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Figures for Carmona-Aldana et al., 2018

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Fig. 4 Phenotype of the CTCF morphants. 1-cell to 2-cell embryos were injected with mo-aug or mo-sp. A range of phenotypes was found at 24 hpf, from wild type, mild and severe phenotypes. Different structures were affected: a. Forebrain, b. Midbrain, c. Hindbrain, d. Eye, e. Notochord f. Somites. The percentages and the median of embryos with a mild or severe phenotype are shown in the graph. The statistical difference is noted with an asterisk (n = 4 assays, p = 0.006 for mo-aug; n = 9 assays, p = 0.2609 for mo-sp; one-tailed unpaired t-tests).

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