium pericardial sac
perichondral bone perichondral bones
perichondrium cartilage connective tissue
perichordal bone perichordal bones
perichordal connective tissue
pericyte pericytes,perivascular cells
periderm EVL
peridermal cell peridermal cells
perijunctional fibroblast perijunctional fibroblasts
perilymphatic duct
perilymphatic space
perineuronal satellite cell perineural satellite cell
periocular mesenchyme
periorbital fat
peripheral cardiac conduction system distal conduction system,ventricular fast conduction system
peripheral nervous system pns
peripheral neuron peripheral neurons
peripheral nucleus of ventral telencephalon
peripheral olfactory organ nasal sac,nose
peritoneal macrophage peritoneal macrophages
periventricular grey zone PGZ,SVP,periventricular gray zone,periventricular grey zones,periventricular layer,strata periventriculare,stratum griseum periventricular,stratum periventriculare
periventricular nucleus periventricular nuclei,ventral zone of periventricular hypothalamus
periventricular nucleus of caudal tuberculum periventricular nucleus of posterior tuberculum
periventricular nucleus of ventral telencephalon
phagocyte phagocytes
pharyngeal arch pharyngeal arches
pharyngeal arch 1 mandibular arch,visceral arch 1
pharyngeal arch 2 hyoid arch,visceral arch 2
pharyngeal arch 2 skeleton hyoid bars
pharyngeal arch 3 branchial arch 1,gill arch 1,visceral arch 3
pharyngeal arch 3 skeleton branchial arch 1 skeleton,gill arch 1 skeleton,visceral arch 3 skeleton
pharyngeal arch 3-7 ZFA:0000515,ZFA:0000625,branchial arch,branchial arches,branchial bar,branchial bars,gill arch,gill arches 1-5,visceral arches 3-7
pharyngeal arch 3-7 skeleton branchial arch skeleton,gill arches 1-5 skeleton
pharyngeal arch 4 branchial arch 2,gill arch 2,visceral arch 4
pharyngeal arch 4 skeleton branchial arch 2 skeleton,gill arch 2 skeleton,visceral arch 4 skeleton
pharyngeal arch 5 branchial arch 3,gill arch 3,visceral arch 5
pharyngeal arch 5 skeleton branchial arch 3 skeleton,gill arch 3 skeleton,visceral arch 5 skeleton
pharyngeal arch 6 branchial arch 4,gill arch 4,visceral arch 6
pharyngeal arch 6 skeleton branchial arch 4 skeleton,gill arch 4 skeleton,visceral arch 6 skeleton
pharyngeal arch 7 branchial arch 5,gill arch 5,visceral arch 7
pharyngeal arch 7 skeleton branchial arch 5 skeleton,gill arch 5 skeleton,visceral arch 7 skeleton
pharyngeal arch cartilage pharyngeal arch cartilages,splanchnocranium cartilage
pharyngeal ectoderm
pharyngeal endoderm
pharyngeal epithelium
pharyngeal mesoderm
pharyngeal musculature
pharyngeal pouch pharyngeal pouches
pharyngeal pouch 1 pharyngeal pouches 1
pharyngeal pouch 2 pharyngeal pouches 2
pharyngeal pouch 3 pharyngeal pouches 3
pharyngeal pouch 4 pharyngeal pouches 4
pharyngeal pouch 5 pharyngeal pouches 5
pharyngeal pouch 6 pharyngeal pouches 6
pharyngeal pouches 2-6
pharyngeal vasculature branchial basket,branchial vasculature
pharyngobranchial 2 bone infrapharyngobranchial 2
pharyngobranchial 2 cartilage pharyngobranchial 2 cartilages
pharyngobranchial 3 bone pharyngobranchial 3 bones
pharyngobranchial 3 cartilage pharyngobranchial 3 cartilages
pharyngobranchial 4 cartilage infrapharyngobranchial 4 cartilage,infrapharyngobranchials
pharyngobranchial bone infrapharyngobranchial,pharyngobranchials
pharyngobranchial cartilage pharyngobranchial cartilages
photopic photoreceptor cell photopic photoreceptor cells
photoreceptor cell photoreceptor cells
photoreceptor inner segment layer photoreceptor inner segment layers
photoreceptor outer segment layer photoreceptor outer segment layers
pigment cell ZFA:0000057,chromatocyte,chromatophore
pigment cell (sensu Vertebrata) pigment cells (sensu Vertebrata)
pigment erythroblast
pigmented epithelial cell pigmented epithelial cells
pillar of the anterior semicircular canal anterior hub of the semicircular canal,anterior pillar,anterior pillar of the semicircular canal,horizontal hub
pillar of the lateral semicircular canal lateral hub of the semicircular canal,ventral bar,ventral pillar,ventral piller of the semicircular canal
pillar of the posterior semicircular canal horizontal hub,posterior hub of the semicircular canal,posterior pillar,posterior pillar of the semicircular
pillar of the semicircular canal
pineal complex
pinealocyte pinealocytes
pioneer neuron ZFA:0000409
plasma cell plasmacyte
pleuroperitoneal cavity visceral cavity
pleuroperitoneal region
pneumatic duct
podocyte podocytes
polster pillow
polychromatophilic erythroblast intermediate erythroblast,intermediate normoblast,polychromatic erythroblast,polychromatic normoblast,polychromatophilic normoblast,rubricyte
polymodal neuron polymodal neurons
portion of connective tissue
portion of organism substance
portion of tissue
post-otic sensory canal postotic sensory canal
post-vent region tail
post-vent vasculature tail vasculature
post-Weberian supraneural post-Weberian supraneurals
postcleithrum postcleithra
postcommissural nucleus of ventral telencephalon area ventralis telencephali, nucleus postcommissuralis,postcommissural nucleus of V
