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Figures for Frohnhöfer et al., 2016


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Fig. 6

Development of the exocrine pancreas is defective in ide mutants. Expression of trypsin in 72hpf embryos visualized by in situ hybridization. (A) heterozygous (ide+/-) and (B) homozygous (ide-/- zyg. only, maternal contribution present) mutants derived from heterozygous parents show no defects (n=40). Whereas (C) homozygous mutants derived from an incross of homozygous fish, i.e. zygotic mutants with no maternal contribution (ide-/- mat. & zyg.), show a severe reduction in the expression domain, indicating defects in the development of the exocrine pancreas (n=24). Scale bar: 0.1mm.

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