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Figures for Takesono et al., 2012

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Fig. 4

Slc3a2 inhibits the RhoA/ROCK pathway via c-Src activation in regulating YSL organization. (A) slc3a2 knockdown reduces tyrosine phosphorylation of c-Src. Western blot shows pY416 c-Src and total c-Src in lysates from control, slc3a2-morphants (MOs), or slc3a2/RhoA morphants (MOs+RhoA-MO). Data shown are representative of three independent experiments. (B) Overexpression of v-Src restores YSN localization after slc3a2 knockdown. The YSN are visualized by Sytox green. Clustered YSN in MOs (white arrows) are restored by coinjecting v-Src mRNA (v-Src+MOs). (C) Overexpression of v-Src restores microtubule networks in the YSL in slc3a2-knockdown embryos. YSL microtubule networks (╬▒TUB; red), YSN distribution (SytG; green), and overlap of YSN and YSL microtubules (white squares in merged images) are all restored by v-Src+MOs.

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