postcranial axial cartilage postcranial axial cartilages
postcranial axial skeleton axial skeleton
posterior basicapsular commissure posterior basicranial commissure
posterior cardinal vein PCV,axial vein,caudal cardinal veins,postcardinal vein
posterior caudal vein
posterior cerebral vein PCeV,caudal cerebral vein
posterior chamber swim bladder
posterior communicating artery PCA,PCS,caudal communicating segment,posterior communicating segment of the basilar artery
posterior crista ZFA:0000478,caudal crista,pc,posterior crista ampullaris,posterior cristae,posterior semicircular canal sensory patch,posterior semicircular canal sensory patches
posterior crista primordium posterior crista primordia
posterior intestine
posterior intestine epithelium
posterior kidney posterior kidneys
posterior lateral line pll
posterior lateral line ganglion pLLg,posterior lateral line ganglia
posterior lateral line nerve caudal lateral line nerve
posterior lateral line neuromast neuromast posterior,neuromasts posterior
posterior lateral line placode posterior lateral line placodes
posterior lateral line primordium posterior lateral line primordia
posterior lateral line system
posterior lateral mesoderm PLM
posterior lateral plate mesoderm PLPM
posterior macula pm,posterior sensory patch,posteromedial macula
posterior mesencephalic central artery PMCtA,caudal mesencephalic central artery
posterior mesenteric artery PMA,caudal mesenteric artery
posterior naris excurrent nostril,posterior nares
posterior neural keel
posterior neural plate
posterior neural rod
posterior neural tube
posterior pancreatic bud caudal anlage,dorsal pancreatic anlage,dorsal posterior bud
posterior presumptive neural plate
posterior pronephric duct posterior pronephric ducts
posterior recess posterior recess of diencephalic ventricle,recessus posterior
posterior sclerotic bone posterior sclerotic bones
posterior segment eye
posterior semicircular canal ZFA:0000483,caudal vertical semicircular canal,posterior semicircular canals,posterior semicircular duct
posteromedial glomerulus mpG
postoptic commissure POC,post optic commissure,post-optic commissure
postovulatory follicle postovulatory follicles
posttemporal post-temporal,postemporal
posttemporal fossa temporal fossa
precaudal vertebra abdominal vertebra,precaudal vertebrae,trunk vertebra
prechordal plate
precursor B cell pre-B lymphocyte
predentine pre-dentine,predentin
preethmoid bone pre-ethmoid,preethmoid bones
preglomerular nucleus
premaxilla premaxillae
premaxilla ascending process premaxilla ascending processes
premaxillary-maxillary ligament
premaxillo-rostroid ligament
premigratory cranial neural crest
premigratory cranial neural crest cell premigratory cranial neural crest cells
premigratory neural crest
premigratory neural crest cell premigratory neural crest cells
premigratory trunk neural crest
premigratory trunk neural crest cell premigratory trunk neural crest cells
preopercle preopercles
preopercle horizontal limb preopercle anterior arm,preopercle horizontal arm,preopercle lower limb,preopercle ventral arm
preopercle horizontal limb-symplectic joint
preopercle vertical limb preopercle dorsal arm,preopercle posterior arm,preopercle upper limb,preopercle vertical arm
preopercle vertical limb-hyomandibula joint
preopercle-retroarticular ligament
preopercular sensory canal
preoperculo-mandibular sensory canal
preoptic area area praeoptica,area preoptica,preoptic region
preopticohypophyseal tract preopticohypophyseal axon tract
preopticohypothalamic tract
preplacodal ectoderm panplacodal ectoderm
pressoreceptor cell pressoreceptor cells
presumptive atrium heart tube
presumptive atrium primitive heart tube
presumptive blood
presumptive brain brain rudiment
presumptive bulbus arteriosus
presumptive cardiac ventricle heart tube
presumptive cardiac ventricle primitive heart tube
presumptive cephalic mesoderm
presumptive diencephalon
presumptive dorsal fin fold
presumptive dorsal mesoderm
presumptive ectoderm ZFA:0000147,presumptive epidermis
presumptive endocardium
presumptive endoderm
presumptive enteric nervous system
presumptive floor plate
presumptive forebrain presumptive prosencephalon
presumptive hindbrain presumptive rhombencephalon
presumptive hypochord
presumptive intervening zone
presumptive lateral nucleus of ventral telencephalon M4,lateral nucleus of area ventralis telencepha
presumptive median fin fold
presumptive mesoderm
presumptive midbrain presumptive mesencephalon
presumptive neural plate ZFA:0000061,neurectoderm,presumptive central nervous system,prospective neuroectoderm,prospective vegetal ectoderm
presumptive neural retina inner layer optic cup,presumptive retinas
presumptive paraxial mesoderm
presumptive preglomerular region M2,early migrated posterior tubercular region,preglomerular anlagen
presumptive pretectum proliferative zone M1
presumptive retinal pigmented epithelium outer layer optic cup,presumptive pigmented epithelia
presumptive rhombomere 1
presumptive rhombomere 2
presumptive rhombomere 3
presumptive rhombomere 4
presumptive rhombomere 5
presumptive rhombomere 6
presumptive rhombomere 7
