General Information
Panel Name: Mother of Pearl (MOP)
Description: The MOP haploid mapping panel was constructed from a single female fish heterozygous for the C32 and SJD lines (see Johnson and Zon, 1999 for stock origins). This fish wa s heterozygous for the mother-of-pearl (mop) coloration mutation. Haploid embryos were produced as described (Streisinger et al., 1981). DNAs were collected from haploid embryos at 72 h ours after fertilization as described (Postlethwait et al. , 1999), and these DNAs were scored by the Polymerase Chain reaction for DNA polymorphisms (Johnson et al., 1996; Amores et al., 1998; Postlethwait et al., 1998).
Panel Producer: Postlethwait, John H.
Panel Type: Meiotic
Current source of
genetic material for mapping:
Postlethwait, John H.
Most Recent Update: Sep 7, 2001
Number of Meioses: 96
Markers Chromosome
Marker Type Count
GENE 227
RAPD 204
SNP 23
SSLP 250
Total 708
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Chromsome Marker Type (# on Chr.) View Scoring
1 GENE(11) PAC(1) RAPD(14) SNP(1) SSLP(10) Map Data
2 GENE(13) RAPD(11) SSLP(11) Map Data
3 GENE(13) RAPD(6) SSLP(13) Map Data
4 GENE(5) RAPD(2) SSLP(15) Map Data
5 GENE(18) PAC(1) RAPD(7) SNP(4) SSLP(14) Map Data
6 GENE(14) RAPD(9) SNP(3) SSLP(7) Map Data
7 GENE(11) RAPD(8) SNP(4) SSLP(14) Map Data
8 GENE(12) RAPD(11) SSLP(9) Map Data
9 GENE(13) RAPD(13) SNP(4) SSLP(9) Map Data
10 GENE(4) RAPD(9) SSLP(8) Map Data
11 GENE(8) RAPD(9) SNP(3) SSLP(9) Map Data
12 GENE(4) RAPD(1) SSLP(9) STS(1) Map Data
13 GENE(5) RAPD(4) SSLP(7) Map Data
14 GENE(15) RAPD(7) SSLP(15) Map Data
15 GENE(1) RAPD(7) SSLP(12) Map Data
16 GENE(10) RAPD(8) SSLP(15) Map Data
17 GENE(15) RAPD(6) SSLP(7) Map Data
18 GENE(5) MUTANT(1) RAPD(8) SNP(2) SSLP(7) Map Data
19 GENE(7) RAPD(10) SSLP(8) Map Data
20 GENE(8) RAPD(20) SSLP(10) Map Data
21 GENE(8) RAPD(4) SNP(2) SSLP(10) Map Data
22 GENE(4) RAPD(8) SSLP(9) Map Data
23 GENE(15) RAPD(9) SSLP(6) Map Data
24 GENE(3) RAPD(8) SSLP(7) Map Data
25 GENE(5) RAPD(5) SSLP(9) Map Data
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