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Figures for Hau et al., 2020


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Fig. 2.

Zygotic Larp6 mutants appear wild type. (A) Bright-field images of 5 dpf larvae from wild-type and incrosses of single and double heterozygous carriers. Fish are shown anterior towards the left and dorsal upwards with genotyped mutants above their respective wild-type siblings (wt sib). Inflated swim bladders show that larvae have swimming and swallowing capacity. (B) Adults derived from incrosses of larp6a+/ (n=52), larp6b+/ (n=62) and larp6a+/−;larp6b+/− (n=61) fish were co-reared, then genotyped at 5 mpf showing the expected Mendelian ratios. Fish numbers are above each bar. (C) Slow myosin immunofluorescence of 24 hpf embryos. Images of wild type and mutant centred on somite 17/18 reveal no differences in slow muscle fibre formation. (D) Length and weight of sibling individuals from larp6a+/−, larp6b+/− and larp6a+/−;larp6b+/− in-crosses determined at 5 mpf show no significant difference between genotypes. Large symbols reflect means for each sex and genotype±s.e.m. Individuals data points are also plotted. Scale bars: 1 mm in A; 100 µm in C.

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