presumptive rhombomere 8
presumptive segmental plate presumptive segmental plates
presumptive shield
presumptive sinus venosus
presumptive spinal cord presumptive spinal cord neural keel,presumptive spinal cord neural plate,presumptive spinal cord neural rod
presumptive structure presumptive structures
presumptive swim bladder swim bladder anlage
presumptive telencephalon
presumptive ventral entopeduncular nucleus M3
presumptive ventral fin fold
presumptive ventral mesoderm
pretectal periventricular nucleus periventricular pretectum,pretectal periventricular nuclei
pretecto-mammillary tract TPp,pretecto mammillary tract,pretecto-mamillary tract,pretectomamillary tract
preural 1 vertebra penultimate vertebra,preural centrum 1,pu1,second last vertebra
preural 2 vertebra antepenultimate vertebra,preural centrum 2,pu2,third last vertebra
preural centrum 1+ ural centrum 1 urostyle
preural vertebra caudal fin vertebra,specialized centra/vertebrae
prevomer vomer
primary dental epithelium pharyngeal tooth epithelium,tooth epithelium
primary germ layer embryonic germ layers
primary head sinus PHS,lateral head vein
primary interneuron ZFA:0000945
primary islet principal islet
primary motor neuron ZFA:0000572,primary motoneuron
primary neuron ZFA:0000055
primary neuron hindbrain primary neurons hindbrain
primary olfactory fiber layer olfactory nerve layer,stratum nervosum bulbi olfactorii
primary posterior lateral line primordium primI,primary posterior lateral line primordia
primitive heart tube
primitive internal carotid artery PICA
primitive meninx meninges,meninx primitiva
primitive mesencephalic artery PMsA
primitive olfactory epithelium
primitive pectoral fin abductor
primitive pectoral fin adductor
primitive prosencephalic artery PPrA
primordial germ cell PGC,ZFA:0000065
primordial hindbrain channel PHBC,medial head vein
primordial ligament articular-maxillary ligament,ligamentum primordiale,maxillo-mandibular ligament
primordial midbrain channel PMBC
primordial vasculature
pro-B cell pro-B lymphocyte,pro-B-cell,pro-B-lymphocyte,progenitor B cell
pro-NK cell NKP,natural killer cell progenitor,null cell,preNK cell,pro-natural killer cell
pro-T cell DN1 cell,DN1 thymocyte,TN1 cell,pro-T lymphocyte
proctodeum anus
proepicardial cluster proepicardial organ,proepicardium
professional antigen presenting cell APC
progesterone secreting cell progesterone secreting cells
prolactin secreting cell epsilon-acidophil,lactotrope,lactotroph,lactotropic cell,mammotrope,mammotroph,mammotrophic cell,mammotropic cell
proliferative region cell cycle,cell division,proliferation
promonocyte promonocytes
pronephric capsular space Bowman's space,inter-glomerular space,urinary space
pronephric distal early tubule pronephric distal early tubules
pronephric distal late tubule distal late tubules
pronephric duct pronephric ducts
pronephric duct opening pronephric duct openings,urogenital opening
pronephric glomerular basement membrane pronephric glomerular filtration membrane
pronephric glomerular capillary
pronephric glomerular capsule Bowman's capsule
pronephric glomerular capsule epithelium pronephric parietal epithelial layer
pronephric glomerulus pronephric glomera,pronephric glomeruli,pronephric glomus
pronephric mesoderm pronephric primordium
pronephric podocyte
pronephric proximal convoluted tubule PCT
pronephric proximal straight tubule proximal straight tubules
pronephric tubule ciliated neck segment
pronephros embryonic kidney,pronephric nephron
proneural cluster proneural clusters
prootic prootics
prootic bulla
prootic depression
prootic foramen anterior trigemino-facialis foramen of Howes,trigeminal notch of Harrington
prootic-exoccipital joint
prootic-pterosphenoid joint
propterygium propterygia
prosencephalic artery PrA
protoneuromast immature neuromast,proto neuromast,proto-neuromast
protractor hyoidei protractor hyoideus,protractors hyoidei
proximal convoluted tubule
proximal pars anterior proximal pars distalis
proximal straight tubule
pseudobranchial artery pseudobranchial arteries
pseudounipolar neuron pseudounipolar neurons
pterosphenoid pterosphenoids
pterosphenoid-orbitosphenoid joint
pterotic autopterotic
pterotic fossa
pterygoid process Ptp
pupil pupils
Purkinje cell Purkinje cells
Purkinje cell layer corpus cerebelli
Purkinje cell layer valvula cerebelli
pyramidal cell pyramidal cells
quadrate quadrates
quadrate ventral process quadrate ventral processes
quadrate-anguloarticular joint jaw joint
quadrate-entopterygoid joint
quadrate-hyomandibula joint
quadrate-metapterygoid joint
radial radials
radial glial cell radial glial cells
raphe nucleus median raphe nucleus
ray vein ray veins
receptor cell (sensu Animalia) receptor cells (sensu Animalia)
recurrent branch afferent branchial artery RCB,recurrent branch afferent branchial arteries
red sensitive photoreceptor cell red sensitive photoreceptor cells
regenerating fin regenerating fins
regenerating tissue regenerating tissues
regeneration epithelium epidermal cap,wound epidermis,wound epithelium
regeneration fibroblast blastemal fibroblast,blastemal fibroblasts
