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Four resource centers for fishes: specifies, stocks, and services
Hawkins, W.E., Clark, M.S., Shima, A., Walter, R.B., Winn, R.N., and Westerfield, M.
Date: 2001
Source: Marine biotechnology (New York, N.Y.)   3: S239-S248 (Journal)
Registered Authors: Shima, Akihiro, Westerfield, Monte, Winn, Richard
Keywords: fish, aquarium, resources, fugu, medata, zebrafish, xiphophorus, pufferfish Fugu rubripes, transgenic mouse model, methyl-n-nitrosourea, Japanese pufferfish, compact genome, genetic basis, x-rays, identification, susceptibility, conservation
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A conference on "Aquaria Fish Models of Human Disease" was held September 20-23, 2000, at Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas, USA. The meeting was sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (National Institutes of Health), the Roy and Joan Mitte Foundation, and Southwest Texas State University, home of the Xiphophorus Genetic Stock Center. In conjunction with the meeting, the conference organizers asked several participants to describe those components of their research programs that provide services and information to other researchers. This article summarizes their responses.