ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-070316-1
Genomic Feature: c264Tg
Synonyms: 14xNtrCh (1), 14xUAS:NfsB-mCherry (1), Tg(UAS-E1b:NfsB-mCherry)c264 (1), Tg(UAS:NTR-Cherry) (1)
Affected Genomic Regions: This feature is representative of one or more unknown insertion sites.
Construct: Tg(UAS-E1B:NTR-mCherry) (1)
Type: Transgenic Insertion (1)
Protocol: embryos treated with DNA
Lab Of Origin: Halpern Lab
Location: Unmapped
Current Sources: Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC)    (order this)
MUTATION DETAILSNo data available
FLANKING SEQUENCENo data available
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Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Heterozygous c264Tg/+ (AB) Unknown
Complex c264Tg ; ed6Tg
c264Tg ; gl24Tg
c264Tg ; gl24Tg ; kyu1Tg
c264Tg ; gl24Tg ; s843Tg
c264Tg ; nksagff214aGt (EKW)
c264Tg ; nksagff214aGt ; pd1151Tg (EKW)
c264Tg ; psi1Tg
c264Tg ; psi1Tg ; ubs1Tg
c264Tg ; s843Tg ; s995Tg ; bns82Tg
c264Tg ; s939Tg ; kyu1Tg ; gl24Tg
c264Tg ; s995Tg
c264Tg ; tlv05Tg
c264Tg ; tlv05Tg ; y9Tg
c264Tg ; tlv05Tg ; zf104Tg
c264Tg ; vegfabbns92/bns92 ; s995Tg ; s843Tg vegfab
c264Tg ; zf279Et ; gl22Tg
ct852Tg ; c264Tg (AB/TL)
ct852Tg ; c264Tg ; ct821Tg (AB/TL)
gl24Tg ; s939Tg ; pt608Tg ; c264Tg
hu4624Tg ; psi1Tg ; c264Tg
hu4624Tg ; s995Tg ; c264Tg
hu5333Tg ; c264Tg ; s843Tg ; s995Tg
i131Tg ; c264Tg ; pc24Tg
nksagff214aGt ; cavin1bbns110/bns110 ; c264Tg (EKW) cavin1b
nksagff214aGt ; pd1151Tg ; c264Tg ; cavin1bbns110/bns110 (EKW) cavin1b
psi1Tg ; c264Tg ; s843Tg
s843Tg ; km5Tg ; c264Tg
s843Tg ; s995Tg ; c264Tg ; bns80Tg
s939Tg ; gl24Tg ; c264Tg
s995Tg ; c264Tg ; s843Tg
s995Tg ; c264Tg ; ubs1Tg
s995Tg ; mi2001Tg ; c264Tg
tlv04Tg ; c264Tg
tlv04Tg ; c264Tg ; zf44Tg
tlv05Tg ; biu5Tg ; c264Tg
tlv05Tg ; c264Tg ; s843Tg
tlv05Tg ; wz01Tg ; c264Tg
tlv05Tg ; zf44Tg ; c264Tg
tlv06Tg ; c264Tg ; tlv04Tg
zf167Tg ; s995Tg ; c264Tg
zf279Et ; c264Tg ; csf1raj4e1/j4e1 ; gl22Tg csf1ra
zf279Et ; csf1raj4e1/j4e1 ; gl22Tg ; c264Tg ; csf1rbre01/+ csf1ra, csf1rb
c223Tg/+; c264Tg/+
c230Tg/+; c264Tg/+
c264Tg/+; gl25Tg/+
c264Tg/+; zc1000aEt/+ (AB)
c264Tg/+; zc1004aEt/+ (AB)
c264Tg/+; zc1008aEt/+ (AB)
c264Tg/+; zc1009aEt/+ (AB)
c264Tg/+; zc1012aEt/+ (AB)
c264Tg/+; zc1013aEt/+ (AB)
c264Tg/+; zc1015aEt/+ (AB)
c264Tg/+; zc1016aEt/+ (AB)
c264Tg/+; zc1016cEt/+ (AB)
c264Tg/+; zc1017aEt/+ (AB)
c264Tg/+; zc1018aEt/+ (AB)
c264Tg; gl25Tg
c264Tg; gmc606Et
c264Tg; gmc607Et
c264Tg; gmc632Et
c264Tg; gmc641Et
c264Tg; km5Tg
c264Tg; km6Tg
c264Tg; nns6Tg
c264Tg; s1992tTg
c264Tg; sj4Tg
c264Tg; ua3016Tg
c264Tg; y252Et (TL)
c264Tg; zc1000aEt
c264Tg; zc1002aEt
c264Tg; zc1003aEt
c264Tg; zc1004aEt
c264Tg; zc1006aEt
c264Tg; zc1008aEt
c264Tg; zc1009aEt
c264Tg; zc1010aEt
c264Tg; zc1012aEt
c264Tg; zc1013aEt
c264Tg; zc1015aEt
c264Tg; zc1016aEt
c264Tg; zc1016cEt
c264Tg; zc1016dEt
c264Tg; zc1017aEt
c264Tg; zc1018aEt
c264Tg; zc1019aEt
c264Tg; zc1019bEt
c264Tg; zc1020aEt
c264Tg; zc1020bEt
c264Tg; zc1021aEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1022aEt
