Figures for Schlegel et al., 2019



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Fig. 2 Cacna1fa localization cacna2d4-KO lines. (A) Immunohistochemical analysis of Cacna1fa with Zpr-1 counterstain (red-green double cones). Cacna1fa expression is not affected in cacna2d4a-KO larvae at 5 and 20 dpf, but severely reduced in cacna2d4b-KO as well as in double-KO. In the latter two, ectopic punctate Cacna1fa staining is observed distal to the OPL (arrowheads). (B) Expression in adult double-KO is comparable to WT levels, yet ectopic puncta are visible (arrowheads). Scale bars (A, B) correspond to 10 μm and apply to all images of the respective developmental stage.

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