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Figures for Williams et al., 2020

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Figure 4—figure supplement 1. Nodal signaling activity in intact embryos.

(A) Representative confocal z-projections of immunofluorescent (IF) staining for phosphorylated Smad2 (bottom) overlaid with DAPI-labeled nuclei (top) in WT embryos fixed at the time points indicated. (B) Representative confocal z-projections of pSmad2 IF and DAPI staining in 5.5 hpf WT embryos treated with DMSO (top) or SB505124 (bottom), starting at 3 hpf. Panels to the right are magnified views of the regions within the white squares. Fractions indicate the number of embryos with the depicted phenotype over the total number of embryos examined for each condition and/or timepoint. The animal pole is at the top of all images. Scale bars are 50 μm.

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