Pourghadamyari et al., 2019 - Establishing a new animal model for muscle regeneration studies. Molecular biology research communications   8:171-179 Full text @ Mol Biol Res Commun

Figuer 4

Evalute the expression of myod, myf5, and pax7 in muscle regeneration process. A. Schematic diagram for cell-labeling and assessment of muscle cell regeneration. B. Pax7 relative expression at 3 dpf, 5 dpf and 8 dpf. C. myod relative expression at 3 dpf, 5 dpf and 8 dpf. D. myf5 relative expression at 3 dpf, 5 dpf and 8 dpf. mRNA levels were quantified normalized relative to eef1a1l1 mRNA expression. *P<0.05 and **P<0.01.

Figure 1

The workflow of the study. Zebrafish embryos were microinjected at one-cell-stage with the desired gene construct. Two days after injection, embryos were evaluated for CFP expression. CFP positive embryos were selected to raise as F0 embryos transgenic fish. CFP positive embryos were selected and raised. CFP positive adult zebrafishes were crossed with wild type (TU strain) to produce the F1 generation.

Figure 2

The CFP of Tg(mylpfa:cfp-nfsB) is specifically expressed in muscle cells. A. Tg(mylpfa:cfp-ntr) and wild type larvae 36 hrs after Tol2 construct injection. B. 3dpf of Tg(mylpfa:cfp-nfsB) larvae. C. 3dpf of and wild type larvae. (dpf (Days Post Fertilization), CFP (cyan fluorescent protein).

Figure 3

MTZ treatment specifically depletes muscle cells of Tg(mylpfa:cfp-ntr) and muscle regeneration. A. Before MTZ treatment (3dpf). B. After 48 hrs MTZ treatment (5dpf). C. Expression of CFP appeared again after 3-day MTZ withdrawal in larva from the MTZ treatment group (8dpf). (dpf (Days Post Fertilization).

Figure 5

Graph of relative CFP intensities at 3 dpf, 5 dpf and 8dpf. *P<0.05 and **P<0.01, n = 6. (dpf=Days Post Fertilization).

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