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Figures for Antinucci et al., 2016

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Fig. 1

Generation of crystal, a fully transparent combinatorial pigmentation mutant.

(a) Left: schematic diagram of the main populations of pigment cells in wild type (WT) zebrafish. Centre: cell lineages generating the different populations of pigment cells. Right: mutations affecting genes controlling either pigment cell formation (nacrew2/w2 and roya9/a9) or melanin production (albb4/b4) used to generate the crystal mutant. RPE, retinal pigment epithelium. (b-d) Pigmentation phenotypes of wild type, single mutant, casper and crystal zebrafish at adult (>3 month old, (b)), embryonic (3 dpf, (c)) and larval (7 dpf, (d)) stages. Red dashed boxes indicate crystal mutants. Insets on the right display eye pigmentation phenotypes. 3 dpf and 7 dpf zebrafish treated with 200 ┬ÁM PTU are shown at the bottom of (c,d). Note that the optical transparency of crystal fish is higher than that of wild type, single mutant, casper and PTU-treated fish.

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