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ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-140730-98
Figures for Williams et al., 2013

Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 5

Effects of Nfe2 knockdown on swim bladder inflation and histology.

Thirty larvae were sampled at 96 hpf after being injected as embryos with either control morpholino (A) or nfe2 morpholino (B) and histological analysis was conducted on eight larvae from each treatment.  Normal histology is shown for larvae injected with control MO (C,D).  In larvae with Nfe2 knocked down, cellular disorganization is shown in the mucus cells lining the esophagus (E).  Scale bars represent 25 μm (D) and 30 μm (E). In (C), (D), and (E), cellular structures are numbered as follows: 1: pneumatic duct; 2: notochord; 3: swim bladder; 4: gastrointestinal lumen; 5: yolk; 6: normal columnar epithelium; 7: irregular, disordered epithelium lacking well developed mucus cells; 8: irregular epithelium. Anterior (A), posterior (P), dorsal (D), and ventral (V) are also labeled.

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