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Figures for Hau et al., 2020


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Fig. 3.

Maternal effect of larp6a−/− and larp6a−/−;larp6b−/− on oogenesis. (A) Bright-field images of 5 dpf larvae from the indicated crosses. Fish are shown with anterior towards the left and dorsal upwards. Inflated swim bladders show that larvae have swimming and swallowing capacity. (B) Slow myosin immunodetection in 48 hpf larvae from a larp6a−/−;larp6b−/− female crossed to a larp6a+/−;larp6b+/− male reveal no differences in slow muscle fibre formation. Images are centred on somite 17/18 and the graph shows the number of slow fibres per myotome±s.d., tested using Welch's ANOVA on SPSS. (C) Bright-field images of lays at 3 hpf from wild-type, larp6a−/−, larp6b−/− and larp6a−/−;larp6b−/− females (upper panels) or males (lower panels) crossed to wild-type AB. Embryos from males of any genotype or wild-type females show a fully elevated chorion (ch), translucent and smooth yolk (y), tall and symmetrical blastodisc (bd), large chorion diameter (brackets), and large subchorionic space (asterisk). All embryos from maternal larp6a−/− mutants have reduced chorion diameter, reduced subchorionic space (black lines) surrounding a yolk cell of unaltered size (red lines) but more opaque and uneven. Lays from larp6b−/− females are indistinguishable from wild type. Lays from larp6a−/−;larp6b−/− females are like larp6a−/− embryos, but have even smaller chorion diameter (brackets). (D) Chorion diameter cumulative frequency distribution curves. Light colours indicate individual clutches strong colour indicates the mean for each genotype. (E) Average of the mean chorion diameters of n clutches from separate females of indicated maternal genotype±s.d. One-way ANOVA with Tukey's post-hoc test on SPSS. Scale bars: 1 mm in A,C; 100 µm in B.

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