region of the nucleus of the medial longitudinal fascicle
Reissner's fiber
renal alpha-intercalated cell
renal artery renal arteries
renal capsular space Bowman's space,inter-glomerular space,urinary space
renal corpuscle Malpighian corpuscle
renal duct
renal glomerular capsule Bowman's capsule
renal glomerular capsule epithelium parietal epithelial layer
renal glomerulus glomerular capillary tuft,renal glomeruli
renal intercalated cell intercalated cell
renal portal vein renal portal veins
renal principal cell
renal system urinary system
renal tubule mesonephric tubule,renal tubules
renal vesicle stage I nephron
replacement tooth 3V
replacement bone replacement bones
replacement element
replacement tooth 1V
replacement tooth 2V
replacement tooth 4V
replacement tooth 5V
reproductive system
respiratory system
reticular cell reticular cells
reticular formation
reticulocyte reticulocytes
reticulospinal neuron
retina retinas
retinal bipolar neuron
retinal cone cell retinal cone cells
retinal ganglion cell RGC,gangliocyte
retinal ganglion cell layer ganglion cell layer
retinal inner nuclear layer inner nuclear layer,intermediate cell layer
retinal inner plexiform layer inner plexiform layer
retinal neural layer neural retina,neuroretina
retinal outer nuclear layer retinal outer nuclear layers
retinal outer plexiform layer retinal outer plexiform layers
retinal photoreceptor layer retinal photoreceptor layers
retinal pigmented epithelium PRE,RPE,pigmented epithelium,pigmented retina,pigmented retinal epithelium
retinal rod cell retinal rod cells
retinotectal tract
retroarticular retroarticulars
retroarticular process
rhombencephalic efferent neurons to the lateral line RELL neuron
rhombencephalic octavolateral efferent neuron ROLE neuron
rhombic lip
rhombomere hindbrain segment,neuromere,rhombomeres
rhombomere 1 r1
rhombomere 2 r2
rhombomere 3 r3
rhombomere 4 r4
rhombomere 5 r5
rhombomere 6 r6
rhombomere 7 r7
rhombomere 8 r8
rib dorsal rib,pleural rib
rib of vertebra 1
rib of vertebra 2
rib of vertebra 3
rib of vertebra 4
rib of vertebra 5
rib of vertebra 6
right intestinal lymphatics
right liver lobe 2nd lobe,gall bladder lobe,second lobe
rod bipolar cell rod bipolar cells
Rohon-Beard neuron RB neuron,Rohon-Beard cell,Rohon-Beard neurons,ZFA:0000002
RoI2C rostral intermediate 2 caudal interneuron
RoI2R rostral intermediate 2 rostral interneuron
RoL1 rostral lateral 1 interneuron
RoL2 rostral lateral 2 interneuron
RoL2c rostral lateral 2 caudal interneuron
RoL2r rostral lateral 2 rostral interneuron
RoL3 rostral lateral 3 interneuron
RoM1c rostral medial 1 caudal interneuron
RoM1r rostral medial 1 rostral interneuron
RoM2l rostral medial 2 lateral interneuron
RoM2m rostral medial 2 medial interneuron
RoM3l rostral medial 3 lateral interneuron
RoM3m rostral medial 3 medial interneuron
roof plate
roof plate diencephalic region
roof plate midbrain region
roof plate neural tube region
roof plate rhombomere 1
roof plate rhombomere 2
roof plate rhombomere 3
roof plate rhombomere 4
roof plate rhombomere 5
roof plate rhombomere 6
roof plate rhombomere 7
roof plate rhombomere 8
roof plate rhombomere region roof plate hindbrain
roof plate spinal cord region
roofing cartilage
RoP motor neuron rostral primary motoneuron
rostral blood island RBI,anterior myeloid compartment
rostral cerebellar tract anterior cerebellar tract,tractus cerebellaris anterior
rostral mesencephalo-cerebellar tract anterior mesencephalo-cerebellar tract
rostral motor nucleus
rostral octaval nerve motor nucleus REN,ROLE,rostral cranial nerve VIII motor nucleus,rostral efferent nuclei
rostral octaval nucleus anterior octaval nucleus,nucleus octavus anterior
rostral pars anterior rostral pars distalis
rostral parvocellular preoptic nucleus anterior parvocellular preoptic nucleus,rostral parvocellular preoptic nuclei
rostral preglomerular nucleus anterior preglomerular nucleus,nucleus praeglomerulosus anterior
rostral root of abducens nerve
rostral tegmental nucleus
rostral thalamic nucleus anterior thalamic nucleus,nucleus anterior thalami
rostral tuberal nucleus anterior tuberal nucleus,nucleus tuberis anterior
rostrolateral thalamic nucleus of Butler & Saidel
RoV3 rostral ventral 3 interneuron
rudimentary neural arch
s-shaped body stage II nephron
saccule sacculus
sacculoagenar foramen
saccus dorsalis
sagitta ZFA:0001103,immature posterior otolith,saccular otolith,sacculith
scale scales
scale focus
scale primordium scale placode,scale primordia
scale radius scale radii
scapula scapulae
scapular foramen
scapulo-vertebral ligament Baudelot's ligaments,scapulo-vertebral ligaments
scapulocoracoid coraco-scapular cartilage,scapulo-coracoid cartilage
Schlemm's canal
scleral cell scleral cells
sclerotic bone scleral ossicle,sclerotic bones
sclerotic cartilage scleral cartilage,sclerotic cartilages
sclerotome sclerotomes
sclerotome somite 1
sclerotome somite 10
sclerotome somite 11
sclerotome somite 12
sclerotome somite 13
sclerotome somite 14
sclerotome somite 15
sclerotome somite 16
sclerotome somite 17
sclerotome somite 18
sclerotome somite 19
