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Figures for Frese et al., 2015

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 2

Knockdown of rbfox1 leads to cardiomyopathy and heart failure. (A–C) Lateral view of MO-control- and MO1- and MO2-rbfox1-injected embryos. After injection of 3ng MO1-rbfox1, 85% (D) and MO2-rbfox1, 72% (E) of morphants embryos develop cardiomyopathy and heart failure. Results are mean±s.d. (n=3). (F) cDNA analysis of rbfox1 morphants after injection of MO2-rbfox1 shows skipping of exon 6 (198-bp product) compared to a product including exon 6 (259bp product) in control-treated embryos. Sanger sequencing reveals that exon 6 is completely excluded, predictably leading to a frame shift of the coding sequence and premature stop in exon 7. (H,I) Fractional shortening (FS) of the ventricular chamber of MO-control- and MO1-rbfox1-injected embryos measured at the indicated developmental stages. Fractional shortening is significantly reduced in rbfox1 morphants after 48hpf and further declines at 96hpf. Results are mean±s.d. (n=10).

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