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Figures for Bagwell et al., 2020


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Fig. 8

Nuclear distribution and shape indicate that hydrostatic pressure of the notochord is decreased in spzl mutants.

( A–B) Confocal images of cross sections of 14 dpf WT and spzl-/- larvae section. Vacuolated cells are labeled with SAG:gal4;UAS:GFP and nuclei are stained with DAPI. Scale bar = 50 µm ( C) Plot of vacuolated cell nuclear distribution for WT (red, n = 29) and spzl-/- (black, n = 32). ( D) Nuclear volume in WT and spzl-/- at 14 dpf. ( E–F) Reconstructions of nuclei in WT ( E) and spzl-/- ( F) and two different viewing angles. Scale bar = 20 µm ( G) Sphericity of WT and spzl-/- nuclei at 14 dpf. p-values were determined by an un-paired t-test using Welch’s correction.

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