sclerotome somite 2
sclerotome somite 20
sclerotome somite 21
sclerotome somite 22
sclerotome somite 23
sclerotome somite 24
sclerotome somite 25
sclerotome somite 26
sclerotome somite 27
sclerotome somite 28
sclerotome somite 29
sclerotome somite 3
sclerotome somite 30
sclerotome somite 4
sclerotome somite 5
sclerotome somite 6
sclerotome somite 7
sclerotome somite 8
sclerotome somite 9
second tier layer of breeding tubercle
secondary gustatory nucleus medulla oblongata
secondary gustatory nucleus trigeminal nucleus secondary gustatory nucleus trigeminal nuclei
secondary gustatory tract
secondary islet
secondary motor neuron ZFA:0000584,secondary motoneuron
secondary neuron secondary neurons
secondary posterior lateral line primordium secondary posterior lateral line primordia
segmental intercostal artery segmental intercostal arteries
segmental plate PSM,presomitic mesoderm
semicircular canal scc,semicircular canals,semicircular duct
seminal fluid secreting cell seminal fluid secreting cells
seminiferous epithelium
seminiferous tubule seminiferous tubules,sperm duct
seminiferous tubule lumen
sensory canal
sensory canal tubular ossicle
sensory canal tubule
sensory epithelial cell sensory epithelial cells
sensory neuron ZFA:0000432
sensory processing neuron sensory processing neurons
sensory root of facial nerve sensory roots of facial nerves
sensory system sensory systems
sensory trigeminal nucleus NVs,sensory trigeminal nuclei
serotonergic neuron 5-HT neuron,5-hydroxytryptamine neuron,ZFA:0009192,serotinergic neuron,serotinergic neurons
serotonin secreting cell serotin secreting cells
serous membrane
Sertoli cell Sertoli cells
silver iridophore
simple columnar epithelial cell simple columnar epithelial cells
simple columnar epithelium simple columnar epithelia
simple cuboidal epithelium simple cuboidal epithelia
simple organ simple organs
simple squamous epithelium simple squamous epithelia
single ciliated epithelial cell single-ciliated epithelial cell
single fate stem cell single fate stem cells
sinoatrial node
sinoatrial region
sinoatrial ring
sinoatrial valve sinoatrial valves
sinus impar
sinus venosus inflow tract
sinusoidal blood vessel endothelium
skeletal element
skeletal muscle
skeletal muscle cell skeletal muscle fiber,striated muscle cell
skeletal muscle myoblast skeletal muscle myoblasts
skeletal muscle satellite cell skeletal muscle satellite cells
skeletal system
skeletal tissue
skin flap
slow muscle cell ZFA:0001087,red muscle cell,slow muscle fiber
slow muscle cell somite 1 slow muscle cells somite 1
slow muscle cell somite 10 slow muscle cells somite 10
slow muscle cell somite 11 slow muscle cells somite 11
slow muscle cell somite 12 slow muscle cells somite 12
slow muscle cell somite 13 slow muscle cells somite 13
slow muscle cell somite 14 slow muscle cells somite 14
slow muscle cell somite 15 slow muscle cells somite 15
slow muscle cell somite 16 slow muscle cells somite 16
slow muscle cell somite 17 slow muscle cells somite 17
slow muscle cell somite 18 slow muscle cells somite 18
slow muscle cell somite 19 slow muscle cells somite 19
slow muscle cell somite 2 slow muscle cells somite 2
slow muscle cell somite 20 slow muscle cells somite 20
slow muscle cell somite 21 slow muscle cells somite 21
slow muscle cell somite 22 slow muscle cells somite 22
slow muscle cell somite 23 slow muscle cells somite 23
slow muscle cell somite 24 slow muscle cells somite 24
slow muscle cell somite 25 slow muscle cells somite 25
slow muscle cell somite 26 slow muscle cells somite 26
slow muscle cell somite 27 slow muscle cells somite 27
slow muscle cell somite 28 slow muscle cells somite 28
slow muscle cell somite 29 slow muscle cells somite 29
slow muscle cell somite 3 slow muscle cells somite 3
slow muscle cell somite 30 slow muscle cells somite 30
slow muscle cell somite 4 slow muscle cells somite 4
slow muscle cell somite 5 slow muscle cells somite 5
slow muscle cell somite 6 slow muscle cells somite 6
slow muscle cell somite 7 slow muscle cells somite 7
slow muscle cell somite 8 slow muscle cells somite 8
slow muscle cell somite 9 slow muscle cells somite 9
slow muscle myoblast slow muscle myoblasts
smooth muscle
smooth muscle cell non-striated muscle cell
smooth muscle myoblast satellite cell
solid compound organ solid compound organs
solid lens vesicle immature lens,lens mass,lens vesicle,presumptive lens
somatic cell
somatic stem cell somatic stem cells
somatomotor neuron
somatostatin secreting cell somatostatin secreting cells
somatotropin secreting cell growth hormone secreting cell,somatotrope,somatotroph,somatotrophin secreting cell,somatotropic cell,somatrophic cell
somite somitic mesoderm
somite 1
somite 10
somite 11
somite 12
somite 13
somite 14
somite 15
somite 16
somite 17
somite 18
somite 19
somite 2
somite 20
somite 21
somite 22
somite 23
somite 24
somite 25
somite 26
somite 27
somite 28
somite 29
somite 3
somite 30
somite 4
somite 5
somite 6
somite 7
somite 8
somite 9
somite border somite border cell,somite boundary
specialized hemal arch and spine ha(pu),hemal arch (preural),specialized haemal arch and spine,specialized hemal arches and spines
