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Figures for Swindell et al., 2015

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Fig. 3

Increased apoptosis is present in the head of MO3 injected embryos. Co-injection of MO3 with p53MO and whole mount TUNEL staining shows partial inhibition of MO3-induced apoptosis. Lateral view of UIC (a–f), MO3-injected embryos (g–l), MO3/p53MO co-injected embryos (m–r), and control MM-MO3-injected embryos (s–x), at 16 hpf (a, g, m, s), 24 hpf (b, h, n, t), 36 hpf (c, i, o, u), 48 hpf (d, j, p, v), 60 hpf (e, k, q, w), and 72 hpf (f, l, r, x).

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