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Figures for Ghaye et al., 2015



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Fig. 6

The pancreatic expression domain of Nkx6.1 includes the Notch-responsive cells. Immunodetection of endogenous Nkx6.1 (red) and Venus (revealed with anti-GFP, green) in Tg(TP1:VenusPest) (ac′) or GFP in Tg(Tp1:eGFP) embryos (de′) at the indicated stages. All views are ventral with the anterior part to the left and represent either z-plane confocal images (bc′) or confocal projection images (a, a′, d, d′, e, e′). Scale bars = 40 µm. EPD extra-pancreatic duct, IPD intra-pancreatic duct

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