sperm sperm cell,spermatozoid,spermatozoon
sperm duct efferent duct,efferent tubule,sperm ducts
spermatocyte spermatocytes
spermatogenic cyst
spermatogonium ZFA:0001337,spermatogonia
sphenoid region
sphenotic autosphenotic
sphenotic-prootic fossa
spinal accessory motor neuron SACMN
spinal artery spinal arteries
spinal cord ZFA:0001664,medulla spinalis,spinal cord structure
spinal cord interneuron interneurons spinal cord
spinal cord neural keel
spinal cord neural plate
spinal cord neural rod
spinal cord neural tube
spinal nerve
spinal nerve root
spinal neuromere spinal cord segment,spinal neuromeres
spinous layer of breeding tubercle spinous keratinocyte layer
spiral neuron
splanchnocranium pharyngeal arch skeleton,pharyngeal skeleton
squamous epithelial cell squamous epithelial cells
statoacoustic (VIII) ganglion auditory ganglion,gVIII,sag,statoacoustic ganglia
statoacoustic (VIII) nucleus cochlear nucleus,vestibulocochlear nucleus
stellate cell stellate cells
stellate interneuron stellate interneurons
sternohyoid hypobranchial muscle,sternohyoideus,sternohyoids
steroid hormone secreting cell steroid hormone secreting cells
stomodeum oral ectoderm
stratified cuboidal epithelial cell stratified cuboidal epithelial cells
stratified epithelial cell stratified epithelial cells
stratified epithelial stem cell stratified epithelial stem cells
stratified keratinized epithelial stem cell stratified keratinized epithelial stem cells
stratified squamous epithelial cell stratified squamous epithelial cells
stratum album centrale strata album centrales
stratum fibrosum et griseum superficiale SFGS,strata fibrosum et griseum superficiales
stratum griseum centrale
stratum marginale strata marginale,stratum fibrosum marginale
stratum opticum strata opticum
stretch receptor cell stretch receptor cells
striated muscle cell
stromal cell stromal cells
structural cell
subcommissural organ SCO
subcutaneous fat
subintestinal vein SIV,vitelline vein
subopercle subopercles
substance P secreting cell substance P secreting cells
subtemporal fossa
sulcus ypsiloniformis
superficial abductor abductor superficialis,superficial abductors
superficial adductor adductor superficialis,superficial adductors
superficial blastomere superficial blastomeres
superficial caudal fin musculature
superficial grey and white zone superficial gray and white zone,superficial grey and white zones
superficial lateralis
superficial layer of breeding tubercle
superficial ophthalmic nerve foramen
superficial pelvic abductor abductor superficialis pelvicus,superficial pelvic abductors
superficial pelvic adductor adductor superficialis pelvicus,superficial pelvic adductors
superficial pretectum
superior caudal dorsal flexor CDS,flexor caudalis dorsalis superioris,superior dorsal flexor
superior caudal ventral flexor CVS,flexor caudalis ventralis superioris,ventral flexor
superior cervical ganglion SCG,superior sympathetic cervical ganglion
superior ocular sulcus dorsal ocular sulcus
superior raphe nucleus anterior raphe nucleus,dorsal raphe nucleus
superior reticular formation medial column
superior reticular formation tegmentum
supportive cell
suprachiasmatic nucleus
supracleithrum supracleithra
supracleithrum-intercalar ligament
supracleithrum-vertebral ligament Baudelot's ligament
supracommissural nucleus of ventral telencephalon area ventralis telencephali, nucleus supracommissuralis,supracommissural nucleus of V
supradorsal supradorsals
supraethmoid supra-ethmoid
supraintestinal artery SIA
supraintestinal lymphatic vessel SIL
supraintestinal vein ,supraintestinal veins
supraneural sn
supraneural 10
supraneural 2 small supraneural,sn2
supraneural 3 large supraneural,sn3
supraneural 5 sn5
supraneural 6 sn6
supraneural 7
supraneural 8
supraneural 9
supraoccipital-parietal joint lamdoid suture
supraoptic commissure
supraoptic tract SOT
supraorbital bone supraorbital bones
supraorbital lateral line supraorbital lateral lines,supraorbital line
supraorbital lateral line neuromast neuromast supraorbital,neuromasts supraorbital
supraorbital sensory canal
supratemporal sensory canal
surface structure surface structures
suspensorium hyopalatine,suspensoria
sustentacular cell sustentacular cells
swim bladder gas bladder
swim bladder artery SBA
swim bladder bud
sympathetic chain ganglion paravertebral ganglion
sympathetic nervous system
sympathetic neuron
symplectic symplectics
synovial cell synovial cells
synovial fluid
synovial joint diarthrodial joints,diarthroses
T cell T lymphocyte,T-cell,T-lymphocyte,ZFA:0009340,ZFA:0009341,immature T cell,immature T lymphocyte,immature T-cell,immature T-lymphocyte,mature T cell,mature T lymphocyte,mature T-cell,mature T-lymphocyte
T interneuron T shaped reticular neuron,T-interneuron,cranial relay neuron,t-interneuron
taenia marginalis anterior orbital cartilage,taeniae marginales anterior
taenia marginalis posterior orbital cartilage,taeniae marginales posterior
tail bud tail bud mesenchyme,tailbud
tangential nucleus
tapetum lucidum tapetum cellulosum
taste bud taste buds
