ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-090424-3
Genomic Feature: gz15Tg
Synonyms: LiPan (1), Tg(fabp10:RFP,ela3l:EGFP)gz12 (1), Tg(fabp1a:dsRed;ela3l:EGFP)gz15 (1), Tg(fabp1a:dsRed;ela3l:GFP)gz15 (1), Tg(lfabp1a:dsRed;ela3l:GFP)gz15 (1), Tg(lfabp:RFP,elaA:EGFP)gz12 (1)
Affected Genomic Regions: This feature is representative of one or more unknown insertion sites.
Construct: Tg(ela3l:EGFP) (1), Tg(fabp10a:DsRed) (1)
Type: Transgenic Insertion (1)
Protocol: embryos treated with DNA
Lab Of Origin: Zhiyuan Gong Lab
Location: Unmapped
Current Sources: China Zebrafish Resource Center (CZRC)    (order this)
MUTATION DETAILS No data available
Comment Citation
Homozygous LiPan zebrafish were viable and had no visible phenotype. The LiPan  ... ZFIN Staff
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Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Homozygous gz15Tg/gz15Tg ♀-/- ♂-/-
Complex cldn15lbfh290/fh290; gz15Tg cldn15lb
cse1ls866/s866; gz15Tg cse1l
dnmt1s872/s872; gz15Tg dnmt1
dnmt1s904/s904; gz15Tg dnmt1
fgf10atbvbo/tbvbo; gz15Tg fgf10a
gbasa1621/sa1621; gz15Tg gba
hdac1s436/s436; gz15Tg hdac1
npas4ls5/s5; gz15Tg/gz15Tg npas4l
npas4ls5; gz15Tg npas4l
ptf1as922/s922; gz15Tg ptf1a
rnpc3s846/s846; gz15Tg rnpc3
snapc4s445/s445; gz15Tg snapc4
tomm22s469/s469; gz15Tg tomm22
tp53zdf1/+; gz15Tg tp53
wnt2bbs403/s403; gz15Tg wnt2bb
hhexzju16/zju16; gz15Tg hhex
gz15Tg ; trappc11hi1532bTg/hi1532bTg trappc11
selenohhi2737Tg/hi2737Tg; gz15Tg selenoh
supv3l1vu497Gt/vu497Gt; gz15Tg supv3l1
gt1Tg; gz15Tg
gz15Tg; gz26Tg
gz15Tg; gz32Tg
gz15Tg; ia301Tg
gz15Tg; jh1Tg
gz15Tg; m1018Tg
gz15Tg; pd1042Tg
gz15Tg; s921Tg
gz15Tg; um14Tg
gz15Tg; y1Tg
s931Tg ; gz15Tg
gz15Tg ; jag2bhu3425/hu3425 ; jag1bb1105/b1105 jag1b, jag2b
dnmt1s872/s872 ; gz15Tg ; m1018Tg dnmt1
dnmt1s872/s872; gz15Tg; jh1Tg dnmt1
hnf1bas430/s430; gz15Tg; jh1Tg hnf1ba
npas4ls5/s5; gz15Tg/gz15Tg; y1Tg npas4l
pwp2hs927/s927; gz15Tg; m1018Tg pwp2h
snapc4s445/s445; gz15Tg; um14Tg snapc4
wnt2bbs403/s403; gz15Tg; jh1Tg wnt2bb
wnt2bbs403/s403; gz15Tg; m1018Tg wnt2bb
wnt2bbs403/s403; gz15Tg; s921Tg wnt2bb
wnt2bbs403/s403; gz15Tg; w32Tg wnt2bb
wnt2bbs404/s404; gz15Tg; jh1Tg wnt2bb
mpv17a9/a9; gz15Tg; ia301Tg mpv17
hnf1bahi2169Tg/hi2169Tg; gz15Tg; jh1Tg hnf1ba
supv3l1vu497Gt/vu497Gt; gz15Tg; s955Tg supv3l1
gz15Tg; jh1Tg; m1018Tg
gz15Tg; jh1Tg; w32Tg
gz26Tg ; gz15Tg ; y1Tg
fgf10atbvbo/tbvbo; wnt2bbs403/s403; gz15Tg; w32Tg fgf10a, wnt2bb
gz15Tg ; jag1bb1105/b1105 ; jag2bhu3425/hu3425 ; jh1Tg jag1b, jag2b
hnf1bas430/s430; wnt2bbs404/s404; gz15Tg; jh1Tg hnf1ba, wnt2bb
hnf1bas430/s430; gz15Tg; jh1Tg; w32Tg hnf1ba
mets908/s908; gz15Tg; jh1Tg; m1018Tg met
wnt2bbs403/s403; gz15Tg; jh1Tg; w32Tg wnt2bb
wnt2bbs403/s403; gz15Tg; m1018Tg; w32Tg wnt2bb
cftrpd1049/pd1049; gz15Tg cftr
gz15Tg ; nr5a2ihb193/ihb193 nr5a2
lars1bcq68/cq68; gz15Tg lars1b
cftrpd1049/pd1049; gz15Tg; m1018Tg cftr
Unknown gz15Tg Unknown
gz15Tg (AB) Unknown