c264Tg; zc1022bEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1023aEt
c264Tg; zc1023bEt
c264Tg; zc1023dEt
c264Tg; zc1024aEt
c264Tg; zc1025aEt
c264Tg; zc1025bEt
c264Tg; zc1025dEt
c264Tg; zc1026aEt
c264Tg; zc1028aEt
c264Tg; zc1029eEt
c264Tg; zc1030aEt
c264Tg; zc1031aEt
c264Tg; zc1032aEt
c264Tg; zc1033aEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1034aEt
c264Tg; zc1035aEt
c264Tg; zc1036aEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1037aEt
c264Tg; zc1037bEt
c264Tg; zc1037cEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1038aEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1039aEt
c264Tg; zc1039bEt
c264Tg; zc1040aEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1040bEt
c264Tg; zc1041aEt
c264Tg; zc1042aEt
c264Tg; zc1044aEt
c264Tg; zc1044aEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1046aEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1047aEt
c264Tg; zc1048aEt
c264Tg; zc1049aEt
c264Tg; zc1050aEt
c264Tg; zc1051aEt
c264Tg; zc1052aEt
c264Tg; zc1052bEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1053aEt
c264Tg; zc1054aEt
c264Tg; zc1055aEt
c264Tg; zc1055bEt
c264Tg; zc1056aEt
c264Tg; zc1057aEt
c264Tg; zc1059aEt
c264Tg; zc1059bEt
c264Tg; zc1060aEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1062aEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1062bEt
c264Tg; zc1063aEt
c264Tg; zc1063bEt
c264Tg; zc1064aEt
c264Tg; zc1065aEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1066aEt
c264Tg; zc1067aEt
c264Tg; zc1068aEt
c264Tg; zc1069aEt
c264Tg; zc1070aEt
c264Tg; zc1071aEt
c264Tg; zc1072aEt
c264Tg; zc1073aEt
c264Tg; zc1074bEt
c264Tg; zc1075aEt
c264Tg; zc1076aEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1077aEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1078aEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1080aEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1081aEt
c264Tg; zc1082aEt
c264Tg; zc1083aEt
c264Tg; zc1084aEt
c264Tg; zc1085aEt
c264Tg; zc1086aEt
c264Tg; zc1087aEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1088aEt
c264Tg; zc1090aEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1091aEt
c264Tg; zc1093aEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc1094aEt (AB)
c264Tg; zc57Tg
c264Tg; zf248Tg
ub3Tg; c264Tg
ub43Tg; c264Tg
restsbu29/sbu29; c264Tg; gmc606Et rest
restsbu29/sbu29; c264Tg; gmc607Et rest
restsbu29/sbu29; c264Tg; gmc632Et rest
restsbu29/sbu29; c264Tg; gmc641Et rest
c264Tg ; i114Tg ; gl25Tg
c264Tg; cf3Tg; y252Et (TL)
c264Tg; jh16Tg; nns7Tg (AB)
c264Tg; kj9Tg; ua3016Tg
c264Tg; la2Tg; pc19Tg
c264Tg; m1230Tg; m1233Tg
c264Tg; nkhsp70GFF4AEt; vo8Tg
c264Tg; pc19Tg; y1Tg
c264Tg; s843Tg; zc57Tg
nkuasgfp1aTg ; km5Tg ; c264Tg
ue101Tg ; nkuasgfp1aTg ; c264Tg
mpv17a9/+; c264Tg/+; q16aTg/+; q16bTg/+ mpv17
mpv17a9/a9; c264Tg/+; q16aTg/+; q16bTg/+ mpv17
mpv17a9; c264Tg; gmc680Et; gmc932Tg mpv17
s843Tg ; c264Tg ; gl28Tg ; nz150Tg
s843Tg ; nz101Tg ; gl25Tg ; c264Tg
c264Tg ; s995Tg ; flt1bns29/+ flt1
hif1aabns89/bns89; hif1abbns90/bns90; c264Tg; gl24Tg; s843Tg hif1aa, hif1ab
Unknown c264Tg (AB) Unknown
c264Tg Unknown