ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-990120-1
Baier Lab
PI/Director: Baier, Herwig
Co-PI / Senior
Wullimann, Mario F.
Contact Person: Cerny, Annegret
Email: hbaier@neuro.mpg.de
URL: http://www.neuro.mpg.de/baier
Address: Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology Department Genes –- Circuits -– Behavior Am Klopferspitz 18 82152 Martinsried near Munich Germany
Country: Germany
Phone: 011-49-8578-3200
Fax: 011-49-8578-3240
Line Designation: mpn

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Our current interests:
• Functional dissection of visual and visuomotor pathways at the cellular and synaptic scale.
• Neural basis of elementary cognitive processes, including decision-making, attention, memory and social affiliation.
• Innovation and refinement of optical, genetic and optogenetic methods.
• Machine learning-supported, kinematic analysis of behavior.
• Linking circuit architectures to behavioral adaptations.
• Development of a multimodal, high-resolution atlas of the zebrafish brain.
• Neuroethology and behavioral genetics of East African cichlids.

Foerster, Dominique Post-Doc Grätsch, Swantje Post-Doc Larsch, Johannes Post-Doc
Marquart, Gregory Post-Doc Shainer, Inbal Post-Doc Stemmer, Manuel Post-Doc
Bauer, Lisa Graduate Student Breitzler, Lukas Graduate Student Kappel, Johannes Graduate Student
Mearns, Duncan Graduate Student Parker, Ashley Graduate Student Schneider, Martin Graduate Student
Sherman, Shachar Graduate Student Al Kassar, Mariam Research Staff Donovan, Joseph Research Staff
Finger-Baier, Karin Research Staff Kühn, Enrico Research Staff Laurell, Eva Research Staff
Mokayes, Nouwar Research Staff Robbins, Trace Research Staff Slanchev, Krasimir Research Staff
Arnold-Ammer, Irene Technical Staff Cerny, Annegret Administrative Staff

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