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Figures for Nguyen-Chi et al., 2017

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Fig. S2

Depletion of macrophages using L-Clodronate injections in early stages but not late stages of regeneration impairs blastema formation. (a and c) Blastema cell proliferation at 6, 48 and 72 hpA after L-clodronate 1 (a) and Lclodronate 2 (c) treatments in indicated conditions. Mitotic cells were detected using an anti-phosphorylated histone H3 (PH3) antibody (Nlarvae = 4-6 per group, average value of cut/uncut ratio ± s.e.m, differences are not significant). (b) junbl mRNA expression (blue), as shown by in situ hybridization, in non-amputated fin or 6 hpA, in Tg(mpeg1:mCherry-F) larvae that were previously injected with PBS or L-clodronate 24 hours before amputation.

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