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Fig. 2

Catalase expression in beta-cells reduces beta-cell proliferation. (A) Confocal sections of principal islets from WT and Tg(ins:catalase;ins:H2BmCherry) siblings, incubated at 21 dpf with EdU for 16 hours (5 h after feeding). Fewer beta-cells incorporated EdU in Tg(ins:catalase;ins:H2BmCherry) compared to WT siblings. (B) Quantification of the percentage of EdU+ beta-cells in WT (n = 10) and Tg(ins:catalase;ins:H2BmCherry) (n = 11). Expression of catalase leads to a reduced percentage of EdU+ beta-cells compared to WT (p = 0,001). (C) Confocal planes (xzy) and 3D reconstructions (xzy) of smaller islets from WT and Tg(ins:catalase;ins:H2BmCherry) animals stained for insulin and glucagon. The beta-cells in the islet of the Tg(ins:catalase;ins:H2BmCherry) were scattered and fewer in numbers compared to WT. Alpha-cells in Tg(ins:catalase;ins:H2BmCherry) appear unaffected by the catalase expression in beta-cells. See also Figure S2 for maximum projections spanning the volume of principal islets in WT and Tg(ins:catalase;ins:H2BmCherry). Error bars = SEM.


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