taste receptor cell taste receptor cells
tectal neuropile synaptic neuropil,tectial lamina
tectal ventricle cerebral aqueduct,medial tectal ventricle,mesencephalic ventricle,mesencephalic vesicle,midbrain ventricle,ventriculus mesencephali
tecto-bulbar tract
tectum synoticum
tegmental nucleus
tegmentum ZFA:0001354,mesencephalic tegmentum,midbrain tegmentum
tela chorioidea tela choroidea
tela chorioidea fourth ventricle tela choroidea fourth ventricle
tela chorioidea tectal ventricle tela choroidea tectal ventricle
tela chorioidea telencephalic ventricle tela choroidea telencephalic ventricle
tela chorioidea third ventricle tela choroidea third ventricle
telencephalic nucleus
telencephalic ventricle lateral ventricle,telencephalic vesicle,ventriculi telencephali
telencephalic white matter telencephalic tract/commissure
telencephalon diencephalon boundary
tendon cell muscle attachment cell
terminal nerve nervus terminalis
terminal Schwann cell terminal Schwann cells
tertiary gustatory nucleus
testis testes
testosterone secreting cell testosterone secreting cells
tether cell
thalamic eminence eminentia thalami
thalamus thalami
theca cell theca cells
thecal cell layer thecal cell layers
thermoreceptor cell thermoreceptor cells
third ventricle 3rd ventricle,diencephalic ventricle,diencephalic vesicle,ventriculus diencephali
thoracic duct
thromboblast thromboblasts
thrombocyte thrombocytes
thymic epithelium
thymus primordium thymic rudiment
thyroid follicle thyroid follicles
thyroid hormone secreting cell thyroid hormone secreting cells
thyroid primordium thyroid primordia
thyroid stimulating hormone secreting cell beta-basophil,thyrotrope,thyrotroph
tooth 1D
tooth 1MD
tooth 1V
tooth 2D
tooth 2MD
tooth 2V
tooth 3MD
tooth 3V
tooth 4MD
tooth 4V
tooth 5V
tooth cusp
tooth placode dental primordium,tooth germ
tooth pulp
tooth row tooth rows
torus lateralis lateral torus
torus longitudinalis longitudinal torus,tori longitudinalis
torus semicircularis semicircular torus
totipotent stem cell totipotent stem cells
trabecula communis trabecular bar
trabecula cranii trabeculae cranii
trabecular layer trabecula
trabecular layer of the atrium
trabecular layer of ventricle
tract of the caudal commissure TPC,tract of the posterior commissure
tract of the commissure of the caudal tuberculum TCPT,tract of the commissure of the posterior tuberculum
tract of the postoptic commissure TPOC
trans-choroid plexus branch TCB
transitional epithelial cell transitional epithelial cells
transitional stage B cell T1 B cell,T2 B cell,T3 B cell,transitional stage B lymphocyte,transitional stage B-cell,transitional stage B-lymphocyte
transverse band
transverse canal
tri-tipped trabecula
trigeminal ganglion 5th ganglion,fifth ganglion,gV,trigeminal ganglia
trigeminal motor nucleus motor nucleus V,nV
trigeminal neural crest
trigeminal placode trigeminal placodes
trigeminal sensory neuron
trigeminal-facial chamber trigeminofacialis chamber
trochlear motor nucleus motor nucleus IV,nIV
trunk ganglion trunk ganglia
trunk mesenchyme
trunk musculature body musculature
trunk neural crest
trunk neural crest cell trunk neural crest cells
trunk sensory canal
trunk vasculature
tunica albuginea testis
tunica externa swim bladder
tunica interna swim bladder
tunica propria of seminiferous tubule
UCoD unipolar commissural descending interneuron
ultimobranchial body ultimobranchial bodies
uncrossed tecto-bulbar tract
unfertilized egg activated oocyte
unilaminar epithelium unilaminar epithelia
unipolar neuron unipolar neurons
upper left intestinal lymph vessel UL-IL
upper lip
upper oral valve breathing valve,buccal valve,maxillary valve,upper internal lip,upper semilunar valve
upper rhombic lip
upper right intestinal lymph vessel UR-IL
ural centrum 2
ural vertebra 2
urogenital papilla UGP,anal papilla,anal papillae,genital papilla,urogenital papillae
uroneural uroneurals
urostyle compound centrum,last vertebra,ultimate vertebra
urothelial cell urothelial cells
utricle utriculus
utriculosaccular foramen
UV sensitive photoreceptor cell UV sensitive photoreceptor cells
vagal ganglion gX
vagal ganglion 1 gX1,nodose ganglion 1
vagal ganglion 2 gX2,nodose ganglion 2
vagal ganglion 3 gX3,nodose ganglion 3
vagal ganglion 4 gX4,nodose ganglion 4
vagal lobe LX
vagal neural crest post-otic neural crest
vagal placode 1
vagal placode 2
vagal placode 3
vagal placode 4
vagal root rX,vagus root
vagal sensory zone
vagus foramen
valvula cerebelli valvula,valvula cerebellum
VaP motor neuron variable primary motoneuron
vascular associated smooth muscle cell vascular associated smooth muscle cells
vascular cord
vascular endothelium endothelia
vascular lymphangioblast parachordal lymphangioblast
vascular smooth muscle
vascular sprouts angiogenic sprout
vein venous system
VeLD V2b interneuron,ventral longitudinal interneuron
vent cloacal opening,cloacal vent
ventral accessory optic nucleus
ventral actinotrichium ventral actinotrichia
ventral anterior lateral line ganglion anteroventral lateral line ganglion
ventral anterior lateral line nerve anteroventral lateral line nerve,ventral anterior lateral line nerves
