ZFIN ID: ZDB-ALT-020918-8
Genomic Feature: kca3Tg
Synonyms: kca1 (1), kca3, Tg(UAS:myc-Notch1a-intra), Tg(UAS:myc-Notch1a-intra)kca3 (1), uas:nicd-myc (1)
Affected Genomic Regions: This feature is representative of one or more unknown insertion sites.
Construct: Tg(5xUAS-E1b:6xMYC-notch1a)
Type: Transgenic Insertion
Protocol: DNA 
Lab Of Origin: Reugels / Campos-Ortega Lab
Location: Unmapped
Current Sources: Zebrafish International Resource Center (ZIRC)    (order this)
MUTATION DETAILSNo data available
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Zygosity Genotype (Background) Affected Genomic Regions Parental Zygosity
Heterozygous kca3Tg/+ (AB) Unknown
kca3Tg/+ Unknown
Complex kca3Tg ; nkuasrfp1aTg ; zf169Tg ; ubs3Tg
mu101Tg ; kca3Tg
pd1Tg ; kca3Tg ; kca4Tg (AB)
umk4Tg ; kca3Tg
bw9Tg; kca3Tg
cj3Tg; kca3Tg
hu10049Tg; kca3Tg
hzm7Et; kca3Tg
kca3Tg/+; kca4Tg/+
kca3Tg/+; m1080Tg/+
kca3Tg/+; m1080Tg/m1080Tg
kca3Tg/kca3Tg; kca4Tg/kca4Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg
kca3Tg; nns6Tg
kca3Tg; pd1023Tg
kca3Tg; s1006tEt
kca3Tg; ubs3Tg
kca3Tg; ubs4Tg
kca3Tg; vu12Tg
kca3Tg; vu22Tg
kca3Tg; y273Tg
dctn1as309/s309; kca3Tg; kca4Tg (TL) dctn1a
mib1ta52b/ta52b; kca3Tg; kca4Tg mib1
sox7hu5626/hu5626; hu10049Tg; kca3Tg sox7
hdac1hi1618Tg/hi1618Tg; kca3Tg; kca4Tg hdac1
kca3Tg/+; kca4Tg/+; knu2Tg/+
kca3Tg/+; kca4Tg/+; sb1Tg/+
kca3Tg/+; kca4Tg/+; y83Tg/+
kca3Tg/+; vu12Tg; vu22Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; knu3Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; la781Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; nl1Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; s843Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; vu12Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; x17Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; y1Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; y83Tg
kca3Tg; mu101Tg; nkuasgfp1aTg
kca3Tg; nkhspGFF53AEt; nkuasgfp1aTg
kca3Tg; nns5Tg; nns6Tg
kca3Tg; s1001tEt; s1999tTg
ubs3Tg ; rk8Tg ; kca3Tg
gt1Tg; jh11Tg; kca3Tg; kca4Tg
hu4008Tg; kca3Tg; kca4Tg; zf131Tg
kca3Tg ; kca4Tg ; um14Tg ; vc6Tg
kca3Tg/+; kca4Tg/+; s939Tg; um14Tg
kca3Tg; kca4Tg; la2Tg; s939Tg
Unknown kca3Tg Unknown