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Figures for Zhao et al., 2016


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Fig. 4

Enhanced tumor infiltration of neutrophils by induced Myc expression and suppression of neutrophil infiltration by angiogenesis inhibitors.

TO(Myc) and Tg(mpx:EGFP) double transgenic larvae were generated with EGFP labeled neutrophils. (A-F) Images of the double transgenic larvae in the presence of the following chemicals: nil control (A), Dox (B), SU5416 (C), Dox+SU5416 (D), sunitinib (E) and Dox+sunitinib (F). The larvae were treated from 4 dpf to 7 dpf. In all images, the liver areas are circled by dashlines. The original magnification was 20x. (G) Neutrophil counts in the liver. (H) Neutrophil density in the liver. Neutrophil density was calculated as number of neutrophils per µm2. (I) Quantification of 2D liver size. The quantitative data were based on 10 samples per concentration group. Data are represented as mean ± SD. Astrisks indicate significant difference with P-value < 0.05 by unpaired t-test statistical analysis.

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