ventral aorta
ventral arrector arrector ventralis,ventral arrectors
ventral branch nasal ciliary artery
ventral canal eye
ventral caudal adductor adductor caudalis ventralis
ventral entopeduncular nucleus of ventral telencephalon ENv,endopeduncular nucleus, ventral part,entopeduncular nucleus, ventral part,nucleus entopeduncularis, pars ventralis,ventral entopeduncular nucleus V
ventral fin fold anal fin fold,tail fin fold,ventral fin
ventral funiculus ventral funiculi
ventral habenular nucleus
ventral horn spinal cord ventral horns spinal cord
ventral hyoid arch ventral visceral arch 2
ventral hypohyal bone lower hypohyal,ventrohyal
ventral hypohyal-urohyal joint
ventral hypothalamic zone
ventral interfilamental caudal muscle ICV,interfilamenti caudalis ventralis
ventral intermandibularis anterior intermandibularis anterior,ventral intermandibulari anterior
ventral intermandibularis posterior intermandibularis posterior,ventral intermandibulari posterior
ventral larval melanophore stripe
ventral lateral mesoderm
ventral liver lobe 3rd lobe,third lobe
ventral mandibular arch lower jaw,mandible,mandibular series
ventral mesenchyme
ventral mesentery
ventral mesoderm
ventral motor nucleus trigeminal nerve
ventral nucleus of ventral telencephalon area ventralis telencephali, nucleus ventralis,ventral division of ventral telencephalic area,ventral nucleus of V
ventral oblique branchial muscle ventral oblique branchial muscles
ventral oblique extraocular muscle inferior oblique muscle,ventral oblique extraocular muscles
ventral pelvic arrector ventral pelvic arrectors
ventral posterior glomerulus VPG
ventral proneural cluster
ventral rectus inferior rectus,ventral recti
ventral rhombencephalic commissure
ventral rhombencephalic commissure medulla oblongata
ventral root ventral roots
ventral spinal nerve ventral nerve
ventral spinal nerve median branch
ventral spinal nerve septal branch
ventral sulcus hypothalamic sulcus
ventral telencephalon area ventralis telencephali,subpallium
ventral thalamus prethalamus
ventral thalamus nucleus
ventral tooth row ventral tooth rows
ventral transverse transversus ventralis
ventral wall of dorsal aorta AGM,DA roof,DA-PCV joint,DP joint,aorta gonad mesonephros region,dorsal aorta - posterior cardinal vein joint
ventral zone olfactory bulb
ventricular endocardium
ventricular epicardium
ventricular myocardium
ventricular system
ventricular zone ventricular zones
ventriculo bulbo valve bulboventricular valve
ventro-caudal cluster vcc,ventral caudal cluster,ventrocaudal cluster
ventro-rostral cluster ventral rostral cluster,ventrorostral cluster,vrc
ventroanterior zone of olfactory bulb vaGx
ventrolateral nucleus
ventrolateral optic tract ventrolateral optic tracts
ventrolateral thalamic nucleus
ventromedial thalamic nucleus
ventromedial zone olfactory bulb
ventroposterior zone olfactory bulb
vertebra vertebrae
vertebra 1 cervical vertebra 1
vertebra 10
vertebra 11
vertebra 12
vertebra 13
vertebra 14
vertebra 15
vertebra 16
vertebra 17
vertebra 18
vertebra 19
vertebra 2 cervical vertebra 2
vertebra 20
vertebra 21
vertebra 22
vertebra 23
vertebra 24
vertebra 25
vertebra 26
vertebra 27
vertebra 28
vertebra 29
vertebra 3
vertebra 30
vertebra 4
vertebra 4-vertebra 5 joint
vertebra 5
vertebra 5-vertebra 6 joint
vertebra 6
vertebra 6 - vertebra 7 joint
vertebra 7
vertebra 8
vertebra 9
vertebral artery vertebral arteries
vertebral body end plate vertebral body endplate
vertebral column
vertical myoseptum transverse myoseptum
vestibulo-spinal tract vestibulo-spinal tracts
vestibuloauditory system
vestibulolateralis lobe
vestibulospinal neuron V
vH ionocyte HR cell,VH-MRC
visceral fat visceral fat deposit
visceral peritoneum tunica serosa
visceromotor column
visceromotor neuron general visceral motor neuron
viscerosensory commissural nucleus of Cajal commissural nucleus of Cajal,nucleus commissuralis Cajal
visible light photoreceptor cell visible light photoreceptor cells
visual pigment cell (sensu Vertebrata) visual pigment cells (sensu Vertebrata)
visual system
vitreous vitreous body,vitreous humor
vmG1 ventral triplet glomerulus 1,ventromedial glomerulus 1
vmG2 ventral triplet glomerulus 2,ventromedial glomerulus 2
vmG3 ventral triplet glomerulus 3,ventromedial glomerulus 3
vmG4 ventromedial glomerulus 4
vmG5 ventromedial glomerulus 5
vmG6 ventromedial glomerulus 6
vmG7 ventromedial glomerulus 7
vmGx ventromedial glomerular group x
vmGy ventromedial glomerular group y
vpG1 ventroposterior glomerulus 1
vpG2 ventroposterior glomerulus 2
Weberian apparatus
Weberian ossicle Weberian ossicles
Weberian vertebra Weberian vertebrae
white matter CNS tract/commissure,CNS white matter,ZFA:0000145,white mater
whole organism multi-cellular organism
xanthoblast ZFA:0005330
xanthophore ZFA:0001092
yolk ZFA:0009197,yolk cell
yolk larval melanophore stripe
yolk syncytial layer YSL,periblast,yolk sac
zona limitans intrathalamica zli
zona radiata vitelline envelope
zone of polarizing activity pectoral fin bud ZPA
zone of polarizing activity pelvic fin bud ZPA
zonule zonules