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Figures for Clément et al., 2018

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Fig. 1

The pillars do not form properly in cog4−/− mutants. Live images of the inner ear of cog4+/+ sibling (A, n = 34 larvae) and cog4−/− mutant larvae (B, n = 15 larvae). Red stars indicate the semicircular canals. Phalloidin staining of the inner ear of cog4+/+ sibling (C, n = 24 larvae) and cog4−/− mutant larvae (D, n = 25 larvae). Yellow arrowheads indicate the fusion plates that form in 100% (24 out of 24) of wild-type siblings (C). Red arrowhead points to the malformed pillar. One or more malformed pillars are observed in 84% (21 out of 25) of homozygous mutant larvae (D). Anterior to the left and dorsal to the top. 5 dpf.

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