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Figures for Bagwell et al., 2020


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Fig. 5

Dstyk regulates fusion of pre-vacuolar carriers with the notochord vacuole.

( A–B) Maximum projection of a light sheet microscopy live image of WT and spzl-/- embryos at 48hpf and 65hpf, respectively. ( C–D) Still images from a 17 hr light sheet movie of a WT and spzl-/-embryos zebrafish embryo during vacuole biogenesis depicting vacuole fusion events. Vacuole membranes are labeled by NFATC:gal4;UAS:GFPrab32 expression. Arrows point to GFP-Rab32 positive vesicles. Arrowheads point to large vesicle (vacuolinos) docking events. n = 2 animals per genotype. Asterisks mark fusion events. Scale bar = 100 µm.

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